The Ritual Has Begun ...
Please schedule a half hour (or more)
for your Pre-Wesak Soak


Spiritually Cleansing
Herbal Buddha Bath


For your wellbeing, purification, upliftment
and our common harmonic alignment ...


Hyssop, Sage and Lavender


Hyssop aligns one to receive the bestowings of grace.
The cleansing herb of the Old Testament: Purge me with hyssop
and I shall be clean; wash me, and I shall be whiter than snow. (Psalms 51:7)


The great Present Timer: momentary wisdom. Sage severs our ties
to external vibrations and so (for a spell) destroys illusion.


For violet ray upliftment


Suggestions: For a pre-Wesak ritual bath, we recommend blending these three herbs mixed together ~ in 1/2 part Sage, to 1/4 each parts Hyssop and Lavender, or whatever portions feel right to you intuitively. A total of about one cup of the dry herb combination is recommended, which is steeped in boiling water, and can be varied  according to your preferred strength.

  1. A half hour or more before dressing for this year’s Wesak celebration:
    Put a quart of water in a glass or enamel pot.
    Stir in these sacred herbs.
    Set heat on high.
  2. Run your Buddha Bath (candle, incense, celestial music optional).
  3. Just as the pot boils, turn off heat and let steep ‘til bath is ready.
  4. Pour contents through a large strainer into the bath, then run water through herbs in strainer.
  5. Get into it.
  6. Know that you are being Spiritually Cleansed for purposes of

At Onement
And Service to the Most High ...


While soaking, immerse yourself three times with a
personal prayer for spiritual cleansing and illumination.


Align using herbs for a purifying tea or personal temple smudging


May the Golden Gates
to the Buddha’s Higher Mind
Fly Open


In 2022 the Festival of the Wesak full moon in Taurus occurs
on Sunday, May 15 at 9:14 pm PDT ~ 04:14 UT Monday, May 16.


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