Pisces Festival Global Meditation
Cosmic Freedom Inaugurates Planetary Liberation
2023 Full Moon in Pisces-Virgo
Tuesday, March 7 ~ 4:40 am PST / 12:40 UT

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Meditation Focus ~ Overview's meditation theme for the spiritual year concludes as we embody, ever more so, our awareness of the zodiacal energies of the Lighted Way.

Our monthly meditation focus for almost 10 years, since Aries 2013, has been to work with the seed focus Cosmic Freedom Inaugurates Planetary Liberation

Throughout the current lunar cycle surrounding the full moon during Pisces, we ask all in our subjective group, according to your inspiration, to utilize the materials presented here as seeds for the daily meditation ritual.

Following the cycle's new moon, we begin as of Monday, February 20 to focus on our monthly alignment around the full moon festival during Pisces.


Pisces Festival Global Meditation ~ Audio
Suggested Meditation Focus for February 20 - March 21


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2023 Pisces Meditation Theme


Cosmically Aligned, We Embrace
The Eternal Rhythm of the Ages,
The Rhythm of the Sages


Rounding out this year's meditation focus on our Cosmic Freedom Inaugurates Planetary Liberation theme now, in Pisces, we gain further alignment to the Divine Purpose and Plan.

This particular new moon, the second following the winter solstice, heralds a fertile time each annual cycle. It is widely known as as Chinese New Year, also as Losar in the Tibetan Calendar.

In Christianity, this new moon commences the season of Lent, the annual cycle of cleansing for renewal.

This cycle's new moon beginning the annual Pisces lunar cycle occurs on February 20, with the Sun at 2° Pisces. This ingress coincides withthe Sun's annual alignment (4° Pisces) with Fomalhaut, one of the Royal Stars that indicates Direction, from Earth's perspective.

This year's Pisces lunar cycle begins shortly after the Hindu holy festival of Maha Shivarati, this year on Saturday, February 18.

Shivaratri, the cosmic merger of Shiva and Shakti, is celebrated on the dark moon of Magha. Shiva means higher consciousness and ratri means night, referring to the "dark night of the soul", the state just before illumination. So Shivaratri is a symbol of the spiritual state of samadhi.

Shiva is the eternal faculty of awareness, the unchanging, unmoving spark of the divine in each of us. Shakti gives us the mind and body that are our tools for the direct perception of this divine awareness. The union of Shiva and Shakti is the primordial symbol of eternal communion with the divine. Here there is neither purity nor impurity, neither affirmation nor denial, neither form nor formlessness, but a state of superconscious being that is beyond all duality.

- Satyananda Saraswati

Pisces, the sign representative of the World Savior, is similarly associated with the nature of Sacrifice. In consummation, another attribute of Pisces, we may eventually evolve Sacrifice into Bliss.

Bliss, we're told by Alice Bailey, is the pure nature of Spirit and may be comprehended only upon the soul's realization of oneness with divine essence, on the level of mind ~ following its at-onement with the personal self. (1)

The Bliss of Sacrifice is applied not just in the surrender of the lower self to reveal the higher. The bliss referred to is a profound effect of service, calling moreover for the "... death of that which is higher in the order and scale of being, in order to release that which is lower." (2)

When the separated self comes to understand itself as a part of a greater life, we become willing to sacrifice ourselves for the good of the whole. We become strong enough to subordinate the self, the part, the fragment of the totality of life. Finally, the hero-soul realizes that there is in reality no separation at all, but one pervading Life. We learn the joy [or bliss] of sacrifice, for as we joyfully pour ourself forth as part of Life Universal, we truly understand that all Life is One, and that nothing has been lost. (3)

Our very experience affirms the recognition of the group Soul, present and active in our awareness, providing support and stamina. As we meet the challenges that arise during times of collective or individual crisis, we are thereby fortified.

The working disciples throughout the world are struggling with every means at their disposal to spread the gospel of sacrifice, because only upon sacrifice can world stability be safely founded ~ the sacrifice of selfishness. (4)

The present Piscean energies assist in summoning the World Saviour through sacrifice, as we align to this Plan and Purpose.

It is the living Christ (the living world Saviour) Who saves humanity. It is the sacrifice, day by day, in the process of daily living which can save the world ... the sacrifice of selfish personal interests for the good of the whole and the giving up of one's practical life to the salvage of the world. (5)


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2021 - 2023 Meditation Theme ~ Annual Cycle

Since Aries 2013, our monthly meditation focus has been to deepen our work with this overall focus, to assist in bringing to fruition Cosmic Freedom Inaugurates Planetary Liberation.

The March equinox in 2021 inaugurated our journey for the now-ending spiritual year, as we share now in ever higher alignment to Purpose as our service for the annual cycle.

