A World Vision

Prior to September 11, 2001 it is now known that messages were being impressed upon humanity worldwide. One recipient, a minister and co-creator of, had several of what she calls "dream-visions." Most were received in the dream-state, although a few were impressed during group meditation. In one case, she experienced a waking vision emanating through a Tibetan mandala wall hanging. Her visions or impressions have continued. Two of these impressions provide a World Vision of hope. We offer them for your consideration, meditation and inspiration.


September 11, 2001:

Following a regularly scheduled cosmology class and while meditating with another, she had a waking vision.

Suddenly she saw the earth floating in space. There was a "ring pass not" of angels surrounding it. They were very large, elongated beings with trumpets, poised and waiting.

Then all of a sudden she saw people on the earth on horses, wearing shiny medieval armor (some was gold, most silver ~ as during the times of King Arthur). These people were holding scepters, rather than swords, in their hands. The scepters of different shapes had jewels on them. It was clearly impressed that "They are not weapons, they are for wielding energy." And then she heard the words: "A Call to Arms."

The spiritual teaching that was impressed at the beginning of the 2001 spiritual festivals several months prior flashed through her head as she heard the words, "The Time is Now. Stand the line."

"All we have been trained for, all our techniques in the handling of energies, you will be called forth to apply and to 'Stand the Line.' No more can you go to the dark places, no more can you go to the fear. You are the wielders of the energy. Direct the force towards the light. Humanity as a whole will be experiencing 'the Burning Ground,' and the Dweller of Humanity will rise up."

"Much of humanity is going to experience the burning ground. Those that have already at least touched their foot on it and consciously experienced it, have the techniques of how to ground the energies of the Dweller. They are very familiar with the Dweller’s note and sound. It is very important that those that know stand their ground. You are being called."

Then the angels began to descend, and as they descended, directly above the people on the horses, she experienced other flash in her head. In the movie Fairy Tale, a True Story, the Allies were fighting the Germans in the trenches. They didn't have much ammunition, and were greatly outnumbered. The Allies began to pray, and suddenly angels appeared on the battlefield. They were really long and tall, elongated energies. The Germans as well as the Allies saw them, and the Germans turned and ran.

The impression continued:

"The Dweller on the threshold and Angel of the Presence have met, and the battle is on. The Anti-Christ and the Christ are One. The Anti-Christ is the solar plexus, the Dweller, the ego in humanity; and the Angel of the Presence is the soul of humanity and its personality expression. The Dweller and the Soul are now known by all. The battle is now on and this is the burning ground for humanity as a whole. Those that sit on the horses and wield the scepters are a representation of those that are able to ride the animal nature, able to direct it and wield its energy. Your mind is your instrument. Wherever you focus your mind will be enlivened. The call to arms is on the inner planes to the group of world servers to hold this ground."

She then saw an energy rising out of the earth and the ring of angels coming down onto the Earth.

"The great Jihad, the Holy War. A Call to Arms. Hold the line. All the techniques you have learned, all that you have been trained for, is about this time. Those that have trained and have done this are now responsible to hold the line because the Dweller for all of humanity is coming up. And those who have learned to handle their individual Dweller (which is part of the group Dweller) will now be needed to handle the group Dweller. Many people are going to experience the Dweller simultaneously. They will be getting lit up, so those that have trained and have techniques must hold the line. It's not okay to go there anymore, don't go there."


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The World Council

A few days later she was again sitting in meditation with another and all of a sudden her eyes popped wide open. She found herself focusing up to the right. She was actually unconscious of having her eyes open, and she saw a vision emanating from a Tibetan dorji wall hanging, which happens to be the symbol of clarity. Out of its center came this vision:

There was a circular round table of energy, and then the earth appeared and out of all the nations, little people, beings popped up, and it said "they will come up out of humanity itself, they'll come together to form a council. These people will rise up from all nations, coming from all over the world, but they will not have allegiance to any country, any religion, nor any race, so that they are able to see the world as one. They are able to see the larger picture."

Simultaneously, she saw beings coming down from above the table and merging with the beings on Earth.

"This council will be overshadowed by the spiritual hierarchy, it will work through them. They are aware of the evolutionary development of all the countries. They have an ability to look at each country and recognize the purpose and part within the larger plan that each country plays. Each country has a light that it shines, a part in the plan. And each country, when it discovers and knows and can fully express that aspect of the plan, will join together with all the lights around the world and the purpose and the plan will be fulfilled."

Not only would they be able to see the world as one, but this council would also recognize and know the particular purpose and the particular part in the plan and the purpose of each country. They would be able to advise a country on what it needed to do more of to fully develop itself so that its soul and its personality would be more integrated. They would know also whether it was the time for a country to participate and offer wisdom to one country about the natural cycle of another and about its part in the plan.

"These people in this council will understand and know the path for each of these countries. They will inspire them, help guide, direct and provide a vision. The different leaders of the countries will come to them because of the crises to come. This council will have a wisdom and a process and due to necessity, the individual country leaders will come and listen. They will give understanding not just about the country, but about the world, and be able to see the whole, and say, "this country is about this, and this part of the plan. It has these resources and this is what it does really naturally. Let's use it here. Be who you are. This is the group process of all nations coming together."

And, if all countries knew each other’s part in the plan, then they would put those parts together so all could cooperate during the cycle with each other ~ cyclically. Governing bodies would come to this counsel for advice because they saw the bigger picture. They would not be dictated to, they would be advised. And then that council, that country, and the leaders would come together and then go about implementing what they knew was right action in present time and how to consciously participate in the plan.

When she asked if this was the United Nations, she heard, "No. That council form was old." The Principle of Sharing will be part of the process, she noted. And then the impression again continued.

"When you see this council demonstrated on the physical plane, in manifestation, then the reappearance of the Christ will happen. The Kingdom of God will manifest on Earth."

Rising up out of the center of the circle came up a Christ-like figure.

She then spoke on the inner planes saying that, "this tension is almost more than I can deal with at this moment. I realized I was looking right directly at the Mandala in our temple, the dorji, the thunderbolt, the balancer, and I realized this mandala represents clarity. The mandala was a conduit for this world vision of clarity."

She remembered the Angel Card she drew at the previous Goodwill Festival was "clarity."

She spoke of a "heaviness in my heart after 9/11, and I didn't realize how tight my heart really was. It wasn't that my heart was closed, rather I realized there was a weight, this tension being tightly held there. As this prophecy and vision came through, it said that this was the spiritual outcome of the 9/11. The heaviness then totally lifted, disappeared, and the tension released. I felt this energy in my heart, a connection, a sense of joy, a calmness, and a clarity of purpose, simultaniously as it was revealing the spiritual significance, outcome of this crisis and its alignment."

The vision showed that the 9/11 event was the higher turn of the spiral of the World War, and it was another opportunity for purification, to clean what was still dark, in preparation for the return of the Christ. It said, "share this vision during this cycle, it gives spiritual purpose."


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