The Law of Spiritual Approach

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The word "spiritual" covers every phase of living experience. That which is spiritual lies beyond the present point of achievement, embodies the vision, and urges and impels the individual on toward a further goal.

The Tibetan advises disciples to "... regard all your work as group work, causing effects which are inevitable and contributing to the potency of the group thoughtform." (1)


Key Thoughts on Spiritual Approach and the Full Moon Festivals

The Law of Spiritual Approach governs all approaches ~ between Humanity and Hierarchy, between Hierarchy and Shamballa, and between Shamballa and higher centers of even greater power and light.

At first, human consciousness only dimly sensed the presence of the Divine. As each descent of Divine energy is registered by Humanity through world teachers and saviors, a clearer understanding of the Divine Purpose is given.

The Law of Spiritual Approach is reciprocal. As Humanity endeavors to do its very best to reach and commune with the Hierarchy, Hierarchy is also working to impress upon us our next step on the Lighted Way. As Humanity strives to understand and tread upon the Path to God, the individual effort or approach must give way to the blended approach of group endeavor.

This law is the basis for full moon work, which is a spiritual approach and a group endeavor. In this work we unitedly reach the highest point, to meet the incoming Divine influences.

... at the time of the full moon ~ it is almost as if the door is suddenly opened wide, which at other times stands as closed. Through that door, ingress is possible; through that door or opening, energies can be contacted which are otherwise shut off; and through that door approaches can be made to the planetary Hierarchy and to reality which are at other times not possible. (2)


The Great Approaches

Two major approaches of the divine toward humanity lie in the distant past. The Approach of Individuation brought the appearance of the human soul, and humanity emerged on the scene ~ adding a fourth kingdom to the three already existing of animal, plant, and mineral.

The second great Approach took place when the Spiritual Hierarchy of our planet drew nearer to humanity, thus opening the spiritual Way to God for those who could consciously set foot on this higher Way, demonstrating the Christ Spirit within, and who earnestly sought enlightenment. Christ's words, "Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free," (3) provided the urge of the truly seeking disciple to move forward into greater light and service through the gate of initiation.

It was at the time of this second Approach that the fact of the existence of the Spiritual Hierarchy, of the open door to initiation, and of the Way of Sacrifice ~ of personality self interest, self orientation, and self service ~ first dawned on the human consciousness. From that event on, individuals and groups have found the Way and have moved out of the human kingdom (the fourth) into the spiritual (fifth) kingdom. They have transformed their human consciousness into spiritual awareness. They have found their place within the Hierarchy. The kingdom of humanity and the kingdom of God have been brought into closer relationship.

The third great Approach became possible after the end of the second World War. Through the experiences of the war, humanity had (at the end of the war and during the period preceding it) been prepared to participate in this Approach. This process continues today in the events of the present time.

The Buddha presented the method of approach: Detachment, Dispassion, Discrimination. The Christ presents the result: Individuation, Initiation, Identification. A third triad finds its place in these approaches: Penetration, Polarization, Precipitation.

Through Avatars, God, the Emanator, Originator, Creator ~ whatever term we may choose in order to identify that great Source of all that exists ~ periodically makes this dramatic Approach to humanity.

Humanity invokes the divine approaches in two ways: by means of the unorganized, voiceless appeal ~ the "invocative cry" of the unawakened members of humanity ~ and by the conscious, planned, aware invocative appeal of the spiritually-oriented aspirants ~ the intelligently convinced worker, the disciple and initiate ~ by all who form the New Group of World Servers.

As humanity participates in this next Approach we now come to accept certain premises:

• The fact of God Transcendent
• Humanity's relation to the divine or to God Immanent
• The fact of immortality
• The kinship of humanity (or God in expression)
• The existence of the Way to God
• The historicity of the two great Approaches, with the sensing of a third and immanent Approach now in progress.

A very difficult interlude is taking place in today's world. Humanity as a whole is undergoing a process similar to that which takes place in the life of the individual. Aware of turmoil and difficult conditions, but also aware of moments of high contact and spiritual revelation and of "divine impulsations," the World Soul is preparing to taking hold of the world situation. Indeed, such interludes occur frequently in the life of individuals.

