2023 Aquarius Festival Global Meditation
Cosmic Freedom Inaugurates Planetary Liberation
Full Moon in Aquarius~Leo
Sunday, February 5 ~ 10:28 am PST / 18:28 UT

Aquarius Festival Meditation
Meditation Focus ~ Overview
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2023 Aquarius Meditation Theme
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Meditation Focus ~ Overview

SouledOut's Meditation Focus theme for the spiritual year continues, rounding the zodiacal months based on the Lighted Way theme as the context for our meditations, from new moon to new moon.

For nearly 10 years beginning with Aries 2013, our monthly meditation focus has been to deepen our work with this overall focus, to assist in bringing to fruition Cosmic Freedom Inaugurates Planetary Liberation.

Throughout the current lunar cycle surrounding the full moon during Aquarius, we ask all in our subjective group, according to your inspiration, to utilize the materials presented here as seeds for the daily meditation ritual.

Following the cycle's new moon, we begin on Sunday, January 22 to focus on our monthly alignment around the full moon festival during Aquarius.


Aquarius Festival Global Meditation ~ Audio
Suggested Meditation Focus for January 22 - February 19


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2023 Aquarius Meditation Theme


Cosmically Aligned, We Embrace
The Eternal Rhythm of the Ages,
The Rhythm of the Sages


As Light workers, we now consciously realign with the Divine Plan ~ the unfolding Purpose of the One Life. Through embodiment of the Principle of Decision, we then become steadier in our service expression.

Direction and Purpose demonstrate Will, for the Principle of Decision guides our choices and actions providing an opportunity to advance goodwill and right human relations.

As each individual takes responsibility for applying their highest alignment to Purpose, one's life becomes the Path, itself. This is an outgrowth of the ongoing sacrifice we make in service to the One Life.

In this light we are reminded that "... synthesis is, whilst unity is achieved and is the reward of action and effort." (1) As we work with the great Principle of Unanimity, balance occurs in all realms including for the individual, the situation at hand, and the greater group life itself.

One definition of synthesis pertains to our expanding vision in relation to our Purpose ~ "A realisation that synthesis is the method whereby comprehension is attained, and that, by blending the pairs of opposites, the middle path is gained that leads straight to the heart of the citadel." (2)

Inclusiveness is a pathway to revealing the synthesis that already exists, and offers tremendous potential for overcoming adversity and divisiveness through the practice of Right Human Relations.

Our Monadic essence joins with the planetary Hierarchy to approach Shamballa. There is a broadening of inclusiveness, as the bridge from Heart to Head is now emphasized.

Through our focus in the arenas of manifestation, the Christ consciousness will emerge fully into humankind's common experience, as is held in anticipation of the Coming One ~ known in world religions by names including Lord Maitreya, Imam Mahdi, Messiah and Kalki Avatar.

The Aquarian energy is the Living Water of Life, flowing from the very throne of Heaven. The Piscean World Saviour, the Christ, repeatedly demonstrated this revelation in his service ~ in the miracle of walking on the water, in offering the Water of Life to the to the Samaritan woman, and in washing of his disciples feet in the upper room.

In the Aquarian Age, the Risen Christ will bring the water of life to the people ~ life more abundantly. He will not this time demonstrate the perfected life of a Son of God, which was His main mission before; He will appear as the supreme Head of the Spiritual Hierarchy, meeting the need of the thirsty nations of the world ~ thirsty for truth, for right human relations and for loving understanding. (3)

We are moving through a pivotal cycle in world events, as has been pointed to by prognosticators from ancient civilizations all the way into present time. Yet in times of upheaval and change, there is great spiritual potential for evolution through enlightened public opinion and the application of Goodwill.

Aquarius orients us further into group alignment, where inclusivity is required in order to find the points of agreement and to strenghthen these. Utilizing the mountaintop vantage point gained in Capricorn we may now ground to the larger perspective, rather than focusing on distracting details.

From the perspective of our planetary life, at this time in evolution we are becoming cognizant of the third Great Approach, "... which will bring the new revelation, with its realised consequences, of a new heaven and a new earth." (4)

We are Watchers of the Dawn, working with the present time inflow of energies to prepare for and usher in the emerging Aquarian age. All are valuable in this endeavor. By aligning with and directing the incoming flow of energies, we reveal the Synthesis of Life Itself.


Waters of life are we, pouring forth for the thirsty world. (5)


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2022 - 2023 Meditation Theme ~ Annual Cycle

The March equinox in 2022 inaugurated our journey for the spiritual year, as we share now in yet a higher alignment to Purpose for our service for the annual cycle.

