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Key thoughts on the Principle of Goodwill
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The Spirit of Goodwill
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Key thoughts on the Principle of Goodwill

The Principle of Goodwill has been called the "touchstone which can transform the world." Its significance becomes clear if we think of goodwill as an expression of the "Will-to-Good." Will is a fundamental initiating and propelling power, it can be manifested as simple individual will or the "Will of God," the great overall Plan and Purpose. The Will-to-Good is the truest orientation of direction Will can have.

Goodwill is a Principle, and a Principle has been called an "idea of God." It is spiritual reality, a truth to which the soul nature in all of us responds, and is always aligned with the greatest good for the greatest number. Meditating on this Principle, on this idea of God, opens the door to the Law of Right Human Relations.

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Techniques for the Implementation of Goodwill

1. See the idea to be transformed by Goodwill from every point of view. Include it in a larger point of reference that honors and understands the connectedness of all. This will naturally lead to an expression of "loving will." The power used to bring about this transformation is the will-to-good, also known as the "magnetic seed of the future."

2. Find and establish the points of agreement already existing, and strengthen them as a basis for the work to be done. Then examine the seeming points of conflict to find a common good, knowing that Goodwill exists even when there is fundamental disagreement. Goodwill is a harmonizing energy.

3. Establish a new, agreed upon unifying endeavor or idea, keep it ever present and refer to it often. Should a conflict arise repeat Techniques 1 and 2, for Goodwill comes alive or is dynamic only when it is evoked to resolve a conflict, bridge a cleavage, to heal disunity.

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The Spirit of Goodwill

The Spirit of Goodwill is a great unifying Principle. The individual will is subordinated or even sacrificed for the greater good of all, "Thy will, not my will be done."

The Spirit of Goodwill can produce an atmosphere in which true cooperation can take place, problems can be solved, and obstacles overcome. Goodwill represents the firm belief in the divine possibilities ~ the Essential Divinity ~ of all beings. Goodwill is often present in difficult situations just awaiting release. It needs only to be cultivated and used.

Remember, there are no problems which cannot be solved by the Will-to-Good. As Goodwill becomes a dynamic, positive factor in all human affairs it lays the foundation for a new understanding.

There is a natural relationship (Unanimity) between all of Humanity that dissolves all barriers and ends the spirit of separateness and hate. Building upon this foundation of Goodwill, we will bring about an unprecedented era of Right Human Relations. With the alignment of heart, mind and will, Humanity will take the next step in our Divine evolution.

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Principle of Goodwill Synthesis

The term goodwill is used frequently yet few of us understand goodwill is a spiritual principle, sometimes called an "idea of God," which gives orientation and direction to our lives. A principle is a spiritual reality, a truth to which the higher Self, the Soul, in each one of us responds, and it is always keyed to the greatest good for the greatest number. The power of goodwill is not to be underestimated as it has the capacity to break down the barriers of hate and separation found in the world today. More than a good intention, goodwill is a focused application of both qualities of will and love to effect change in the world.

Will, the First Aspect of Divinity, most directly expresses the essential nature of that Divinity. Will acts without sentiment, without thought of suffering or hardship to the entities involved. The willfullness and apparent cruelty of Life working its patterns out in all forms can be seen in the brutality of nature. The Destroyer Aspect is a part of this expression, giving some indication of the apparent harshness Will can demonstrate. And yet the old structures that no longer serve must be torn down before building anew can commence. With this in mind, the absolute necessity of "destroying" is evident.

Yet the evolving consciousness of all form life needs to be cared for and nurtured, not squashed under the heavy hand of "The Destroyer." The Quality of Love cushions Will's impact with compassion and empathy. Love's insulating force provides a buffer for the consciousness enduring the power of Will, helping to prevent crippling contraction and despair. Where Love goes, still live faith and hope despite extremely harsh conditions. Another's willful action is bearable when tempered with the sustaining energy of love. Love renders all things endurable.

Loving intelligence embodies both the qualities of Will and Love in practice. Without this loving quality to guide will, this potent energy easily is distorted to personal gain and recognition. The Destroyer Aspect can degrade through the personality as ruthless and harmful behavior. To exercise goodwill is the evolving consciousness's first attempt to express the love of God.

The positive shift in difficult situations when employing goodwill can be immediate. Goodwill promotes harmony and unity, breaks down barriers and builds bridges, for it stimulates right action between individuals, groups, and peoples. Practicing goodwill creates open lines of communication, fosters understanding, dispels fear and evokes trust ~ demonstrating goodwill naturally evokes cooperation with others.

Self-centeredness, resentment, hostility, prejudice, criticism, and intolerance prevent goodwill in our lives. The elimination of these requires an attitude of self-observation, of sincere self-analysis, and of detached assessment. Paradoxically, an initial amount of goodwill is essential to overcome these self-defeating states and to enable goodwill to become a force in our lives.

Evoking in ourselves the opposite qualities of the above ~ compassion, patience, generosity, humility, a sense of brotherhood, a spirit of service, and gratitude ~ will naturally create much goodwill for ourselves and others. Goodwill is contagious and spreads like wildfire throughout the human heart.

How to incorporate goodwill when dealing with a problem? Find common ground to build from. Examine a problem from every point of view. Determine what is the greatest good that will come with suggested outcomes. Try to keep the solution geared to what benefits everyone the most and include it in a larger frame of reference, a greater "whole." Consider it from "above," from a higher level of personality detachment, if possible. Lastly, a willingness to compromise is essential.

Be willing to put aside some immediate benefits in favor of future greater returns produced by agreement and cooperation. Decide what needs to be done and take action, together. Remember that good attracts good, generosity evokes generosity.

Where is goodwill needed? Everywhere, from our closest associates and family members to the broader community we live in, and broader still, if possible, to foreign lands. In all these relationships let us endeavor to understand those with whom we come into contact that the needed goodwill in interaction with them is built and maintained.

Remember transformation works from within outward. It is the cultivation of the will-to-good within us that gives us the power and arouses the energy necessary for active demonstration of goodwill in our outer lives.



We Are All Essentially Divine

We All Are One

Our Embodiment and Demonstration of The Principle of Goodwill

Our Conscious Distribution of Goodwill Energies

To all Endeavors Cooperating with

The Healing of The Nations

Will Lead to the Peace

We All Desire

So Be It

Law of Right Human Relations
Embodiment of the Principle of Goodwill.

Additional information
on the Principle of Goodwill


Credit for information and synthesis:
the collected writings of Alice A. Bailey


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