Excerpts relating to this Divine Truth of Deity


The Development of the Science of Invocation & Evocation
as enumerated by Alice A. Bailey in The Externalisation of the Hierarchy


Esoteric Definitions

Invocation is the calling down into active play of that Deity which overshadows an individual or a group of individuals. That which is invoked may appear in one of many forms, such as an idea, an experience, or in the case of a needy humanity, even as the incarnation of an initiate consciousness. Thus, Divine Intervention is brought into being via the magnetic pull of the invocative center, which is acting as a positive pole of magnetic attraction within the three worlds of human endeavor.

Evocation is a calling forth into expression of that Divine Potential which is latent within the manifest form. Thus, the indwelling Christ, that Divine Spark or Seed within the consciousness of the mass, can be attracted into expression via the magnetic pull brought to bear upon it by a conscious Son of God living within the body of humanity.

                        - The Nature of the Soul, Lucille Cedercrans, p. 42 (emphasis added)


Alice Bailey on Invocation and Evocation
One of seven approaches to Divinity through meditative work


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