Blessings are acts of invoking goodwill energy for the purpose of uplifting living beings. Events like weddings, baptisms, and group gatherings; places like homes and workspaces, and inanimate objects all may be blessed to enhance spiritually our life experiences. Blessings are a way of bringing the sacred into all aspects of our lives.

Higher energies are invoked towards the recipient whenever a blessing is given. True blessings require self forgetfulness on the part of the bestower as energy is actually transferred from them, the "blesser." And if the act is truly selfless, invisible spiritual energies are drawn in through this action, and can bring great healing results.

In a "perfect world" all waking thoughts would be toward the blessing of every thing and every one on earth. Unfortunately lower thought forms may prevail, such as the emotions of greed and anger, and may be too strong to be eliminated immediately in this way. Yet if everyone held vibrations of blessing, as found in the beauty of nature such as flowers and clean soft rainfall, all consciousness would become devoid of pain and suffering.

Blessings are consciousness-raising efforts given toward the good of All, even if it is a particular person or place that is being blessed. The power of any blessing is heightened whenever there is group energy being united in thought and intent. The purer the energy of any blessing, the more effective and powerful it is in its manifestation.

Purification is a desired attribute of the blessing ceremony. Rituals such as baptism by water employ this precept, and the use of candles or incense during the ritual ceremony speaks to the invocation of higher energies in order to achieve the purest result.

Let's examine some instances where blessings are appropriate, as examples of how to bring the energy of goodwill into our lives.

When families or couples come together to live or simply to share experiences, joy can be invoked through the blessing ritual. The idea is to create a ceremony in which energies are attracted to be available to the family or couple as they share activities and experiences.

When two people make a commitment it is appropriate to bless their relationship, whether it is a marriage ceremony or simply a dedication of love for each other. Usually friends are invited to participate as witnesses, thereby bringing their attention and body energy to a particular place at an appointed time. Gifts can be given as symbols of well wishing, and food is prepared to nurture all who attend.

The attention this brings to the couple unites the love between two people with the added love of their friends and families. The more accord in this intent for goodwill, the more invisible energies are attracted to the site. In some cultures it is customary to fast prior to such an event, so that everyone who attends is purified and has thus prepared with intention to bless the couple. Getting ready for the ceremony, wearing special clothes, buying presents or cooking a meal, are done so with attention on the couple and their declaration of love for each other.

The ritual ceremony is basically a performance in which energy is given to and words are spoken about the purpose of the couple's union. All who attend are witnesses to the love that the two people declare. If everyone who is gathered gives selfless approval to the union, the combined energy of these thoughts will attract similar vibrations from the universe and result in a true blessing that does not stop when the ceremony has ended; rather, that thoughtform has been empowered to go with them into their daily life as long as they live.

Afterwards if the difficulties of life seem to try and test the relationship, the thought form of Good Will and joy that became a part of the consciousness of the couple during the ritual ceremony serves to support and reinforce their commitment to each other. Even if in the future they decide to go separate ways, the blessing ritual performed on their relationship will bring truth to and provide ease in the transition ~ the highest good for all involved.

The ritual of breaking ground for a new building or blessing a new home can attract higher energies to the structure if there is unity of purpose in the dedication. At the groundbreaking ceremony for a building, it is appropriate to look ahead to its use. For a home, to see love and harmony come to all who are to live there can bring a true appreciation for the house or apartment and will help the people or family find joy as they perform daily tasks and share in the comforts and security.

Such dedication of purpose can be achieved through the use of incense to clean the air in the space, or putting crystals in the ground. Planting flowers and trees inside or in the surroundings is an act that can enhance the environment even after the plants decay and fertilize the soil. Though it is appropriate to have a ceremony when starting to build or moving into a new dwelling, subsequent rituals held there can call in higher Good Will energies as life goes on.

While special events are more likely to be blessed with ceremonies that are planned and may involve a group of participants, simple routines such as meals and meetings can also be enhanced by blessing them. In our Western culture saying the blessing before dinner is commonly done; this practice can empower those who eat if there is a sincere invocation of grace as the meal is served. A dedication of the food to service and healing, in gratitude that the need for sustenance is being filled, transforms the mundane to the sublime.

Going into a business or community meeting with a still mind and an open heart, along with the intent for the highest good for all who participate and who are affected by the meeting, brings focus and purpose which can help to bring greater results. Consciousness begets consciousness, and if we come from a pure place as we share ideas, deeper understanding is possible.

Even seemingly bad events can be served through blessings. When the car stalls, or you"re running late for an appointment, it can be helpful to replace the curse that tends to arise by getting still for a moment and asking for goodwill energy to come forth. Delays can be transformed into new opportunities if you have an open mind and let go of the immediate expectation.

These more casual types of blessings can be spontaneous, created by appreciation, in present time, as inspiration. It is really a matter of bringing love energies into the situation at hand, simply by combining those energies with your attention.

More formal ceremonies call for planning and preparation. Dancing, chanting, singing, and visualization are more active forms of blessing, which can be used by groups as well as when alone. Writing a poem or a song in preparation can bring creative energies into the blessing ceremony. Having the participants and witnesses take turns speaking about their feelings during the ritual can bring a true sense of sharing to the ceremony.

The setting is also important. Creating an altar using flowers, cloth, and candles can transform a room into a temple. Burning incense will clear the space of negative vibrations and allow for the attraction of higher forces, as described above.

Blessings are true selfless gifts that can heal ourselves, others, and our world. There can never be too much true blessing, so go ahead ... get "Blessed Out"!


Blessings upon You!


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