The Principle of Unanimity

May the Power of the One Soul pour through us
May the Love of the One Soul inform our lives
May we fulfill our part in the Principle of Unanimity.


Key Thoughts to Achieving Unanimity
Fields and Aspects of Unanimity

Energies Available for Achieving Unanimity
Discussion of the Principle of Unanimity


Key Thoughts to Achieving Unanimity

Unity in diversity - Unanimity is the recognition and the expression of the essential unity underlying all creation. The truth is and shall ever be that despite our seeming rainbow of differences we are all one, each and every one, no one is excluded.

Common purpose - Find the points of agreement and strengthen them, utilizing group meditation and invocation. The great trends or tendencies enlivened now are towards unification and synthesis, all awakened souls must work towards these ends. It is our work to find the fundamental unity in all things.

Unanimous intention (will) - Unanimity is not to be imposed, neither is it simple conformity. Unanimity is a chosen path, and we as awakened souls, through the use of will, freely adhere to it. Thus the life's purpose and part in the plan is made clear, and we will discover the will to cooperate.

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Fields and Aspects of Unanimity

As awakened souls we must achieve unanimity in all fields where we live, breathe and have our being ~ moving from the atom to the infinite:

a. Within oneself
b. Group unanimity
c. Inter group unanimity
d. Planetary unanimity
e. Solar and cosmic

We also seek to achieve unanimity within each of these fields ~ in purpose, in thought, in aspiration and in action. As we become aware of the ever greater need and demand for unanimity, our understanding of our ever expanding influence will become apparent. This work will signal a great awakening on the part of our human family and is a major step in our divine destiny.

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Energies Available for Achieving Unanimity

Second Ray Energy - Cooperation - Group Love
First Ray Energy - Synthesis - Participation in the Plan
Fourth Ray Energy - Harmony
Seventh Ray Energy - Organization
Aquarian Energy - Universality

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Discussion of the Principle of Unanimity

There comes a time in the ongoing life of the Soul when the unity and essential oneness underlying the dualities of physical plane life can be recognized and shared. The quality of this essential oneness has been termed "Unanimity."

The word "Unanimity" comes from two words: "uni" meaning "one" and "anima" meaning "Soul," "living force," "vital energy, power, or principle." Essentially, it means "Oneness of Soul," or "having the same Soul." It implies oneness in consciousness, motive, intent, aim, and purpose. Because it is based on unity in diversity, unanimity can be difficult to recognize or achieve.

Unanimity is the response of the Soul itself to that great Life Force which animates every aspect of our sevenfold being, and gives vitality and vibrancy to each of the Principles and Laws. Unanimity is the outer evidence of an inner wholeness, oneness, or synthesis which underlies the rich diversity of the three worlds of the personality life ~ physical, astral and mental. Until these worlds are brought into complete harmony with the Soul, or have been infused with the energy of the Soul, unanimity on personality levels is not possible. Complete unanimity is only possible on soul levels beyond the activity of the manipulative personality.

In the dual life of the Soul-infused personality, indeed, diversity of effort, method, expression and form in the physical plane life is entirely compatible with unanimity of intent and purpose at the higher levels.

Unanimity requires sacrifice in terms of relinquishing the tendency to criticism, to adjust another's work, and to assume responsibility for the action of others, as well as self-interest in one's own opinions, wishes, and interests. The pride of mind, which considers its interpretations and its way to be correct and true for all, is a great barrier to unanimity. The way of integration is through Soul consciousness and not through the mind. The Law of Sacrifice required for this Principle of Unanimity will lead to the relinquishment of the personal in favor of the universal and of the Soul, which knows no difference or separation.

True unanimity is a free decision and a spontaneous mutual reaction of the Soul in touch with the personality to a spiritual truth or intuition from which there is no personality escape. Unanimity is a second ray quality expressing the will-to-unify and to achieve consensus. Perfect fluid cooperation lies in the future, but a start can be made by earnest and sincere disciples.

