Safe Space ministers meditated on the Winter Solstice in 2002
to share and invoke the Keynote for 2003.




The Angel of the Presence is present amidst the seeming chaos
with a message of divine truth ~ the shadow must be faced with the light,
we must not be distracted by the Dweller, the dark forces of involution.

The heart of humanity is afire with the desire for unification.
Let the light, the love, and the power of God reveal our Divine Destiny.

Hold the line.


A World Vision Impression



Additional impressions:


The energy of unity or unification was paramount and then
I sensed the heart of the world was afire.
There was beauty but more importantly
there was purpose.

With hearts afire,
towards unity we aspire!


Turning humanity back toward togetherness.


Divine truth rings forth in revelation of the Coming One,
and the circle is unbroken as we hold the line.


I felt the outpouring of golden sun upon the world to empower us
in facing the crisis of the shadow and war.
Unification was the resounding note and that the light must
absorb the dark and the shadow must be faced with
light, love, courage, and compassion.
The heart must open to the global heart -
we must hold the world in
out heart, not just our loved ones.
Also, closer contact with the angelic
kingdom is to be available to all.


Worry not.
All is well and fine.
This planet has risen to the occasion.
Have no fear.


What God hath joined together let no man put asunder ...

Death and destruction


Peace and Prosperity through Love and Unity.
There is much work to be done.

The Peace I refer to is the inner peace of the individual,
a heart opening, which must come before the outer peace among nations.
The Prosperity will come with cooperation and the
sharing of the material wealth for the good of all.


It's The End of The Innocence
Buckle Up, Lock & Load the Goodwill Guns
Continue Inward, Revealing The Divine One!


I lit a single white candle that I let burn all thru the longest night.
I left my sleeping family & alone, I walked out under the stars.
I looked to the east & saw one star brighter than the rest winking at me.
So with love, peace & goodwill towards all, I winked back.
I felt/thought of all the other meditations & dreams & stars & lights going on
all around me & thru me & so I sangblendedfused them all together
into the CosmicOne — under a starry sky in California by the Pacific Ocean near Moro Bay.
The Sea sang her endless song to the stars above as she has done for millenniums
& the stars sang back as they have for eons upon eons upon . . .
Aaaaaauuuuuuummmmmmmm . . .


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