Energies of Aquarius, as well as from the stars Sirius and Betelgeuse, are pouring in ~ affecting the consciousness of humanity and the planet. Venusian energies of great potency are currently impacting the planet as well. Disciples in the ranks of the New Group of World Servers are responding. This produces a reaction in the heart and head centers. A secondary effect is said to fall on the mineral kingdom and therefore onto gold and on to that concretized energy ~ money ~ engrossing the world consciousness today.

The united Hierarchy has also made another of its great Approaches to the physical plane (in 2000, we are told). This has stimulated the higher centers of all those who have made contact with their own souls. The creative energies of all disciples and people of goodwill, working in the outer world, who register both the crisis of world need and the approaching energies which can help meet that need, are necessary if the two are to meet and fuse.

... we begin and we end with an expansion of consciousness. The first one led to an inclusion of the material world, and the second one includes or appropriates, consciously and intelligently, the spiritual world. We see the desire consciousness transmuted into aspiration for the spiritual realities and the focused, vital approach to the kingdom of God. We see the appearance on the physical plane of the imprisoned consciousness, limited and confined for purposes of defined, intelligent development within an evolving form, and the final emergence upon the mental plane of the enriched, released consciousness into the full freedom of the Mind of God. We see the activity of the conscious mind of man slowly expanding and intensifying, until it becomes the activity of the illumined mind, reflecting the divine consciousness of the soul. We see the ambition of the conscious man transformed at first into the spiritual ambition of the pledged disciple and finally into the expression of the Will of God or of the Monad, in the initiate. (4)

Throughout these great Approaches the interplay between the Life energy of Monadic Being and the expression of that energy as force, through the initiates, disciples, aspirants, and people of goodwill, is very evident. It is the pull from above of that Source of all life and expression, together with the urge from below of the increasingly soul-infused personalities of men and women in human form that make all approaches ~ vertical, horizontal, and oblique ~ so vital to the Path toward Oneness, Wholeness, and Synthesis.

As with all the Principles and Laws, it is the living Life Force that impels the Law of Spiritual Approach into expression. Governing all approaches, demonstration of this Law draw these three centers ~ humanity, Hierarchy, and Shamballa ~ ever closer, thus strengthening the current of Light and Energy which links all three centers in a vital cooperative effort for the Good-of-the-Whole.


The Path to God

Therefore be full of Joy, O pilgrim on the Way towards enlightened Being ... Naught disappears but pain. Nothing remains but bliss ~ the bliss of knowledge true, of contact real, of light divine, the Way to God.
      - The Old Commentary (5)

Awareness of the fact of the Path to God "... has been preserved for us down the ages by those who knew God and whom the world called mystics, occultists and saints .... The history of the human soul is the history of the search for that Way and its discovery by the persistent." (6)

Throughout the endless reaches of time, individuals have found the Path to God. They have followed this path and accepted its conditions and its disciplines. Confident of its reality, they have experienced its rewards and have penetrated thereby into the worlds of meaning and wholeness.

Dimly sensed by human consciousness is the response of the Divine, and the cyclic descent of divine energy into the world of form. The great world teachers and saviors down through the centuries have been the symbol and guarantee of this response. Each time this descent of the divine has occurred, a clearer understanding of divine purpose has been given, a new and fresh revelation was perceived, and a new expression of religion emerged with corresponding changes in culture and civilization.

The descent of energy brings with it certain active interpreters and agents as well as new "seeds of hope" for the future, and certain new inspirations. These new energies in turn evoke reaction and obstructing forces which must be handled and transmuted.

Entrance upon the Path of Upward Approach is possible for individuals, groups, and for humanity as the greater Group. Individual approach must now be blended with a group approach, and the approach of groups will someday be superceded by an organized approach of humanity as a whole.

Energies not usually contacted can be touched, grasped, and utilized at the time of such approaches, provided that these are contacted, touched, and assimilated in group formation. In this way the individual, the group, and humanity are all vitalized.


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Adapted from
"The Laws and Principles of the Kingdom of Souls"
booklet by Frances Adams Moore
published by The Group for Creative Meditation,
Meditation Mount, Ojai

Quotes by Alice A. Bailey are from her books published
by Lucis Trust, New York


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