Electric fire manifests as Unity of Spirit and expresses the Will aspect of deity. As Watchers of the Dawn we are called to wield this force by aligning with and directing the incoming flow of energies to reveal the Synthesis of Life Itself. All are valuable in this endeavor.

As each individual unit takes responsibility for applying their highest dedication to Purpose, one's life becomes the Path, itself. We may look to the Cosmic Path of Higher Evolution to further understand our connection to the Life More Abundant.

From the perspective of our planetary life, at this time in evolution we are becoming aware of the third Great Approach, "... which will bring the new revelation, with its realised consequences, of a new heaven and a new earth." (6)

It seems as though many of us are being guided on a "need to know" basis, as to our service.

Invoking, receiving, and directing the cosmic power of Pisces, the world savior, of sacrifice and death, of renunciation and detachment, of bondage and captivity, the group server can allow this cosmic energy to wash through all aspects of itself, through the human soul, through human expression and activity, and through the entire planet, bringing with it the spiritual power to appropriate divinity directly into human material form and expression. As it does so, the world savior is born within humanity and divinity is revealed. (7)

More and more, we recognize that we are all in this endeavor together. Each person's actions potentially can have major ramifications, and through our cosmic perspective ~ inclusive of all life, rather than simply representative of one arena or other ~ we are called to acknowledge our full spiritual nature and to share this wisely with one and all.

Our receptivity to the inflow of cosmic spiritual energy calls upon electric fire, emanating from Deity. Alignment to Divine Purpose or Will thereby brings the Activity of Spirit into dynamic, coherent synthesis. (8)

The revealed quality of Synthesis relates largely to the Life aspect, that which enlivens all forms. Synthesis is. (9) This is so, based on the Essential Divinity of all life. Recognizing this truth, we are called to surrender, to be the Divine Path through the sacrifice of all that is extraneous.

Becoming the Path itself refers to our construction of the connecting channel between the outer, concrete world and the inner planes of the abstract ideal (10), linking us to the larger, cosmic perspective. This is an outgrowth of the ongoing sacrifice we make in service to the One.

This concept of Being the Path is similarly expressed in the words of the Esoteric Catechism pledge of the disciple, affirming the sacrifice made by the soul: "I am the Cross, I am the Way; I tread upon the work I do." (11)

From the standpoint of our planetary life, at this time in evolution we are inaugurating the third Great Approach, "... which will bring the new revelation, with its realised consequences, of a new heaven and a new earth." (12)


To the Glory of the One


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Pisces Full Moon Festival

Pisces is always a time to reflect on all our life's many relationships ~ to reaffirm those connections in alignment with the Soul's expression, and release those no longer serving in the present time.

Our identification with the Divine increases, as we move now once again through the sign Pisces and come together in group formation on the inner planes. These united efforts bring us ever closer to Our Divine Destiny.

The dual nature of Pisces is inherent in its symbol ~ the two Fishes linked together by a band. "One fish stands for the soul and the other for the personality or form nature, and between them is to be found the 'thread or sutratma,' the silver cord which keeps them bound to each other throughout the cycle of manifested life." (13)

"This duality of Pisces relates to Blended Radiance. This blended radiance is the result of life, intention and energy being focused into a radiant point of power." (14) The blending is the mending!

Direction and Purpose demonstrate Will, for the Principle of Decision guides our choices and actions providing an opportunity to advance goodwill and right human relations.

Through our meditative practice, we dedicate our Life to service, and the needed group alignment brings transformation and evolution.

As this focus integrates, our practice deepens the meditation service we have come to recognize as our biggest, most potent tool in working together to usher in the age of Aquarius, and so as a group to create heaven on earth.



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Guidance in preparing for this meditation


If at all possible, we suggest being in meditation at the exact time of the full moon, however if you are unable to do so, choose a time within 12 hours before or after to participate in this global meditation. Know that we at will also participate in this planetary meditation.


2023 Pisces Meditation

The Full Moon in Pisces ~ Virgo
Tuesday, March 7 ~ 4:40 am PST / 12:40 UT

Pisces Festival Meditation ~ Audio
Once you have composed yourself for meditation,
clicking on "Play" (the triangle, just under this image) will begin a
spoken version of the meditation below, with pauses interspersed so you
may listen while meditating, uninterrupted. Total guided meditation time is
, followed by a musical interlude, and ending with The Great Invocation.

SouledOut's Full Moon in Pisces~Virgo Meditation ~
feel free to utilize at any time you're impressed to, during the monthly cycle.

