The Spiritual Kingdom Manifests

Part 1 ~ The Nature and the Functions of the Hierarchy

... an initiate is one who has taken the first steps into the spiritual kingdom, and has had the first series of spiritual revelations, each one of which is a key to a still greater revelation. (1)


The Spiritual Kingdom is the embodiment of God’s love. (2) We as humans relate to this Spiritual Hierarchy as the Inner Guidance of the World.

The Hierarchy is simply the world of Souls … consciously aware of the Plan, sensitive to the purpose, and creatively and consciously impressing humanity with the aim in view of expanding the human consciousness.” Of this your soul ~ in its pure nature ~ is a part. (3)

The Hierarchy of Souls function as intuitive interpreters and force transmitters between Shamballa and Humanity. Their challenge is to save the world, to impart the next revelation, to demonstrate divinity. Members of the Hierarchy are “not only Custodians of Truth, they are Messengers of Divine Wisdom.” (4)

Essentially and foremost, those Masters and Initiates who comprise our Planetary Hierarchy serve as a wall shielding Humanity from cosmic evil; that is, the misuse of Will on a cosmic scale.

One of the principal tasks of the unified Hierarchy is the presentation of basic divine ideas. “The Hierarchy stands ready to precipitate into the total group consciousness many concepts and ideas, plus practical techniques for their embodiment and use in service, when the group stands receptive as a group.” (5)

The Hierarchy of Souls act as transmitters of the Will of the solar Logos, by way of the Will of the planetary Logos. As both transmitters and receivers of energies from Shamballa, Hierarchy absolutely are affected by these forces ~ as are members of the Human kingdom and the Soul of all, in all kingdoms.

The Hierarchy are a “great salvaging group of dedicated, liberated Units of Life who work in group formation with all souls and all lives, within all kingdoms.” (6) Their telepathic abilities enable them to be sensitive to the mind currents and to register the thoughts of Those who are far beyond this Hierarchy of Masters. (7)

Certainly, the responsibilities of the members of our Spiritual Kingdom are many and varied. Their overall task is to formulate the Plan for all forms of life in the four kingdoms of nature ~ mineral, plant, animal, and human.

This Plan is concerned with the big picture ~ with nations, races, world religions, and dynasties of political and social ideologies over great cycles of time. At present, Humanity plays a growing role in the working out of this Plan.

... the objectives of the hierarchical work must be emphasized and the nature of the divine Plan unfolded so that purpose and goal may be presented to humanity .... This will eventually lead to that established unity of effort that will express itself in the merging of the fourth and fifth kingdoms in nature, and to the establishment of that brotherhood that will constitute the germ or the seed of the coming manifestation of the Hierarchy as the Heart of God in physical manifestation. (8)


Unity of Effort

Presently, through hierarchical endeavor combined with human effort, a great alignment and linking is developing. More directly than ever before, the Monad, the Soul, and the personality are related.

This is also true of the three divine centers of our planet ~ Shamballa, Hierarchy and Humanity. This alignment produces a fusion of energies as an inflow of spiritual Will. To be sure, now is a critical time in human affairs, with unprecedented opportunity for evolution.

The Hierarchy is concerned ... with the response of that state of consciousness as a one life or group, rather than with the response of any separated persona, or group of personae. Not until the total group consciousness responds and embodies the new concept will the Hierarchy consider such a group in manifestation. (9)

All members of the Hierarchy have invariably passed through the human state of evolution. For only human beings can blend and express life-reason, and human mind alone can consciously create what is needed in order to bring the many stages of manifested life into being. Upon the shoulders of humanity, therefore, rests unbelievable responsibility.

A new kingdom is coming into being; a fifth kingdom in nature is materialising, and already has a nucleus functioning on earth in physical bodies. Therefore let us welcome the striving and struggling of the present time, for it is a sign of resurrection. (10)


Hierarchy is ...
Meeting place of energies
Station of power and light
Place of fusion
A Mighty Shield
The Kingdom of Heaven and of God


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Kingdom of Conscious Souls


The Kingdoms of Nature
Mineral, Plant, Animal, Human

The Deva Kingdom
and Deva evolution


If not otherwise credited, this discussion of the Hierarchy
is synthesized in large part from
"HIERARCHY The Seven The Three and The One"
booklet by Frances Adams Moore
published by The Group for Creative Meditation,
Meditation Mount, Ojai


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