Gemini Festival Global Meditation
Celebrating The Gemini Festival ~ Goodwill Festival of Unification
2022 Full Moon in Gemini ~ Sagittarius
Tuesday, June 14 at 4:52 am PDT / 11:52 UT


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Meditation Focus ~ Overview

The Festival of Goodwill, third of the Three Major Planetary Spiritual Festivals, is celebrated globally at the full moon in Gemini~Sagittarius.'s Meditation Focus theme continues for this Gemini cycle. On our cyclic journey, we are exploring


Cosmic Freedom Inaugurates Planetary Liberation


Throughout the current lunar cycle surrounding this event, we ask all in our subjective group, according to your inspiration, to utilize the materials presented here as seeds for the daily meditation ritual.

Following the cycle's new moon on Monday, May 30 we join in the meditation focus which is shared here as our suggested theme for contemplation over the month ahead.


Gemini~Goodwill Festival Meditation ~ Audio
Suggested Meditation Focus for May 31 - June 28


You're encouraged to work with this meditation channe lthroughout the lunar cycle surrounding the June 14 full moon in Gemini ~ Sagittarius.


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2022 Meditation Theme ~ Gemini's meditation theme for the Gemini 2022 lunar cycle applies to this year's Gemini~Goodwill Festival of Unification and explores our ongoing theme ~


Cosmically Aligned, We Embrace
The Eternal Rhythm of the Ages,
The Rhythm of the Sages


With this, the Festival of the Christ and of Humanity, there is heightened opportunity to align with the Enlightened Ones ~ the Spiritual Hierarchy who guide our planet, help us evolve, and embody and express the Love aspect of Divine Purpose. Humanity now has an exceptional opportunity to receive and make use of the cosmic outpouring of energies activating our individual, national, and global Will-to-Good.

In meditation we join with others worldwide on the inner planes to form and affirm a united spiritual channel that can receive the forces of Divine Will to make all things new, in service to the One Life uniting all.

When humanity will come to understand the Cosmic Oneness,
the cosmic construction will be affirmed.

- Agni Yoga, Infinity I

Electric fire relates to the quality of Will and manifests as Unity of Spirit. As Watchers of the Dawn we are called to Wield this force through the Principle of Decision, by aligning with and directing the incoming flow of energies to reveal the Synthesis of Life Itself. All are valuable in this endeavor.

During this dynamic phase of the annual journey, SouledOut's meditation theme integrates our awareness and assimilation of the zodiacal energies of the Lighted Way, and these united efforts bring us ever closer to our Divine Destiny.

We remain open in to renewed potential for Divine Embodiment as may manifest through the invocative appeal of humanity, foretold in the Doctrine of the Coming One and linked to the teachings of every world religion.

We are advised to open our hearts and minds and to find the points of agreement and strengthen them, recognizing that all spiritual paths lead to the same place. When we can cooperate and respect our diversity, we see all expressions as Divine and as aspects of the Plan. We see all as the Path.

In regard to the 7 Cosmic Paths ~ the Way to Higher Evolution, the Gemini cycle may be associated with Path II, the Path of Magnetic Work, relating to purification of the astral plane, on both planetary and cosmic levels. (1)

The association of the Gemini cycle with Higher Path II is based on this stream's relationship to "An unknown constellation via Gemini." (2) Our understanding of this Path may now develop, as we consider the relationship of Spiritual Will to our human experience, towards the Earth's integration into the greater Cosmos as humanity's Divine Destiny.


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2022 Meditation Theme ~ Annual Cycle

The March equinox marked the beginning of our journey for the spiritual year, as we share now in yet a higher alignment to Purpose in our service for the annual cycle.

As each individual unit takes responsibility for applying their highest dedication to Purpose, one's life becomes the Path, itself. We may look to the Cosmic Path of Higher Evolution to further understand our connection to the Life More Abundant.

The revealed quality of Synthesis relates largely to the Life aspect, that which enlivens all forms.