Electric fire manifests as Unity of Spirit and expresses the Will aspect of deity. As Watchers of the Dawn we are called to wield this force by aligning with and directing the incoming flow of energies to reveal the Synthesis of Life Itself. All are valuable in this endeavor.

As each individual unit takes responsibility for applying their highest dedication to Purpose, one's life becomes the Path, itself. We may look to the Cosmic Path of Higher Evolution to further understand our connection to the Life More Abundant.

The revealed quality of Synthesis relates largely to the Life aspect, that which enlivens all forms. To reiterate ~ synthesis is. (6) This is so, according to the Essential Divinity of all life. Recognizing this truth, we are called to surrender ~ to be the Divine Path through the sacrifice of all that is extraneous.

Becoming the Path itself refers to our construction of the connecting channel between the outer, concrete world and the inner planes of the abstract ideal (7), linking us to the larger, cosmic perspective. This is an outgrowth of the ongoing sacrifice we make in service to the One.

The concept of Being the Path is similarly expressed in the words of the Esoteric Catechism pledge of the disciple, affirming the sacrifice made by the soul: "I am the Cross, I am the Way; I tread upon the work I do." (8)

From the standpoint of our planetary life, at this time in evolution we are inaugurating the third Great Approach, "... which will bring the new revelation, with its realised consequences, of a new heaven and a new earth." (9)


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Aquarius Full Moon Festival

As we move once again through the sign Aquarius and align in group formation, our identification is with the Divine. An air sign, Aquarius is appropriate for connecting to our groups by way of the mental plane.

Group alignment and world service are accentuated as we both move through this eleventh lunar cycle of the spiritual year, having commenced in Aries.

The energies of the Lighted Way are made manifest through conscious cooperation with the 12 full moon meditation cycles related to the 12 signs, on a yearly basis. These energies are also pouring into our consciousness as the Earth's north pole proceeds, due to our planet's tilt, through the zodiac as well. The resulting 2300-year cycles are known as the ages, and we are entering into the Age of Aquarius.

Hallmarks of Aquarius include sharing in group endeavor, in sacrifice and service to the One Life. This cycle we may consider our commitment to the various groups we are involved in ~ family, work, community, spiritual ~ and notice where our service has adjusted, or may need some adjustment to be aligned in present time.

Invoking the Spiritual Significance of those events that challenge and initiate crisis in our Life offers opportunity for enlightenment.

When we know that All is energy, we take responsibility for grounding our own energy and fully honor the choices we make.

One causes one's own suffering by how one handles an event ~ react and blame, or accept the experience as an opportunity to demonstrate compassion and balance to all, including oneself, in the midst of adversity.

"Know Thyself." In this we open the door to being Wiser about our significant and everyday choices of engagement, and future alignments this Lifetime.

Things can always be replaced, while Loving Relationships are Sacred, Golden Gifts of The Heart & Soul in Life, to be Cherished ... for once lost, these are irreplaceable. One never fully knows when this may occur, in alignment with the Soul's Plan & Purpose.

In Present Time, may we Honor and Embrace the sacred gifts of loving relationship we have found this Lifetime.

Peace begins inside, from this Truth we cannot hide!



Om Ma Ni Pad Me Hum


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Guidance in preparing for this meditation


If at all possible, we suggest being in meditation at the exact time of the full moon, however if you are unable to do so, choose a time within 12 hours before or after to participate in this global meditation. Know that we at will also participate in this planetary meditation.

2023 Aquarius Meditation

The Full Moon in Aquarius ~ Leo
Sunday, February 5 ~ 10:28 am PST / 18:28 UT


Aquarius Festival Meditation ~ Audio
Once you have composed yourself for meditation,
clicking on "Play" (the triangle, just under this image) will begin a
spoken version of the meditation below, with pauses interspersed so you
may listen while meditating, uninterrupted. Total guided meditation time is
, followed by a musical interlude, and ending with The Great Invocation

SouledOut's Full Moon in Aquarius~Leo Meditation ~
feel free to utilize at any time you're impressed to, during the monthly cycle.

Guided Meditation total time 11:55 ~ Total running time 22:12
Download Aquarius Meditation (mp3 for podcast / archive) ~ Music credit
SouledOut Audio ~ Tips and Troubleshooting


Cosmic Freedom Inaugurates Planetary Liberation

Cosmically Aligned, We Embrace
The Eternal Rhythm of the Ages,
The Rhythm of the Sages


We link up with people of goodwill everywhere, creating a united group channel through which the spiritual forces can become available.

Affirming this channel, "We stand poised, united as one soul with our Spiritual Hierarchy." We hold the focus.

We now visualize ourselves as the Chalice ~ the grid of light all over the earth that connects the light of every Light worker and each sacred energy vortex. This network serves as a conduit through which the heavenly blessings may flow through each and every one of us and to the planet Earth.

