The Nature of Decision


One can continue on the Path using the Principle of Harmony through Conflict as the pervading lens, or can reorient themself to a steadier plane of vibration, where the Principle of Decision determines the action.

The Spiritual Hierarchy operates using the Principle of Decision. Actions are determined based on

Perception of the Plan
Participation in the Purpose
Prevention of Evil.

When an unusual amount of convergent energies are built up, a release or discharge is inevitable. The energies will be released ... it is our decision how we respond to these energies that determines the next set of influences that come into the moment and how these collected energies are transferred. Can we see this built up charge as a fragment seeking unity, offering an opportunity to advance goodwill and right human relations? Or are we polarized in the various streams of energy, responding to its many fractures?

Is it possible to see the moment as a call for service? And quickly rise to the occasion, seizing the moment to illumine the situation by seeing it as a fragment of the self, calling for healing? "Having pervaded the universe with a fragment of myself, I remain." The fragments seek understanding and inclusion. The return is inevitable.

Our inclusiveness and understanding of the Law of Compassion allow us to open to a new vista of perception, a new way of looking at life where the situations or conflicts that come up are not seen simply as disruptive waves to be steered clear of. They are calls from Spirit for healing, a sign that greater understanding is being called forth.

How to work with the energies and their distribution is the question. One's immediate point of identification determines the outcome. Which Principle is active? Can we redirect or transform the vibration of the moment from separation to unity? Can the point of agreement be found? By using the Principle of Decision as the guide, each potential explosion of chaotic energy can be transfigured, guided by our perception of the Plan, our conscious participation in the Purpose, and our determination to prevent evil.

Transcending Will
Transmitting Will
Transforming Will
Transfiguring Will


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Adapted from The Rays and the Initiations
by Alice A. Bailey, p. 607–608


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