Synthesis is. (3) This is so, according to the Essential Divinity of all life. Recognizing this truth, we are called to surrender ~ to be the Divine Path through the sacrifice of all that is extraneous.

Thou canst not travel on the path
before thou hast become that Path itself.

- H. P. Blavatsky, The Voice of the Silence, p. 12

Becoming the Path itself refers to our construction of the connecting channel between the outer, concrete world and the inner planes of the abstract ideal (4), linking us to the larger, cosmic perspective. This is an outgrowth of the ongoing sacrifice we make in service to the One.

The concept of Being the Path is similarly expressed in the words of the Esoteric Catechism pledge of the disciple, affirming the sacrifice made by the soul: "I am the Cross, I am the Way; I tread upon the work I do." (5)

From the standpoint of our planetary life, at this time in evolution we are inaugurating the third Great Approach, "... which will bring the new revelation, with its realised consequences, of a new heaven and a new earth." (6)


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The Festival of Humanity from Lucis Trust on Vimeo


The Goodwill Festival

We, as a worldwide group, have envisioned a grid of light all over the Earth that connects the light of every Lightworker and each sacred energy vortex. Together we form this Chalice, the Holy Grail prepared to receive the outpouring of blessings from on High.

As is also the Wesak ~ the full moon during Taurus, the full moon in Gemini marks a present time occurence. For the annual Wesak event, the Buddha and the Christ have joined together as a channel into our world, for the subtle realms to bring forth the energies streaming into and from Shamballa ~ the "Light of Life."

At the time of the Full Moon of June (that is, during the sign of Gemini), the Christ releases the strength, the power and the special energies which He has received at the time of the Wesak Festival when annually He, the Buddha and the Lord of the World have created a Triangle of Light. (7)

During Wesak there is or has been an overshadowing triangle consisting of the Avatar of Synthesis, the Buddha, and the Christ. ... This Higher Triangle invokes the Energy of Synthesis, steps it down in frequency, and radiates it to the Ashram of Synthesis. The Ashram of Synthesis is then responsible, via its Group Units or Disciples, for radiating the Energy of Synthesis throughout the planetary life. (8)

The Buddha is the embodiment of the light of intelligence and the Christ embodies the light of love. As these two bright lights are blended and fused, the light which lies behind them both is then revealed. This light is also called light supernal, the light of spirit, the dark light of Shamballa, the light of the monad or universal light. (9) This is the Life aspect, Spirit itself.

At the Goodwill full moon, this subsequent distribution of the spiritual energies of the Buddha's Blessing at the time of Wesak is released by the Christ ~ "He Who shows the light and gives the water" (10). This inflow to our planet produces seven great results based on the seven Rays though which the Life ~ the energies ~ are stepped down and then infused into human consciousness.

At the Wesak Full Moon Festival, together with the attending spiritual Hierarchy the light grid of humanity that forms the Chalice was bestowed with the blessing of the Buddha and the new incoming energies, on behalf of all Life on Earth. This month at the Goodwill Festival, these stepped-down energies are distributed to those groups, individuals and forces actively involved in the Healing of the Nations.

Any human problem can be solved when the energy of Goodwill is creatively and practically applied. With the power of thought, we can bring the energy of Goodwill to a problem by meditating together while holding the Principle of Unanimity, the Principle of Goodwill, and the Principle of Sharing.

This cycle we emphasize and honor the emerging unity of humanity, and our Cosmic connection spanning all realms of Life, from the atom to infinity. Our Earth's Divine Destiny to become a radiating Center of Light out into the universe is presently emerging, as more and more world servers align in service to the Great Ones.


World Invocation Day 2022 from Lucis Trust on Vimeo

Eleanor Roosevelt Reads The Great Invocation


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Guidance in preparing for this meditation

If at all possible, we suggest being in meditation at the exact time of the full moon. If you are unable to do so, choose a time within 12 hours before or after to participate in this global meditation. Know that we at will also join in this planetary meditation.

Feel free to pause at points in the Meditation, wherever you are naturally inclined, to allow the energy and information to come in fully and to be at one with the energies invoked.