Guided Meditation ~ Total running time 15:38
Download Pisces Meditation (mp3 for podcast / archive) ~ Music credit
SouledOut Audio ~ Tips and Troubleshooting


Cosmic Freedom Inaugurates Planetary Liberation

Cosmically Aligned, We Embrace
The Eternal Rhythm of the Ages,
The Rhythm of the Sages


We link up with people of goodwill everywhere, creating a united group channel through which the spiritual forces can become available.

Affirming this channel, "We stand poised, united as one soul with our Spiritual Hierarchy." We hold the focus.

We now visualize ourselves as the Chalice ~ the grid of light all over the earth that connects the light of every Light worker and each sacred energy vortex. This network serves as a conduit through which the heavenly blessings may flow through each and every one of us and to the planet Earth.

When we have achieved this alignment, we become still and receptive ...

We rise as one, to greet the light. In response the great gateway that is Pisces pours into and through us.

As we rise, we feel the earthly pulls of desire fall away. We reflect inwardly. Does any relationship ~ be it personal, work, or social ~ still serve the greater good?

We see any endings not as physical death, but as the leaving behind of old forms which no longer serve. We see ourselves continuing as transmitters of the Light, as we rise unto eternal resurrection.

We sacrifice indifference and open anew to the commandment of inclusiveness. We seek the truth expressed by all the great teachers who speak the universal language of shared sacred principles ~ Forgiveness, Compassion, and Divine Purpose.

It's our challenge as Beings of Goodwill to find the ways to put aside any seeming differences that divide and separate.

Our sacred language belongs to no one group. This is Humanity's language, and it truly transcends all borders and belief systems. It is the basis for uniting us all.

We look within and find the shared beliefs, the principles of agreement ... and we strengthen these.

Let us reach out to create a unifying, inspirational new world religion, which brings us all together.

Let us go hand in hand, heart to heart, Spirit with Spirit ~ to our Divine Destiny as One!


Together in the Holy Grail
We rise to the Divine Temple.
We turn back to Love, to Share
the One Life ~ our Service simple.


As we emerge from meditation, we are joined in this stream by Light workers everywhere on the planet and from on high. With focused mind, heart and will, together we say ...


The Great Invocation

From the point of light within the Mind of God
Let Light stream forth into our minds
Let LIGHT descend on Earth.

From the point of love within the Heart of God
Let Love stream forth into our hearts
May LOVE increase on Earth.

From the center where the Will of God is known
Let purpose guide our wills
The PURPOSE which the masters know and serve.

From the center which we call Humanity
Let the Plan of Love and Light work out
And may it seal the door
where evil dwells.

Let Light and Love and Power restore the Plan on Earth.
Let Light and Love and Power restore the Plan on Earth.
restore the Planet Earth!

- adapted version (15)


We now continue to hold the high space throughout this most auspicious phase of the full moon, an important time to still the mind and maintain inner peace, always a time of spiritual retreat and contact.


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Pisces Information Synthesis

The Light of Pisces ~ The Light of the World

This is the light, revealing the light of life itself.
It ends for ever the darkness of matter. (16)

Pisces Zodiacal Deity Three keynotes of the duality of Pisces include bondage or captivity, renunciation or detachment, and sacrifice and death. Pisces can also be seen as governing the generative process. A water sign, Pisces deals with the unconscious aspects of our nature that need to be brought to light.

The Spirit of Sacrifice Sacrifice essentially means, to make holy. It is the hallmark of all world servers.

Cosmic Identification Through the practice of identification with the Divine Life itself, we may begin to comprehend the nature of Spirit. And, to bring Spirit fully into our daily lives is service to the One.

The Third Great Approach Cosmic Identification is an expression of this definitive event, taking place in present time.

Avatars The Doctrine of the Coming One is linked to the teaching of every great religion, and at the close of this age a Cosmic Avatar is impressing to appear as a Divine Embodiment.

Yoga of Synthesis As we focus on the Oneness of all Life, we are able to express the self in light of the larger perspective and thereby assist in bringing through the Divine Plan and Purpose.

The Transition of Ages ~ Pisces to Aquarius In the Aquarian age the new message is the "rising of the light," moving from the birth of the Christ, truly the Christ within, to the risen Christ.

Purification Meditation Pisces is the 12th sign of our zodiac, it marks the completion of the spiritual year. This is the time of cleansing and purifying our vehicles in preparation for the new spiritual cycle and the Three Major Spiritual Planetary Festivals.

The Time of Lent This is the time of Lent and other rituals of purification and sacrifice. These rituals honor our ever-evolving journey, our ability see the Lighted Way, our connection to each other and to Divinity.

Living with Death One of three signs associated with death, Pisces brings salvation through the relinquishing or the death of all influences holding us to the wheel of birth. (17)

The Night Sky During each lunar cycle the Moon, waxing and waning, journeys through the zodiac. It partners with and enlivens the sparkling stars and glowing planets along the way. As the Moon grows in the light provided by our Sun, we too grow in the light of our Soul. Moon Phases

SouledOut suggests using the Sea of Fire Meditation as the inbreath for each new lunar cycle.

