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Out of the Chaos Comes
Clarity of Purpose



In January we at meditated together to invoke the Keynote for 2010, and the following impressions for the year came through:

“Jurisdiction” in the sense of lots of things happening in the world so that each one plays their own part, their jurisdiction. This is our responsibility, as a calling for one’s unique service in the Aquarian context. (SS)

“Be the illumined one” ~ whatever is the individual’s calling. “Illumination” ~ the illumined mind, being that which is radiant. This brings opportunity to share with many people and relates to our Divine Destiny. (ED)

This cycle is about participation in the Life, towards creating Divine Life. We will need to be the grounders of upcoming change as there will be a shocking event, something not experienced before, near the beginning of this year’s Spring Festivals. (HN)

It’s time for physical plane manifestation of the work. People are at an increased level of vibrational shaking, fragility. The process of grounding is up. This year there’s a turning of the spiral again to the keynote, “Out of the Chaos comes Clarity of Purpose.”

It said “Blessings” and actually we need to do whatever allows each of us to generate consistent blessings in the world, because there will be a great need. In present time, be present: “Be the Angels.” This relates to larger experiences worldwide as well as individual needs. (DP)

The synthetic paradigm is demonstrated within the group. Whatever each person’s calling, they are to do. We are playing our parts multidimensionally. The looming presence of the Melchizedek order and high direction are available. The human soul is working with the 4th Ray, and is working amidst the other rays to build the antahkarana of humanity. (KS)

“Kindness” ~ it is important to apply this quality during the coming cycle. It’s a vibration. Kindness is an aspect of compassion. (DC)



2010 is a year of great joy and great sorrow, happening simultaneously. This causes a whole veil to be pierced and there will be dynamic, dramatic effects.

Finding the Christ balance in the middle, the synthetic balance in the chaos is important. There is the need to be fluid about the arising of the harmony throughout our world, to be fluid with these energies.

The chaos is necessary as it leads to unexpected outcomes, removing the timelines. We are in this process and need to be with it, and assist others with understanding this.

Something will come up in April. Expect more major earthquakes [this was shortly after the quake in Haiti] and two volcano eruptions, to have a global effect.

Part of what we’re experiencing is that the will is active and on a larger scale than previously. As the cyclic will energies emerge it’s about remaining balanced, this gives purpose.

For the 2010 Spiritual cycle our meditation theme is “Out of the Chaos comes Clarity of Purpose.”


Previously in the Winter Solstice Global Meditation this impression for 2010 came through as a channeling:

Listen. Do not be distracted by the turmoil of the outer. Chaos is necessary to shake things up and loosen the hold of the old.

The new is entering. Listen for your part in the scheme of things ... sometimes large, sometimes small. The truth comes on the wings of inner knowing. Listen. Resist not. Allow the chaos to make openings for the new. We are here to guide those who can hear us.

The seas part sweeping some away so that others may walk through. New beginnings take hold. Listen. All will become clear in right timing. Spend no energy trying to figure it all out. Listen ... act ... observe. Answers come in unique ways, created by all who listen.

Your concerns are our concerns. Trust the bigger picture falling into place. Lock and load the soul for shock and awe. The army of the soul is in place. The troops are aligning. Orders are being given.


Yet another 2010 impression extends into the upcoming decade:

There are two aspects: the positive being that technology will increase 10,000-fold and what will be released will be unbelievable. Studies of RNA/DNA, genetics will increase life spans for those generations following ours. The present generation being born will benefit the most from these discoveries. Organ donations will be unnecessary as we create them from a perfect match to our DNA. This will eliminate organ harvesting.

The monetary value and service emphasis of the biotech industry will coincide expediently with this technological expansion ~ an example of the 5th Ray (the personality expression) of our Spiritual Hierarchy, Concrete Knowledge & Science, manifesting in the next decade.

The negative aspect is volatility, and terrorist activity will increase including potential for this kind of event to happen within the U.S.


“Out of the Chaos Comes Clarity of Purpose.”



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