The Law of Group Endeavor

Lose sight of self in group endeavour. Forget the self in group activity.
Pass through the portal to initiation in group formation and
let the personality life be lost in the group life. (1)


A group is an entity with form, substance, purpose and objective. It has a physical vehicle, an emotional body, a mental aspect, a soul, and a Monad or Spirit, a point of Living Fire. The Life of this entity participates in the Universal Life. The Spirit of the entity is expressed through its underlying purpose and its will-to-be. This keeps it in existence. The Soul of the entity determines its quality and its resonance.

A group is not simply a coming together of a collection of persons, cooperating in a common task. A group is more than the sum of its individual members. Instead, the members of the group are part of the entity. Behind the Law of Group Endeavor, the living energy of a divine Spirit of Groupness provides the vital spark or flame which resonates throughout the group life.

The are three basic kinds or types of groups:

1. Groups gathered around an individual leader predominated in the past. Members were attracted and held together by their devotion to the leader or chief. The attitude was one of unquestioning obedience. In tribal society, for instance, the entire group was held responsible for the misdeed of any member.

2. Groups held together by a common purpose, having no recognized leader ~ the unifying factor is impersonal and comprised of a common ideal, intent, purpose, and endeavor or task. The New Group of World Servers follows the pattern of this type of group.

The outer organization which holds the New Group of World Servers and Knowers integrated is practically nonexistent. Members are held together by an inner structure of thought, intention, and purpose. Members may not be in contact outwardly, but all are attuned to a particular vibration and all are oriented toward a life of service on behalf of humanity, the Plan and to the Purpose of the Intelligence that guides the unfoldment of the universal initiatory process. Group members are learning to work as the Hierarchy works, telepathically attuned through the etheric field which links all forms within the planetary etheric body.

3. The third type of group integration is that of groups with a leader for a common purpose. These groups can be thought of as a combination of groups one and two. In these groups the leader leads but does not give commands nor exact allegiance or unquestioning obedience. The ideal example of such a group, so far as humanity is concerned, is a Master's Ashram.

A fourth type of group is illustrated in the attempt of certain Members of the Hierarchy to form "Ashramic" groups on the periphery of an Ashram. Such are the "seed groups" which the Tibetan formed, as described in Discipleship in the New Age, Volumes I and II.

The emergence of the New Group of World Servers is an indication that a sufficient number of individuals were responding to soul contact, and in this way groups formed of those who so responded could be impressed as groups. Today, enough "Centers of Light" scattered over the planet can meet, interlace, and form a network of light. This network creates the magnetic aura of the group life.

Groups of the past, such as the family unit, have been predominantly third ray Creative Activity groups, outwardly expressing and markedly material. Groups now forming are a second ray activity. They are building groups, building the form expression in a new phase of an Ageless Age. They are founded basically on a mental impulse. They are subjective in fact and not objective in nature. They are distinguished by quality rather than by form and activity, or by quantity.

Guidance and leadership comes from those great Lives Who guide the unfoldment of humanity and the destiny of the planet. Thus the need for careful listening, for right interpretation, and for clear understanding are paramount. The spiritual worlds and the three worlds of human endeavor are and will be even more related, as the traditions, teachings, and experiences of the past have clearly indicated.

Group work is pioneering work. As one revered teacher suggested, humanity is in the infancy stage where group endeavor is concerned. But this is the work to which all serving disciples are called, they are called to group work of a new order. Individual effort and activity is to be blended with the group objective, the group effort, and with group decision-making. The work will not be carried forward by the imposition of some one will upon a group of lesser wills. It is the will of the group, rather than that of the individual, unitedly dedicated to a specific objective, which is of major importance.

Group work naturally requires considerable self-discipline. The basic purpose of the Law of Group Endeavor ~ the elevation of the Whole ~ has been attempted in the past by individuals, and can now be brought about more rapidly by combined effort in group work. Individual qualities, when blended in the group life and merged in the united purpose, will serve the Whole while also stimulating and adding to the depth of individual growth and understanding.

Group relationship calls for skill, relinquishment, and detachment. Such qualities as love, forebearance, understanding, and a focus on the Whole of Life require cultivation through deliberate expression. Criticism, self-assertion, and indifference require eternal vigilance, lest they deter the work.

In the emerging cycle the world will be saved and reconstructed by groups, far more than by individuals.

In the past we have had world saviours ~ Sons of God Who have given to men a message which brought an increase of light to the people. Now, in the fullness of time, and through the processes of evolution, there is emerging a group who will bring salvation to the world and who (embodying groups ideas and emphasising the true meaning of the Church of Christ) will so stimulate and energise the minds and souls of men that the new age will be ushered in by an outpouring of the Love, Knowledge and Harmony of God Himself, as well as by the reappearance of the Christ in Whom all these three faculties of divinity will be embodied.

