Purification Meditation

Aligning to One's Highest Expression in Present Time


We see in the center of the room a large fireball radiating like a sun.

Into the center of the fireball, we place anything on the physical plane that is needing to be transformed, that is no longer useful to our service. As it goes into the center of the fireball, it is transformed, and the energy of Life is released like the rays of the sun.

Now we see this fireball turn into a blazing yellow sun. We place into the center of the sun any emotions, desires, energies, ways of running energy that are no longer useful in present time to our service. These enrgies are transformed into radiant spokes of pure energy, in all the colors of the rainbow.

Now the sun turns into a deep, indigo blue color. We place into the center of the indigo sun any separative thoughtforms, ideas, concepts that are interfering with our present time Soul's expression. As they enter the sun, these thoughtforms are transformed into radiant spokes of pure energy being released into the room in all the colors of the rainbow.

Now we see the Soul itself appear in the center of the room. All of the life and the light that's been released, we offer to the soul's plan and purpose. The energy rises up to the group soul and then infuses the greater plan.

Now from the group Soul we see an energy of golden light come down through the group, descending into our crown center, and all the way through all our vehicles ~ cleansing, purifying and preparing us for the cycle to come.


Is It So? It Is So! So Be It!

To The Glory of The One!


We are now in present time alignment for The Soul's expression.



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