When the inner link is held in love, and when disciples relinquish the sense of authority over each other and of responsibility for each other's activities, and at the same time stand shoulder to shoulder in the One Work, then the differences, the divergences, and the points of disagreement will automatically be overcome. (1)

The keynote of successful group work is stable relationship, unity of thought, plus a diversity of method, of effort, and of function. The needed fusion of group members will take place when they meet in the dimensions of the Soul and when service to the whole, rather than the way that service is performed, is the dominant factor.

The outer activity of the group, the Tibetan has said, is not of major importance, although this activity has a vital purpose. It is the "coherent, integrated group thought" and the meditative rhythm which are so effective in bringing about changes in human consciousness.

The Principle of Unanimity’s corresponding Law of Group Endeavor, energized and impulsed by the quality embodied in this principle, is intended to inaugurate the divine destiny of humanity:

  1. To establish, through humanity, an outpost of the Consciousness of God in the solar system.
  2. To found in the material world a powerhouse of such energetic strength that humanity as a whole can help to bring changes, unique and far-reaching, into the planetary life.
  3. To develop a station of light within the planetary body which will affect not only our own solar system, but the seven solar systems of which ours is one.
  4. To set up a magnetic center in the universe, in which humanity and the kingdom of Souls will, united and at-one, become a point of great radiance and vitality. (2)

A call has gone out to all workers, urging them to stand together in this effort to create a new world order of harmony and unanimity, of strong inner contact and relationship. This requires the development of love, understanding, and trust in spite of any outer divergence. It requires the cultivation of a sense of oneness, of groupness, and of common endeavor.

A blend of Love and Will is the "stimulating factor" which produces cohesion within the group. It is the service of the Plan which binds all groups into one great group. United group thinking, unified group desire, and blended group activity conditions the expression of the group and helps to synthesize similar thoughts, desires, and plans expressed by other groups serving the same Plan.

As in all the Laws and Principles, it is that loving Life Force streaming down from the Ground of Being that impels unanimity into expression through human beings in the three worlds of outer, objective endeavor. Once aligned with that stream, the process is accelerated, vitalized, and strengthened.

One example of the growth of unanimity in our time is the formation, operation, and functioning of the United Nations. Another is the intent of certain nations to form a new union of states and nations.

There is a technique given by the Tibetan, used by the Hierarchy when there is a need to unite in some group endeavor, which throws light on the necessity of dedicating careful and deep consideration, and all the needed time and energies, to the task of reaching a unanimous decision.

The Masters, starting Their work on one of the planes of the Spiritual Triad ... concentrate on the "theme" under Their consideration, during the period of three Full Moons. They then meet in conclave and each makes His contribution to the joint problem, as also does the Christ, and at critical times, Members of the Council Chamber of Sanat Kumara. On the basis of the proposals, and after due analysis and discussion, the united decision is transmitted by impression to the initiates and disciples in the Ashram, and from them to the world. (3)

When we experience that central Oneness out of which the manifested world of diversity and differentiation emerged, we experience a unity of purpose, a unified mission, an inner linking with others in a common activity. We touch inner sources of strength and joy. We rediscover our basic oneness and experience a conscious participation in the One Life.

Behind the Principle of Unanimity a living, loving urge to restore harmony, balance, agreement, and consensus exerts its pressure on the human Soul and personality, and will not be denied forever. Acknowledgement and cooperation with this energy and urge hasten the evolution of the planet and the unfoldment of the Soul and Spirit in every human expression.

The world is, one can feel it, moving towards a unity which will one day be perfect; the day must come when this oneness will possess all people. In the multitude of religions and beliefs there is one common expression; the desire for all to be one, not separate; to be part of, not divided from his Creator and the Creation. We belong not to ourselves, but to the whole scheme of life. (4)

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Read about the Law of Group Endeavor,
embodiment of the Principle of Unanimity.


Discussion of Unanimity adapted from
"The Laws and Principles of the Kingdom of Souls"
booklet by Frances Adams Moore
published by The Group for Creative Meditation,
Meditation Mount, Ojai

Quotes by Alice A. Bailey are from her books published
by Lucis Trust, New York


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