2022 Goodwill Festival of Unification Meditation

The Full Moon in Gemini ~ Sagittarius
Tuesday, June 14 at 4:52 am PDT / 11:52 UT


Goodwill Meditation ~ Audio
Once you have composed yourself for meditation,
clicking on "Play" (the triangle, just under this image) will begin a
spoken version of the meditation below, with pauses interspersed so you
may listen while meditating, uninterrupted.

Total guided meditation time is 13:40, so if you wish to be in group alignment
to connect with the World Invocation Day Vigil adjacent to our global meditation,
you're welcome to do so ~ and at any time you're impressed to during the cycle.

Guided Meditation total time 13:40 ~ Total running time 24:18
Lead in to The Great Invocation begins at 18:55
SouledOut Audio ~ Tips and Troubleshooting
Download Goodwill Meditation (mp3 for podcast / archive) ~ Music credits


Cosmic Freedom Inaugurates Planetary Liberation


Cosmically Aligned, We Embrace
The Eternal Rhythm of the Ages,
The Rhythm of the Sages


We take the needed time to create a sacred space and now spiritually align our energies.

When this is achieved ... as part of the united group channel through which the spiritual forces can become available, we sense and embody the Spirit of Goodwill.

We rise as one to meet the light. In response the great gateway that is Gemini swings open wide, and the light pours into us.

We are united in the ever-evolving relationship of Spirit and matter, and we welcome the light and the insight now available.

We are beings of light, from everywhere in the world, here to play our part in the Festival of Goodwill.

We see more and more seekers, from every spiritual path, coming together to join in a universal call for Divine guidance. This is the blending of many Spiritual approaches into one united act of Invocation.

Before us rises the World Teacher, the Christ, whose very essence is Light ~ the Holy Light, the Light Divine. We find a new light is growing in us.

The Christ conveys the Buddha's Wesak Blessing for Humanity. It is now released, in a great outpouring of Love for all on Earth.

We open fully to this Love. The Light, the Aspiration ~ the Spiritual Revelation ~ is directed at us in such a potent way, to bring Divine changes in human consciousness.

The inflow of love and light, here now at the Festival of Goodwill, enhances our ability to unify our heart and mind, with Divine Heart and Mind.

As we align with the World Teacher and our Spiritual Hierarchy, blessed by these great beings, we serve Humanity and all of life. We offer ourselves ~ the very highest within us ~ to this Service. Our Spiritual potential as a force for Love, Wisdom, and Goodwill is then truly manifested.

Let us be forces of Light. Let us offer and preserve the spirit of Love for all peoples. We are Love. We are Light. We are Life itself.


We Rise
We Know
We Serve


As we emerge from meditation, with focused mind, heart and will, we dynamically intone ...



From the point of light within the Mind of God
Let Light stream forth into our minds
Let LIGHT descend on Earth.

From the point of love within the Heart of God
Let Love stream forth into our hearts
May LOVE increase on Earth.

From the center where the Will of God is known
Let purpose guide our wills
The PURPOSE which the masters know and serve.

From the center which we call Humanity
Let the Plan of Love and Light work out
And may it seal the door
where evil dwells.

Let Light and Love and Power restore the Plan on Earth.
Let Light and Love and Power restore the Plan on Earth.
restore the Planet Earth!

- adapted version (11)


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Gemini Information Synthesis


The Light of Gemini: The Light of Interplay

This is a line of light beams, revealing that which opposes
or the basic duality of manifestation, the relationship of spirit
and of form. It is the conscious light of that relationship.

At the new moon prior to the full moon in Gemini, we begin aligning in preparation for the Goodwill Festival two weeks later. In generating the required alignment, we ask you to consider the information synthesis offered here as meditation focus for a month-long period. To aid in this alignment we advocate use of The Great Invocation throughout the cycle.