... What will be the effect of the message of a group Avatar or World Saviour? ... What will be the effect of the mission of a group of world Saviours, all Knowers of God in some degree, who supplement each other's efforts, reinforce each other's message, and constitute an organism through which the spiritual energy and principle of spiritual life can make their presence felt in the world ...? (2)

Individual approaches to higher dimensions of insight, knowledge, and understanding will be eventually merged, into approaches by groups until finally, an organized approach by humanity itself can be made.

Requirements which must be met and preserved by a group involved in group work are

1. Group integrity ~ that delicate balance maintained between the members of the group ~ which leads to group steadiness and group "freedom from oscillation," permitting the unlimited flow of group energy, work, and interplay.

2. Group fusion, leading to the ability to work as a unit.

3. Understanding and comprehension of the work undertaken, each group working wisely and understanding its assigned task.

One of the group's major functions, "esoterically speaking," is to absorb, share, circulate, and then distribute energy (3). Esotericism involves the "science of the soul, or animating consciousness of all things, (4) and the ability to function freely in the world of meaning. An esotericist is one who works with and enters into the realm or world of forces and energies. Where group endeavor is concerned, energy might be said to be the "name of the game." The disciple must learn which energies to repulse, which to diffuse, and which to use.

It is difficult, if not impossible, to separate group endeavor from group life, for they are mutually interdependent. Group endeavor involves life and activity in group formation, in esoteric or exoteric groups, inner or outer, subjective or objective, invisible or visible. Exoteric, objective, outer groups owe their energetic existence to the impulsing, energizing activity of the esoteric, subjective, inner group workers. These outer groups are expressions of an inner group life. Group endeavor, then, has its source and roots in the Life stream, as do all the Laws and Principles.

Group endeavor involves the ability to do group work, to share a group life, a group purpose, and a group goal. That group effort is directed toward unfolding a spiritual life in the midst of the world of form in order to more fully serve the Whole. Most, if not all, of that group effort and group life has to do with energy. The disciple moves always in a field of energies, receiving impact from all directions.

Among those in the many groups active in every land will be some who form part of the subjective groups which the Hierarchy is forming on all the rays, on every plane, and under various astrological aspects.

In the life of every disciple there comes a time when the inner group of disciples to which one belongs and the outer group of servers with which one can and must cooperate, synchronize. When this occurs, much time is saved and the opportunity presented is great.

The power of unified thought and meditation is little grasped as yet, and the energy inherent in the light of many minds provides an effective instrument in world affairs and will prove to be part of the new modes of work in the future.

Group unity has its roots in group meditation and in the contemplative life in which souls know themselves to be one with all souls. It will work out in some form of group activity expressing the particular characteristic of the group, and each member will be regarded as a transmitter of energy.

The work which serving groups such as the Group for Creative Meditation must develop is that of an organized, scientific activity. This involves an understanding of the basic science of occultism, which is that of energy. The qualities, characteristics, and activities of the work should be expressed through an understanding of energy and the result of its impact upon forces. This is the scientific aspect of the occult group life.

... The New order will be brought into expression by the play of the spiritual energy upon the forces in the three worlds, and this will be the task of the New Groups when organized and functioning correctly. (5)

Only insofar as the individual has developed group consciousness and is beginning to function as "one absorbed within the group" can they truly pass into a closer and more vitally contributory relation to the Ashram to which they belong.

A constant focused attitude in all life circumstances automatically registers the events conditioning the life of humanity, and creates a stream of ascending energy infused with the life quality and the ray characteristics of the group personnel. Along this stream both the ascending and descending life quality can pass at will and the members of the group will consequently be able to penetrate into the world of the Hierarchy and into the realm of the "raincloud of knowable things." The group as well as the individuals in the group will then function in the three worlds as serving disciples.

People everywhere are being trained to be sensitive to the Plan and sensitive to the group vibration in order to be able to cooperate intelligently with the unfolding Plan. These men and women are not being trained to be good and obedient disciples, working out the Master's wishes and desires. They are being trained to take initiations, and eventually to become Masters themselves. Disciples, therefore, have to learn to handle force and energy and to draw these into their intended area of service. The Master, then, does not seek mere disciples, but rather those who can be swiftly trained to be efficient and reliable assistants and co-workers.


Read about the Principle of Unanimity,
ensouling the Law of Group Endeavor.


Adapted from
"The Laws and Principles of the Kingdom of Souls"
booklet by Frances Adams Moore
published by The Group for Creative Meditation,
Meditation Mount, Ojai


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