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Night Sky Visitors ... The waxing and waning Moon, the sparkling stars and glowing planets impressively promenade across the dark sky partnering with each other. Who is dancing with whom tonight?

I offer the following links to keep you looking up and tuned to the heavens. The focus here is on the Northern Hemisphere, however Southern Hemisphere observers will find celestial gems and jewels here as well.

Susan Sun

Charting the Heavens

EarthSky Tonight ... nightly highlights/maps
This Week's Sky at a Glance ... weekly highlights/maps
Sky ... monthly sky map, calendar +
Monthly Star Charts ... includes Milky Way
Getting Started in Astronomy ... bimonthly star charts, Moon map
San Francisco Whole Sky Chart (8:00pm = 20:00)
Whole Sky Chart for Your Area
Heavens Above Interactive Sky Chart ... PDF print option
AstroViewer Interactive Sky Map ... Select "Trust" to run applet. Give map time to load in (about 30 seconds). I never found the applet blocked by security settings.

Make a Star Wheel + "How to Use" Video + Buy One Link ... northern latitudes 30°-50°
Download, Assemble, Use ... select N or S latitude & language
History & Background


Planetary and Stellar Treats

Star Gazers Episodes [*]... weekly fun with planets and stars
The Planets ... Is it a planet? What planet is it?
Solar System Live ... Set controls for desired view.
The Planets ... live solar system map, events calendar
Universe Today ... Search for any planet; learn the latest!
The Planets in Esoteric Astrology ... Scroll 1/2 way down page.
Stars ... stars/constellations-lists, descriptions, labeled images
Star Tales ... origin, mythology, history of 88 constellations
Constellations of Words ... etymology & symbolism of stars & constellations


Lunar Cycle

The Lunar Planner ... monthly lunar themes +
Phase of the Moon ... current + any date/time 1800-2199 A.D.
Moon Phases ... description, transit-location, esoteric quality ... understanding the phases +


Rise and Set Times

Rise/Set/Transit Times ~ Major Bodies
One Specific Day (Sun and Moon)
One Year Table (Sun and Moon)
Sunrise Sunset Calendars ... lunar info can be added
UT Time Conversion



The Lighted Way ... esoteric insights
The Difference Between Signs and Constellations ... YouTube


Miscellaneous ... What's up with the solar system?
Astronomy Picture of the Day
Astronomy Resources ... a valuable compllation


The Night Sky ~ Home Page


I'd like to know your thoughts about The Night Sky! ...
send me an email.
May your Night Sky traveling always be filled
with Celestial Delights and Treats!
Susan Sun



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