Significance of the Goodwill Festival Also referred to as the Festival of the Christ and as the Festival of Unification, this festival honors the Spirit of Humanity. It represents the effect of the Buddha and of the Christ on the consciousness of Humanity. Our spiritual and divine nature is further revealed on this day.

Cosmic Identification It is through the practice of identification with the Divine Life itself that we may begin to comprehend the nature of Spirit. And, to bring Spirit fully into our daily lives is service to the One Life.

Yoga of Synthesis As we identify with the Oneness of All, we are able to express the self in light of this larger perspective and thereby assist in serving as co-creators of the Divine Plan and Purpose.

The Nature of the Seven Cosmic Paths "This subject is considered ... to be devoid of form and therefore incognisable to the lower concrete mind." (13) Hence it is through the practice of Living the Radiant Life that we may begin to understand the nature of Spirit, for to bring Spirit fully into our daily lives is service to the One.

The Path of Magnetic Work ~ Path II This Path on the Way of Higher Evolution expresses most fully the effects of the Law of Attraction. (14) Its source, we are told, is "an unknown constellation via Gemini." (15)

Principle of Decision As we approach the spiritual Hierarchy, we may join them in application of this truth based on the 3 P's ~ Perception of the Plan, Participation in the Purpose, and Prevention of Evil.

The New Law of Ancient Dominating Good is replacing the Ancient Law of Evil Sharing. This law governs the Spiritual Kingdom and in time will also be fully revealed on planet earth.

Pentecost Each year the Pentecost is observed 50 days after Easter which falls about a week before the Goodwill Full Moon Festival; in 2022 it's on Sunday, June 5. The Pentecost experience raises our consciousness to an awareness of God in all humanity, and all humanity in God. We receive the baptism of the holy fire as the light descends and the "tongues of fire" rest upon our heads, bringing illumination. Consider the Pentecost in Present Time and Space, its relation to your own service and that of the group to which you are connected.

The Great Invocation Uniting with the Spiritual Hierarchy in use of The Great Invocation, together we invoke the awaiting energies from the Spiritual Realms. This is the same invocation Christ intones each day on behalf of Humanity. It is so potent that when used over a period of time it can literally change our lives. The day of the Gemini full moon has been observed as World Invocation Day since 1952.

Avatars The Doctrine of the Coming One is linked to the teaching of every great religion.

Rededication of Service In preparation for the Goodwill meditation ritual, we begin to open to new responsibilities of individual and group service. As a world server it is appropriate to re-dedicate one's service in the observance of this festival. We share here suggestions on observing this rededication ritual.

Wesak-Goodwill Safeguarding The full moon phase is a time of spiritual retreat and contact, a time to still the mind and maintain inner peace. The days prior to and following the full moon are the days preparation and of distribution ... when our efforts will be to assimilate and share the spiritual energy that may have been contacted.

The Night Sky During each lunar cycle the Moon, waxing and waning, journeys through the zodiac. It partners with and enlivens the sparkling stars and glowing planets along the way. As the Moon grows in the light provided by our Sun, we too grow in the light of our Soul. Moon Phases

This lunar cycle begins May 30, 4:30 am PDT and ends June 28, 7:52 pm PDT

Lunar Cycle Insights: "May 30, 2022, the Gemini New Moon closes the Eclipse Portal, bringing an end to Eclipse Season ... [It] will be like a gentle hand, guiding us to digest all the energies that have come our way ... there is some mentally foggy energy stirring at this time, cautioning us to move slowly and be patient ... to navigate some of this foggy energy ... the Universe is asking us to take it easy ... focus on clearing your mind, removing obsessive or repetitive thinking, and bringing your awareness to the present ... Under the Gemini New Moon ... is the energy of Chariklo ... It represents returning to the earth for spiritual healing and remembering that we are an intrinsic part of life on this planet ... At this time of this New Moon, both the Sun and Moon will be conjunct Aldebaran ... the star of enlightenment ... allow[ing] us to download new and inspired ideas from the Universe straight into our minds ... " Read more by intuitive astrologer, Tanaaz.

