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The Principles and Laws of the Kingdom of Souls


That is spiritual which lies beyond the present point of achievement;
it is that which embodies the vision and
urges one on toward a goal higher than the one attained.
- Djwal Khul


From time to time since the beginning of consciousness, certain universal Principles and Laws have been given to humanity. These Principles and Laws embody the formulated Purpose and organized Will of that unfolding Life in which humanity lives and moves and has its being.

In the previous century a restatement of these Laws and Principles was given to Alice A. Bailey by the Tibetan Teacher Djwhal Kuhl, in wording meaningful to our present time evolution.

An exploration of the essential differences between principle and law, as these terms are used by the Tibetan, gives a clearer grasp of the process by which the consciousness of humanity is affected, impulsed, and energized.


Principle and Law

In terms of the Tibetan's presentation, principle is primary, law secondary. A principle embodies some aspect of Truth upon which our planetary system is based. Principle embodies energy. The principle ensouls the law. The law is the expression or manifestation and activity of that aspect of truth which the principle presents. The law is the outer evidence of the inner, subjective Reality. It is a "working out," an effect, and the agent of the inner Life impulse.

Principle is order, law is the "rule" of the order. Principle is Essence and Reality, law is the instrument and activity of that Reality. Principle is the Life, law is the current of that life as it becomes active in the three worlds of form existence.

Principle is the "thing-in-itself," while law is its implementation. The principle is the originating cause or source impulsing the law. The Principle of Goodwill, for instance, expresses through Right Human Relations. The Principle of Unanimity is the cohesive agent in Group Endeavor. Essential Divinity empowers Spiritual Approach.

Principles move into laws, laws enrich principles. Principles develop in the dimensions of divine Purpose and on the Life side of creativity. Laws emerge in the Soul, or Consciousness, on the mental levels, and finally take form on the objective side of manifested life. The purpose of the law is to anchor or embody an aspect of Truth, to bring it down until it can function in the three worlds of outer, objective expression. Out of the interaction of law and principle, of cause and effect, the third factor emerges ~ the conscious or unconscious embodiment of energy by human beings in the three worlds of mental, emotional, and physical planes of life and action.

From our human point of view, it is well to remember that principle and law are always evolving. To put it another way, a penetration into deeper and more comprehensive understanding, experience, and expression of the two is going on at the same time.

D.K. outlines the need for unanimous and simultaneous meditation on the Laws and Principles of the new cycle as a part of the preparation for a New World Order to establish a climate in which the Coming One can appear and function. At the same time He brings to our attention a well known Truth ... creative subjective meditation is a form of true and real action and service.

With this brief background, we can now begin to explore the Principles and Laws which the Tibetan has given for this particular time period in the unfolding Plan for Humanity.


Adapted from
"The Laws and Principles of the Kingdom of Souls"
booklet by Frances Adams Moore
published by The Group for Creative Meditation,
Meditation Mount, Ojai


Note: The Tibetan presents a variety of Laws and Principles throughout the works of Alice A. Bailey. If you are looking for a succinct list of these Laws and Principles, you will not find one in the Bailey books. The Tibetan sometimes presents the Principle without the Law or the Law without the Principle. Some Principles and Laws may have different names even though they overlap in meaning.'s Principles & Laws link includes those we have been inspired to study and meditate upon, thus far. We invite you to join us in this study and meditation.


And to clarify further . . . besides these Laws associated with the Principles of Deity, as included in this "Principles & Laws" area of, there is the great Law of Compassion, given as the first basic truth of Deity in The Externalisation of the Hierarchy. Bailey also teaches there is a basic law called the Law of Periodicity, governing all manifestation.

There are certain other Laws of Thought linked with that one including the three Cosmic Laws ~ the Law of Synthesis governing spirit, or the first aspect, the Law of Attraction governing soul, the second aspect, and the Law of Economy governing matter, the third aspect ~ each with subsidiary laws including seven systemic laws, and seven laws of soul or group life. These and other important laws governing incarnations (laws of involution, the laws of the elemental kingdoms, the laws of the three great groups which hold the germs and seeds of all manifested forms, the law of cycles and the law of cause and effect) are chiefly addressed in the Bailey books A Treatise on Cosmic Fire and Esoteric Psychology II.

Additionally the encompassing Principle and the Law of Freedom, together with the Principle and the Law of Liberation, and the Law of the Supplementary Seven are discussed in The Rays and the Initiations. (These books are each volumes in Bailey's five-volume A Treatise on the Seven Rays.) Yet another is the Principle of Directed Purpose, discussed in The Externalisation of the Hierarchy and The Reappearance of the Christ. The New Law of Ancient Dominating Good is presented in Esoteric Healing.


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