When we have achieved this ...

We rise as one to meet the light. In response, the great gateway that is Aquarius opens wide and the light pours into and through us. We welcome this river of light and its cleansing and healing energy, for it illumines any darkness within.

The Aquarian energy is the Living Water of Life flowing from the very throne of Heaven. We invoke the example of Christ, the World Saviour, who demonstrated this revelation through the miracle of walking on the water, and offering the Water of Life to all of Humanity.

Each, in our own way, is asked to bring this Life Spring into our own lives to move from personal consciousness to group consciousness ~ opening to the Love and Service of all Humanity.

We, united as World Servers, are further transformed by the Waters of Life Divinity shares.

We shine Light upon the seeming chaos and disturbances in our world. We know the Spirit of Humanity to be sound and true. We're willing to move from the mountaintop back into the valley of experience to serve ~ no judgment, no separateness, no envy, no anger ~ for all we see is Unity.

Here now, we align with our Spiritual Kingdom to receive the incoming Divine energies. We are preparing the way for an extraordinary happening ~ the World Saviour emerges again.

We drink from the Communal Well and we offer ourselves as fountains of Truth. And in this, we take yet another step toward Our Divine Destiny.


The Rivers of Love and Life Converge
We Share, and in Divinity, we Merge.


As we emerge from meditation, we are joined in this stream by Light workers everywhere on the planet and from on high. With focused mind, heart and will, together we say ...


The Great Invocation

From the point of light within the Mind of God
Let Light stream forth into our minds
Let LIGHT descend on Earth.

From the point of love within the Heart of God
Let Love stream forth into our hearts
May LOVE increase on Earth.

From the center where the Will of God is known
Let purpose guide our wills
The PURPOSE which the masters know and serve.

From the center which we call Humanity
Let the Plan of Love and Light work out
And may it seal the door
where evil dwells.

Let Light and Love and Power restore the Plan on Earth.
Let Light and Love and Power restore the Plan on Earth.
restore the Planet Earth!

- adapted version (10)


We now continue to hold the high space throughout this most auspicious phase of the full moon, an important time to still the mind and maintain inner peace, always a time of spiritual retreat and contact.


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Aquarius Information Synthesis


The Light of Aquarius ~
The Light that Shines on Earth, Across the Sea

This is the light which ever shines within the dark and cleansing with
its healing rays that which must be purified until the dark has gone. (11)


The Transition of Ages ~ Pisces to Aquarius In the Aquarian Age we become the Risen Christ ~ the World Server ~ the "Water Carrier" pouring forth the water of life for a thirsty world ~ thirsty for the Truth, for the Life more abundant.

Cosmic Identification It is through the practice of identification with the Divine Life itself that we may begin to comprehend the nature of Spirit. And, to bring Spirit fully into our daily lives is service to the One.

The Third Great Approach Cosmic Identification is an expression of this definitive event, taking place in present time.

Avatars The Doctrine of the Coming One is linked to the teaching of every great religion, and at the close of this age a Cosmic Avatar is impressing to appear as a Divine Embodiment.

Yoga of Synthesis As we focus on the Oneness of all Life, we are able to express the self in light of the larger perspective and thereby assist in bringing through the Divine Plan and Purpose.

Service Is Its Own Reward Service ~ a distinguishing characteristic of the New Group of World Servers ~ is associated with Aquarius.

The Spirit of Sacrifice Sacrifice essentially means, to make holy. It is the hallmark of all world servers.

Principles and Laws Certain universal Principles and Laws are applied through humanity and the other Kingdoms of Nature.

Principle of Decision We align our choices to our Perception of the Plan, Participation in the Purpose, and the Prevention of Evil. (12)

New Group of World Servers Members of this group desire to uplift, teach and help others. They are identified by the selflessness of their service to the world and lack of personal ambition, coupled with a willingness to work behind the scenes without recognition.

Aquarius Zodiacal Deity The constellation Aquarius is one of supreme importance to our solar system at this time, for it is the sign into which our sun is rapidly moving. Aquarian illumination comes in the form of realizing humanity’s essential unity and recognizing the processes of sharing and cooperation to assist all of humankind.

Aquarius Labor of Hercules Hercules's labor in Aquarius was to cleanse the Augean stables. Through this endeavor Hercules, representing the disciple, pledged himself to Unselfish Service, Group Work, and Self Sacrifice ~ all of which are hallmarks of Aquarian energies.

The Night Sky During each lunar cycle the Moon, waxing and waning, journeys through the zodiac. It partners with and enlivens the sparkling stars and glowing planets along the way. As the Moon grows in the light provided by our Sun, we too grow in the light of our Soul. Moon Phases.

