Suggested Daily Meditation


Each morning, prior to starting the day's activities, achieve an inner quiet, see the Self as the soul, place your self at the disposition of the soul, of humanity and of your group.

1. Then say silently and with full dynamic intent:

At the center of all love I stand; from this center, I the soul will outward move; from this center, I the one who serves will work. May the love of the divine Self be shed abroad in my heart, through my group and throughout the world.

2. Then, focussing your attention and dedication, see the group to which you belong as a great center of love and light, irradiating the world of humanity, bringing relief, light, love and healing in increasing measure.

3. Ponder then upon the plan to be carried out and upon the indicated service for the coming day. Do this as the soul, keeping the personal lower self in a waiting attitude, like a servant attentive for instruction.

4. Then say,

The joy of the divine Self is my strength.
The power of the spirit of humanity shall triumph.
The Forces of Light do control the forces of evil.
The work of the Great Ones must go on.
The Coming One is on the way. The Avatar approaches.
For this we must prepare.

5. Close with a minute of dynamic quiet.


Alice A. Bailey's The Externalisation of the Hierarchy (p. 315–316)


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