Spiritual GPS ~
God's Positioning System


Calibrating your inner
navigation system requires
connecting more deeply with
The Angel of The Presence.


Attuning to that inner voice and overshadowing deepens one's sense of purpose. Attuning to the natural cycles of the Sun, Moon, and constellations creates a sense of grounding and balance for this process to flow into the lower vehicles in a more substantial way, and allows one to align with the evolutionary forces to transform our lives, and that life in the three worlds of endeavor. This can build confidence to share our spiritual gifts with kindred souls, and togther send that energy out into the world of form.


The God Positioning System stays on course with the unfolding of the Divine Plan according to Divine Law and Order as encoded in the heavens and foretold in the prophecies of all the spiritual traditions across the world. Vast cycles of time converge in an unprecedented new awakening and beginning.


What Path Are We Taking?


The Global Positioning System is showing us an era of explosive change, without the causes registering to a great extent at this time in the mass consciousness of humanity.


There is still a mass of disjoined, confusing courses set in Humanity's politics and unbridled greed. Economic reconfiguration causing social revolution lands us in an era of explosive change. Around the world, extreme weather is producing flooding, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. Evolutionary processes touch all life here on Earth as Mother Earth is going through her own transformation.

We are entering Cosmic Time. All the Wisdom teachings from whatever tradition ~ be it indigenous, environmentalism, astrology, prophecy, shamanism, religion, or the esoteric teachings ~ are attempting to shed light on this turning point, in a time of shifting consciousness filled with quantum possibilities for transforming all life on the planet.

All these threads are weaving a tapestry of the possibilities that lay before us, as even the Cosmos is undergoing a shift. The Heart of the Creation is beating faster ... and we must stay on course with it, or we will fall behind more than we are even presently.

This is a time when wisdom and hope are increasingly needed in the world. As individuals doing our deep Inner Work and coming together in groups, we can help achieve this process of transformation at this time in Time. Navigating these changes by using the God Positioning System rather than the Global Positioning System will help all life change course.


We are the ones we have been waiting for.



- Cassandra Lee, MsD


Five Evolutionary Changes
Affecting Earth Today

Time Stands Still
Impression on the Global Economic System


Originally published on TheWisdom forum


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