The Night Sky


The night sky calls, "Look up! Look up!"

Our heads tilt back and our eyes look toward the heavens. We bathe in the wonder and delight we see ... then ... suddenly we are drawn into new realms and we become the night sky travelers.

Curiosity and awe lead the way.

We learn as we go following the age old paths seen in the heavens. Discoveries are made, insights flow, and cycles turn.

We move through the seasons and the solar system, dancing with the heavenly bodies. The setting sun, the phases of the moon, the stars, the planets, the constellations ... all the jewels of the night sky become our friends and teachers.

We long for the adventures of this night sky traveling. Our horizons expand.


Join us and you too will become a night sky traveler!

Just click on the links below to begin your journey!


Look Up!

Look Up! ~ Links
Links to star maps, sky calendars and more


2012 Article

2012: Re-Membering
As Above, So Below

Discover the relationship between 12/21/12,
the Milky Way's dark rift and the cave center in our head.


Discovering the Heavens

All Year Round

Venus Has Phases, Like the Moon
Be surprised by Venus, its phases and transits of the Sun!

Moon Swings ~ Highs and Lows
What's a lunar standstill?

The Planets
... defined and seen with the unaided eye

The Great Bear
Ursa Major, Ursa Minor & the Mythology

Eclipse Frequency
How often and when do eclipses occur?

Finding Bunny's Footprints
Track Bunny's footprints in Scorpius throughout the year.

Big Dipper Navigation
Travel to 6 stellar destinations in 5 constellations.



The Spring Equinox
Surprise your friends with these equinox facts.

Celestial Rabbits ...
3 rabbits, a hunter, a scorpion and a lion tune us to spring.

The Heavenly Holy Grail
The significance of Easter's Full Moon location

Mars a God of Agriculture Responsible for Spring?
Mars has pastoral origins.

Springtime Pleiades
Friend to both night sky traveler and pilgrim on the spiritual path

Regulus and Leo the Lion
A sign of spring and a stimulation of consciousness

The Wesak Full Moon Festival
Tread the enlightened razor edged path
in the light of spring's 2nd Full Moon.

Gemini and the Goodwill Festival
The Human Kingdom and its spiritual aspiration
are uniquely linked to the fluid synthesis of Gemini.

Festival of Goodwill and the Galactic Heart
Spring's 3rd Full Moon links us to the Heart of our Galaxy.



The Summer Solstice
Celebrating Summer and more

 Dog Days
Sirius disappears in the Sun's embrace.

Fourth of July
Holiday and Holy Day

 Aphelion Day
Earth is farthest from the Sun.

The Summer Triangle
Locate this transformational gateway in the summer sky.

Sirius~Leo Cosmic Festival
Make contact with Sirius during the August Full Moon

Sirius Reappears
When will you see Sirius? Begin looking August 8.



 The Autumn Equinox
The Sun spans the celestial sphere signaling the seasons.

  Draco the Dragon
Will his fiery breath enliven your spirit?

Hunter's Moon? ~ Pumpkin Moon?
A Full Moon act of kindness lifts our spirit.

 Halloween and the Pleiades
The Seven Sisters reign high overhead at midnight.

The Autumn Dipper? A Flying Horse?
Time Traveling?

Navigate with Pegasus and Cassiopeia,
Locate Andromeda.

 Ophiuchus Our 13th Constellation
Sol Visits Ophiuchus Annually
November 30 – December 17



Navigating with Orion
The Hunter heralds the coming of winter.

 The Winter Solstice
How many shortest days are there?

The New Year's Star
Sirius reaches its zenith each New Year's Eve!

The Winter Triangle
Locate this equalateral triangle in the winter sky.

The Great Winter Hexagon
Locate this heavenly hexagon in the winter sky.

A Valentine Star?
It's red, beats like a giant heart and stimulates our heart.


Heavenly Information

Choosing a Telescope
Which one is right for you?

Night Sky Glossary
Terms and definitions

UT Time Conversion
Convert UT, GMT and UTC time to your local viewing time.


Satellite Sighting!
See the International Space Station,
Space Shuttle, Iridium Satellite flares.

SkyWatch and Satellite Tracker
These two reports may not agree.
Satellite Tracker reports light sky passes
of the ISS; SkyWatch does not.
Satellite Tracker's minimum elevation
is 20º; SkyWatch repots lower passes.
Satellite Tracker includes more satellites.

Heavens Above

Spaceweather PHONE
Satellite and astronomy alerts via your telephone!

Space Station and Shuttle
Up to date information and more!

Iridium Satellites ~ Iridium Flares
Wikipedia's helpful information


Have fun!


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