Time Stands Still

Transforming the Global Economic System


There is a sound, a loud noise, being generated by Spiritual workers on the Planet. It showed a gear-like structure with many wheels intertwined ... the many cogs in a gear need to align, so the mechanism moves fluidly. Like in a clock, if one gear is out of sync and the cogs don’t match, then the whole mechanism is jammed making a very a loud sound overriding all other sounds

And "Time Stands Still."

We hear it said by many, "The rich are getting richer, the poor are getting poorer ... blah, blah, blah. No balance, not enough Sharing in our world. The programs that help humanity are not being funded, supported." Complaints ... it showed the unconscious, separative attitude held by many Spiritual workers toward our economic system overrides, interferes with it becoming an integrated aspect of our service. Holding the economic system as non-sacred and critizing it will not transform it.

These gears and cogs need to integrate so the timepiece can work rhythmically as one unit, creating a consistent flow so one’s entire Life energy can be creatively focused on the needed service.

It said a portion of the work of the New Group of World Servers during the last cycle has been about dispelling the glamours and illusions surrounding the Fear of Death ... so now it is time to dispel the glamours and illusions that exist around our financial, economic system and money. It suggested we get to know the rituals within the economic system, choose that which one feels aligned with and experiment with bringing the sacred into the financial process.

It said, "Bring the Principle of Sharing into the Financial System" ...

Through participation in the financial rituals, we are given the opportunity to demonstrate the Principle of Sharing in all our endeavors and we will assist in transforming the economic system, activating the Light within it. We can then choose to support and fund programs that help all of humanity and effect positive change For the Greatest Good of All!

It’s time to move from an economy of scarcity into one of abundance!

This impression came through in 2005, following the Spring Festivals and
prior to the December, 2005 Festival of the New Group of World Servers.


Suggested Financial Mantram

We appreciate the Divine value of money in service.

We invoke the Principal of Sharing,
bringing a Soul quality to our working with money.

We understand that money is a means
to bring about the fruition of the Divine Plan and Purpose.

We seek to find and organize the funds needed to serve.


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