Also see: Aldebaran / Antares Axis to learn how each year the Goodwill New Moon and Full Moon relate to the healing of the nations.

SouledOut suggests using the Sea of Fire Meditation as the inbreath for each new lunar cycle.

Intuitive Astrology Forecast for June 2022

Rare Planetary Lineup on June Mornings
Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter & Saturn before dawn!

Gemini and the Goodwill Festival
The Human Kingdom and its spiritual aspiration
are uniquely linked to the fluid synthesis of Gemini.

(Dates and links have not been updated.)

Festival of Goodwill and the Galactic Heart
This annual Festival in the heavens
occurs in the bulging heart of our galaxy.
(Dates and links have not been updated.)
Full Moon Exact: June 14, 2022 - 4:52 am PDT
2022's 2nd Supermoon is near red Antares.

Pluto Return ~ USA 2022-2024


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Preparation for Participation in This Meditation Focus

Goodwill Full Moon Ritual
Helpful suggestions for your most high experiences

If possible, we suggest being in meditation at the exact time of the full moon. For this meditation, and as each is able to join the world group at the time of the full moon (Tuesday, June 14 at 4:52 am PDT / 11:52 UT), it is suggested to begin meditating earlier so as to be in deep meditation at the exact time, and then continue for as long as you feel compelled.

We at will align for this global meditation at the Gemini full moon festival. We also encourage utilizing's Global Meditation in group formation at the exact time of the full moon, and whenever possible during this festival's safeguarding cycle.

If you are unable to join us at this time, choose a time within 12 hours before or after to align with these energies and be part of this global meditation.

Prior to your meditation take the needed time to create a sacred space and spiritually align your energies.

Consider what is the appropriate way to join in this meditation ... you may wish to participate in group formation on the physical plane as well as on the inner planes. Whether or not you choose to be "alone" on the physical plane, know you are uniting with many others who also are attuning to the energies available at this Global Festival, and that this unified group focus creates a powerful channel for the meditation to be potent and effective.

The Full Moon Festivals Culminate over a Five-Day Period ...

Our meditation focus beginning at the new moon leads into the two days of preparation immediately preceding the full moon. These are to be dedicated to spiritual reflection and detachment from everyday concerns, as each prepares to become a vessel for the energies of light and love they will receive and channel. During this time we hold the attitude of dedication and service, and assume an attitude of receptivity to that which our soul will impart to make us of greater spiritual use.

The day of the full moon itself is the day of safeguarding, one of inner peace and silence during which we attempt to contact and consciously hold the vibrational energies for the rest of humanity. We shall not formulate for ourselves what will happen, nor will we look for results or tangible effects.

While one may not observe the exact moment when the moon is full, it's important to find some alternate quiet time to reflect alone or use this opportunity to meditate with others of like mind and focus.

The two succeeding days are called the days of distribution. We now turn attention outwards, away from ourselves, and our efforts are to pass on the spiritual energies that have been contacted. We assist these Divine energies, transformed into goodwill, in flowing to where there is greatest need.

Emerging from the full moon five-day focus, may we continue to hold the high space contacted on the auspicious Aries Festival day. The following days are an important time to still the mind and maintain inner peace, a time of spiritual retreat and contact.

Safeguarding The Goodwill Festival
More Suggestions

As you wish, feel free to continue use of this meditation for the entire month of the Gemini full moon cycle.

The Full Moon Cycle We Are Observing ...

From new moon to new moon, beginning Tuesday, May 31, through Tuesday, June 28, 2022.


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Meditation over the Two Weeks Following the Goodwill Full Moon

During the two days following the full moon, the days of distribution, as each is inspired, we continue to participate in the Goodwill outpouring. One may light candles, visualize the needs of humanity being fulfilled, and use The Great Invocation.

In service to the distribution of energies over the two weeks following the full moon, we continue our radiatory rituals and embody the Principle of Goodwill, pervading time and space into all that we may come to do. We may also incorporate other mantrams, such as the Invocation of the Forces of Light, into the daily practice.