SouledOut suggests using the Sea of Fire Meditation as the inbreath for each new lunar cycle.

Winter Triangle
The 3 stars of this equilateral triangle
are absolutely wonderful. Two of them,
Sirius and Betelgeuse, aid the spiritually attuned.
Two of them are children's birthday stars!

The Great Winter Hexagon
This sacred Geometry can activate
your Divine expression on Earth.

Additional Links These related links may be of assistance in your Aquarius meditation focus.


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Preparation for Participation in This Meditation Focus

If possible, we suggest being in meditation at the exact time of the full moon. For this meditation, and as each is able to join the world group at the time of the full moon (Sunday, February 5 ~ 10:28 am PST / 18:28 UT), it's suggested to begin meditating earlier so as to be in deep meditation

We at will participate in this global meditation at the Aquarius full moon festival. We also encourage utilizing's Global Meditation in group formation at the exact time of the full moon, and as individuals, whenever possible during this festival's safeguarding cycle.

If you are unable to join us at this time, choose a time within 12 hours before or after to align with these energies and participate in this global meditation.

Prior to your meditation take the needed time to create a sacred space and spiritually align your energies.

Consider what is the appropriate way to join in this meditation ... you may wish to participate in group formation on the physical plane as well as on the inner planes. Whether or not you choose to be "alone" on the physical plane, know you are uniting with many others who also are attuning to the energies available at this Global Festival, and that this group focus creates a powerful channel for our meditation service to be potent and effective.

The Full Moon Festivals Culminate over a Five-Day Period ...

Our meditation focus beginning at the new moon leads into the two days of preparation immediately preceding the full moon. These are to be dedicated to spiritual reflection and detachment from everyday concerns, as each prepares to become a vessel for the energies of light and love they will receive and channel. At this time we hold the attitude of dedication and service, and seek to assume that attitude of receptivity to that which our soul will impart which will make us of spiritual use.

The day of the full moon itself is the day of safeguarding, one of inner peace and silence during which we attempt to contact and consciously hold the energies for the rest of humanity. We will not formulate for ourselves what will happen, nor will we look for results or tangible effects. While one may not observe the exact moment when the moon is full, it's important to find some quiet time to reflect alone or use this opportunity to meditate with others of like mind and focus.

The two succeeding days are called the days of distribution. We now turn the attention outwards, away from ourselves, and our efforts are to pass on the spiritual energies that have been contacted. We assist these spiritual energies, transformed into goodwill, in flowing to where there is greatest need.

We now continue to hold the high space throughout this most auspicious day of the full moon, an important time to still the mind and maintain inner peace, a time of spiritual retreat and contact. If you wish, feel free to continue use of this meditation for the entire month of Aquarius.

The Full Moon Cycle We Are Observing ...

From new moon to new moon, Sunday, January 22 through Sunday, February 19, 2023.


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Additional links

Aquarius Synthesis Supplementary links for further understanding

5 Forces Affecting Evolution These cosmic and systemic causes are responsible for the present crisis and difficult situation in the world.

Principle of Unanimity In the ongoing life of the Soul there comes a time when the unity and essential oneness underlying the dualities of physical plane life can be recognized and shared. The quality of this essential oneness has been termed "Unanimity."

Fixed Cross The Fixed Cross is a "fusion of four major energies, pouring into our solar system, on to our planet and through humanity." (13) Aquarius is intricately linked to its position on the Fixed Cross, the cross of discipleship, named esoterically the Cross of Transmutation.

One with The Divine When the Planetary Logos connects with the Solar Logos, Shamballa ~ or the Will of God ~ is their point of union. (14) We are called to connect there with Them, and in this way to embrace the Plan of Love and Light.

The Lighted Way Study of the 12 different lights for each of the constellations of the zodiac reveals the symbolic story of the growth of the light body within the Soul of Humanity (the Macrocosm) and within each of us (the Microcosm), and will finally make clear the very purpose of God.

The Ray Path~Path V Aquarius is connected to the Pole Star, currently Polaris: "The influence which emanates from our Pole Star and which is such a potent factor in our solar system reaches our planet via the sign of Aquarius." (15)

Freedom and the Initiations In our evolution humanity embraces ever more fully the concept and the quality of freedom, as we become soul-infused and eventually liberated from the restrictions of physical plane existence.

Aquarian Light Impressions An Aquarian vision of humanity rising in the new dawn, as well as email responses to previous Aquarian Lighted Way meditations.

The Lunar Messenger, Aquarius Full Moon (PDF) Circle of Goodwill's commentary for Aquarius, "Vistas of Wisdom 63: Magic"


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