Ray 7
Ceremonial Order and Ritual

Transmitted through Aries, Cancer and Capricorn
Transfigured through Mars, the Moon, Saturn, Mercury, Neptune

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Ray Seven. This is the energy of Ceremonial Order.

It is an expression of the will which drives through into outer manifestation; it is that which embodies both the periphery and the point at the centre. It is the will to "ritualistic synthesis," if I might so word it. It is Necessity which is the prime conditioning factor of the divine nature — the necessity to express itself; the necessity to manifest in an orderly rhythmic manner; the necessity to embrace "that which is above and that which is below" and, through the medium of this activity, to produce beauty, order, perfect wholes and right relationships. It is the driving energy which Being emanates as It appears and takes form and lives. It is the Will towards Expression.

Today, as regards humanity, its highest expression is organisation.
     - Esoteric Astrology, p. 601



Ray Seven - Vices and Virtues

Black magic, or the use of magical powers for selfish ends.
The power to "sit upon the fence" till the selfish values emerge.
Disorder and chaos, through misunderstanding of the Plan.
The wrong use of speech to bring about chosen objectives.
Sex magic. The selfish perversion of soul powers.

leading to

White magic, the use of soul powers for spiritual ends.
The identification of oneself with reality.
Right order through right magic.
Power to cooperate with the Whole.
Understanding of the Plan.
The magical work of interpretation.
Manifestation of divinity.

        - Esoteric Psychology II, p. 43



Glamours of Ray VII

The glamour of magical work.
The glamour of the relation of the opposites.
The glamour of the subterranean powers.
The glamour of that which brings together.
The glamour of the physical body.
The glamour of the mysterious and the secret.
The glamour of sex magic.
The glamour of the emerging manifested forces.

      - Glamour: A World Problem, p. 123



Ray Method of Activity

These are 21 in number, making in their synthesis the 22 methods which are the expression of the Great Law of Attraction.

VII. The Ray of Ceremonial Order or Magic
       a. Union of energy and substance through group activity (19)
       b. Stimulation of all etheric forms (20)
       c. Vital energy (21)



Ray Methods of Teaching Truth

Higher expression All forms of white magic.
Lower expression Spiritualism of "phenomena."




Discipleship & the Ray  Incantation, magic, ritual, the ritualist

Planet  The moon. She is the mother of form.

Day  Monday

Exoteric color  White

Esoteric color  Violet

Human principle  Etheric force or prana

Divine principle  Energy

Element  Earth. "I manifest."

Instrument of sensation  Nose

Plane governed  Physical plane, etheric levels.

Center  Base of spine

Sense Hearing. The Word of Power.

Kingdoms  Mineral, Solar Lives

       Russia (soul) "I link two Ways." (personality: 6)
       Spain (personality) "I disperse the clouds." (soul: 6)

Esoterically, this principle of vitality or prana is seated in the centre at the base of the spine.

      - Esoteric Psychology I, p. 411–430



Culled from
The collected writings of Alice A. Bailey, as noted above
© Lucis Publishing Co., 120 Wall St., 24th Floor, New York, NY 10005


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