As we begin to direct the full moon energy into our everyday world, we may wish to observe the illuminating influences of the entire Goodwill cycle and open to impressions as to how the seven great results are manifesting in our present time experience.


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Additional links

Gemini Synthesis Supplementary links for further understanding

World Invocation Day Since 1952 the full moon of Gemini has also been observed as World Invocation Day ~ a world day of prayer when people of every spiritual path join in a universal appeal to divinity through use of The Great Invocation.

Goodwill Audio Programs Words with music, all dedicated to the Gemini Full Moon Festival of Goodwill.

The Three Spiritual Festivals The springtime full moon festivals form the spiritual high point of the year.

Gemini Zodiacal Deity Gemini is the major symbol of duality in the zodiac. It preserves the magnetic interplay between the pairs of opposites, keeping them fluid in their relations, in order eventually to facilitate their transmutation into unity, for the two must finally become the One.

Gemini Labor of Hercules Hercules's third great test was to gathering the Golden Apples of the Hesperides and is concerned predominantly with the active work of the aspirant on the physical plane in coming to an understanding of the self.

The Lighted Way The entire zodiac can be approached and understood from the angle of light. This light is the inner light, soul light, and its unfolding and increasing radiance is the manifestation of our divine nature.

Divine Truths of Deity These basic truths are commonly held by all the world's revealed religions.

Invocation and Evocation This divine truth of deity will develop out of the ancient habits of prayer as used by the masses, and through the practice of meditation. (16)

The Kingdoms There is only one divine Life, expressing itself through the multiplicity of forms in all the kingdoms of nature. (17)

Mutable Cross Gemini, a point on this Cross of the Holy Spirit ~ the Hidden Christ, is closely related to the first initiation, Awakening, at which the first contact with Soul energy is experienced and the secret of Gemini is grasped. (18)

New Group of World Servers Members of this group desire to uplift, teach and help others. They are identified by the selflessness of their service to the world and lack of personal ambition, coupled with a willingness to work behind the scenes without recognition.

Cycles and Rhythms of the NGWS For those who serve the One Life, each year the Wesak Festival marks the turn of the spiral to a new cycle, rotating between crisis, tension and emergence.

The Chalice The Holy Grail "is the receiver and container of the life of God." (19) Besides being a symbol, the chalice also signifies the place in the etheric body that receives and disseminates the "gifts of the Higher Forces" which are then used in service. (20)

Work of the Buddha, Christ and Humanity The roles held by the Christ and the Buddha in dispelling planetary glamour and illusion prepare and allow Humanity to evolve into the Spiritual Kingdom.

The Springtime Holy Feasts Certain days from Lent through 50 days after Easter have specific importance in the Christian Church.

Aldebaran Each year the Sun conjuncts Aldebaran ~ Star of Illumination and Enlightenment, the Eye of the Bull in the constellation Taurus ~ on or very close to June 1.

Dubhe Closest star in the Great Bear constellation to our Pole Star Polaris, Dubhe's keynote is Unification.

The Spiritual Kingdom Manifests We approach the Hierarchy and as this occurs, Humanity evolves into the Spiritual Kingdom.

Principles and Laws Certain universal Principles and Laws relate to Gemini~Goodwill cycle's key focus ...

Principle of Goodwill
Law of Right Human Relations

Also pertinent to our Gemini meditation theme ...

Principle of Essential Divinity
Law of Spiritual Approach
Principle of Unanimity
Law of Group Endeavor

Goodwill to All and to All the Will to Good Links related to the subject of Goodwill

The Lunar Messenger, Gemini Moon (PDF) Circle of Goodwill's commentary for the Gemini full moon, "Vistas of Wisdom 67: Initiation-2"


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Credit for information and synthesis:
"The Three Festivals of Spring " booklet and
published by Group for Creative Meditation,
Meditation Mount, Ojai;
"The Wesak Festival - A Technique of Spiritual Contact" booklet
Downloadable copy
and the collected writings of Alice A. Bailey,
these all published by Lucis Trust


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