A Blessing from the Birds

Sweet Spirit, may the power of Eagle give you strength and guidance in this life.
May the wisdom of Owl guide and direct you and teach you the beauty of the night.
May the keen sight of Hawk give you clarity and insight.
May the magic and humor of Crow help you to laugh and dance along the way.
May the peaceful beauty of Dove soften the winds of fate in your personal universe.
May the grace of Swan permeate your consciousness and give you balance.
May the voice of Jay teach you to speak your truth clearly.
May the brilliance of Cardinal warm your heart and bring you love.
May the dignity of Crane teach you the value of integrity and faithfulness
and sustain you when life’s lessons are challenging.
May the giveaway of Turkey gift you with a generous heart.
And may the flight of Heron lift your spirit and keep your purpose clear and bright.
May the broad wings of Condor shelter you from storms.
And may the healing powers of Vulture keep you clean and strong.
May the flight of Goose keep you directed and secure on your path.
And may the iridescent beauty of Hummingbird fill your life
with rainbows and lovely reflections of all that is.
May the grace of Egret fly you through your dreams.
And may the playfulness and intelligence of Parrot remind you to play like a child, with joy.
And may Bluebird always sing you the song of happiness.


Old Turtle


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