The Great Winter Hexagon
This sacred Geometry activates your Divine expression on Earth.
Look Up! ... above your head around 8:00 pm.

Springtime Pleiades
Friend to both night sky traveler and pilgrim on the spiritual path

Pluto Return ~ USA 2023-2024

Additional Links These related links may be of assistance in your Pisces meditation focus.


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Preparation for Participation in This Meditation Focus

If possible, we suggest being in meditation at the exact time of the full moon. For this meditation, and as each is able to join the world group at the time of the full moon (Tuesday, March 7 ~ 4:40 am PST / 12:40 UT), it's suggested to begin meditating earlier so as to be in deep meditation at the exact time, and then continue for as long as you feel compelled.

We at will participate in this global meditation at the Pisces full moon festival. We also encourage utilizing's Global Meditation in group formation at the exact time of the full moon, and as individuals, whenever possible during this festival's safeguarding cycle.

If you are unable to join us at this time, choose a time within 12 hours before or after to align with these energies and participate in this global meditation.

Prior to your meditation take the needed time to create a sacred space and spiritually align your energies.

Consider what is the appropriate way to join in this meditation ... you may wish to participate in group formation on the physical plane as well as on the inner planes. Whether or not you choose to be "alone" on the physical plane, know you are uniting with many others who also are attuning to the energies available at this Global Festival, and that this group focus creates a powerful channel for our meditation service to be potent and effective.

The Full Moon Festivals Culminate over a Five-Day Period ...

Our meditation focus beginning at the new moon leads into the two days of preparation immediately preceding the full moon. These are to be dedicated to spiritual reflection and detachment from everyday concerns, as each prepares to become a vessel for the energies of light and love they will receive and channel. During this time we hold the attitude of dedication and service, and assume an attitude of receptivity to that which our soul will impart which will make us of greater spiritual use.

The day of the full moon itself is the day of safeguarding, one of inner peace and silence during which we attempt to contact and consciously hold the energies for the rest of humanity. We shall not formulate for ourselves what will happen, nor will we look for results or tangible effects.

While one may not observe the exact moment when the moon is full, it's important to find some quiet time to reflect alone or use this opportunity to meditate with others of like mind and focus.

The two succeeding days are called the days of distribution. We now turn the attention outwards, away from ourselves, and our efforts are to pass on the spiritual energies that have been contacted. We assist these spiritual energies, transformed into goodwill, in flowing to where there is greatest need.

Emerging from the full moon five-day focus, may we continue to hold the high space throughout this most auspicious day of the full moon, an important time to still the mind and maintain inner peace, a time of spiritual retreat and contact.

As you wish, feel free to continue use of this meditation for the entire month of the Pisces full moon cycle.

The Full Moon Cycle We Are Observing

From new moon to new moon, Monday, February 20 through Tuesday, March 21, 2023.


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Additional links

Pisces Synthesis Supplementary links for further understanding

The Lighted Way Study of the 12 different lights for each of the constellations of the zodiac reveals the symbolic story of the growth of the light body within the Soul of Humanity (the Macrocosm) and within each of us (the Microcosm), and will finally make clear the very purpose of God.

5 Forces Affecting Evolution These cosmic and systemic causes are responsible for the present crisis and difficult situation in the world.

Pisces Labor of Hercules Hercules's labor in Pisces was to capture the red cattle of Geryon. Through this endeavor Hercules, representing the disciple, became the World Saviour.

New Group of World Servers Members of this group desire to uplift, teach and help others. They are identified by the selflessness of their service to the world and lack of personal ambition, coupled with a willingness to work behind the scenes without recognition.

Principle of Decision We align our choices to our Perception of the Plan, Participation in the Purpose, and the Prevention of Evil. (18)

Highlights~Fomalhaut This name Fomalhaut comes from Arabic and translates as Fish's Mouth. In the heavens, the fish can be seen drinking water flowing from the jar of Aquarius. Because it contains the first magnitude star Fomalhaut, Piscis Austrinus "the Southern Fish" is more noticeable than the constellation Pisces in that region of the night sky.

Mutable Cross Pisces is a point on the Cross of Rebirth, the Cross of the Holy Spirit. Also called the Cross of Changing Lives, (19) this cross relates to the personality ~ of the steadily developing, and finally the steadily integrating human being. (20)

Secret of Creation Through the steadfast pursuit of Divine Identification, the Secret of Creation is revealed.

The Lunar Messenger, Pisces Moon (PDF) Circle of Goodwill's commentary for the Pisces full moon, "Vistas of Wisdom 75: Praylaya"


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