Safe Space was founded in California in 1982
as a nonprofit religious organization.


Our Purpose is


To reveal, meditate upon, teach and embody the
universal principles that unite the world’s religions,
including Essential Divinity, Unanimity, and Goodwill.


To embody and teach life as ministry.


To observe an annual cycle of spiritual festivals, (*)
aligning for planetary spiritual renewal.


To engage in group work,
to collectively raise the vibrations of ourselves and
others toward Peace on Earth and Goodwill to all.


To usher in the new Aquarian Age
by demonstrating the Principle of Sharing.


To participate in the manifestation of Humanity's Divine Destiny ~
a destiny known within our consciousness,
a destiny far greater than any of us has previously imagined ...
the Earth becomes a magnetic center, a station of light and love,
a point of great radiance and vitality,
with all kingdoms united,
beaming the Light of Life Itself out into the universe.


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* We currently celebrate these major Spiritual Festivals:
Festival of the Risen One / Easter – Aries full moon,
Wesak Festival – Taurus full moon,
Festival of Goodwill – Gemini full moon,
Sirius Festival - Leo full moon,
December Solstice – Aligning with the Planetary Spiritual Hierarchy to commence preparations for the Spring Festivals.
Every seven years, we celebrate the New Group of World Servers Festival, occurring next the week of December 21-28, 2026.

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