Safe Space ministers meditated to share and invoke the Keynote for 2004.


The following is a synthesis of impressions received during our meditations
at the beginning of 2004. We offer this as a shared vision.



May Humanity be blessed with the Courage and Strength to Open Up,
to look within. There we find the shadow and the light. In the shadows
are hatred, fear, and greed. May we bring the light to these ancient evils.


Amidst the darkness, seeming chaos and terror in our world,
the Angel of the Presence remains steadfast, the Buddha's
blessings continue, and the love of the Christ never wavers.
We will meet these great lights with our light.


We will rise to the Light, for it is there awaiting us.
This is the Light of Life Itself.
It will illumine and reveal our Divine path,
and we will see the dawning
of a New Age.


A World Vision Impression


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