Moon Dances
For the Northern Hemisphere
December 5, 2010 - January 4, 2011

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All times are local unless otherwise specified.


Look Up! The Moon, waxing and waning, impressively promenades across the dark sky, partnering with the sparkling stars and glowing planets. Who is the Moon dancing with tonight?

12/5-7 ~ A New Lunar Cycle Begins
12/13-21 ~ Look Up! ~ There's Lots to See!
12/21 ~ Solstice Full Moon ~ Total Lunar Eclipse
12/28-1/2 ~ Three Morning Planets ~ A Waning Crescent Moon
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Current Phase of the Moon

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New Waxing Crescent First
Full Waning Gibbous


12 / 5 / 10   12 / 13 / 10   12 / 21 / 10   12 / 27 / 10  
9:36amPST 5:59amPST 12:13amPST 8:18pmPST
17:36 UT 13:59 UT 08:13 UT  12 / 28 / 10
      04:18 UT

Note: When the right side of the Moon is illuminated, the Moon is increasing or waxing. When the left side illuminated, the Moon is decreasing or waning. (Of course, this only works in the Northern Hemisphere. In the Southern Hemisphere the effect is just the opposite!)

Moon and Sun Data
One Specific Day
One Year Table

Rise/Set/Transit Times ~ Major Bodies

UT Time Conversion


A New Lunar Cycle Begins
Sunday, December 5 – 9:36am PST (17:36 UT)
Mastering Death and Life, Change and Well-Being

Image: Distant Suns / Adobe Photoshop

* Printable Image *

east–left, west–right, north–top, south–bottom

Note: GC marks the Galactic Center, the Heart of our Milky Way Galaxy.

The New Moon can be thought of as a no Moon! Its sunlit side is facing away from Earth toward the Sun. The side that is facing Earth is not getting any sunlight, leaving it dark and invisible to us ... no Moon to see! A New Moon lies between the Sun and Earth. Helpful Image + Description BTW: The only time a New Moon can be seen is during a solar eclipse, when it passes directly in front of the Sun, visibly showing off part or all of its entire dark disk.

Note: For those living in San Francisco this New Moon takes place above the eastern horizon about 2 1/2 hours after sunrise. The Sun, New Moon and planets are located in the same constellations for other parts of the world; these constellations, in differing time zones, lie in a different location above or below the horizon.


Reflections ~ New Moon,
Ophiuchus, Scorpius, Sagittarius, 3 Planets

With every New Moon our soul goes into meditation and aligns with the inspiration of the Nirmanakayas; a potential is enlivened and a seed of consciousness is formed deep within. Take some time to create a sacred space. A new cycle is beginning.

Ophiuchus and Scorpius

The Sun and New Moon are positioned at the legs of Ophiuchus the Medicine Man in the sidereal sign of Scorpio. His arms firmly hold a large serpent, which coils around his body; his legs stand upon Scorpius the cosmic Scorpion. Constellation Image Ophiuchus is also known as the 13th ecliptical constellation of the zodiac because the Sun passes through it annually November 30 - December 17.

The astronomical symbol of Ophiuchus is the caduceus--the entwined double serpent upon a staff--the double helix of the DNA.

Ophiuchus is knowledge holder over the raw creative forces governing life and death ... Ophiuchus is exemplar of one who has mastered the initiatory forces of life and who has brought the interplay of these forces to a greater spiritual fulfillment ... The entire image of Ophiuchus standing upon the scorpion with this magnificent snake reaching for the North Crown represents claiming our self-mastery to attain evolutionary fulfillment ... to become ascended in vibration, an illumined being ... to live in a unified awareness ... Nick Fiorenza 12/12/04

The Sun and New Moon diagonally line up with Sabik of Ophiuchus and the fiery red heart star of Scorpius, Antares. Review map above.

Sabik "stimulates discovery about the means for our bio-logical transmutation into an ascended bio-illumined form. ... the means to re-define the cellular patterns we hold so we can re-create our lives ... " Nick Fiorenza 10/21-22/06

In the burning ground of the cosmic Scorpion the dualities of death and life serve each other in evolution's ongoing spiral dance of transformation. The fiery emanations of Antares create struggles that keep our visions current and ensure growth, evolution and change, especially for humanity's governing systems.

Nick Fiorenza points out that the New Moon in this longitude also conjoins the shoulder of Hercules and the eye of Draco to the north. Use this San Francisco New Moon Sky Chart to locate these northern constellations.

This area of the zodiak is about self mastery and being personally responsible for our freedom and well-being, and aiding others in their pursuit of the same. Nick Fiorenza 12/5/10 New Moon

Sagittarius and 3 Planets

We are now in the sign of Sagittarius (11/22-12/21) and there are 3 planets in the constellation of Sagittarius, Mercury, Mars and Pluto. These planets remain in the constellation during the time of Sagittarius. Difference Between Signs and Constellations

Review the map above in considering the following. Note: Uranus located at the Circlet of Pisces is not shown on the map and GC marks the Galactic Center, the Heart of our Milky Way Galaxy.

12/5 Mercury conjoins Pluto 5:18pm PST (01:18 UT 12/6).

12/5 Uranus is Stationary Direct 5:51pm PST (01:51 UT 12/6).

12/6 Moon occults (hides) Mars 1:46pm PST (21:46 UT).

12/6 Moon conjoins Pluto 11:24pm PST (07:24 UT 12/7).

12/7 Moon conjoins Mercury 12:41am PST (08:41 UT).

Sagittarius the cosmic Archer with Mercury, Mars and Pluto on his bow takes aim, zeroes in on the Light and Whole Truth and knows the way to go. His emanations illumine the useful intellect, allowing intuitive perception to see a new type of goal, one that unifies the dualities into a Divine ONE. The Archer teaches us to aim the arrow of the mind toward the intuition for divine vision and right timing. Mercury messenger of the gods helps us see the divine goal. Mars gives us courage and perseverance to reach it. Pluto helps clear the way "by dismantling that which is not supportive of this higher truth" in our lives.

Note: Mercury, Mars and Pluto line up in conjunction above the top of the teapot asterism of Sagittarius Monday, December 13, on the day of the First Quarter Moon. For orientation review the map above.

The arrow of this cosmic Archer is aimed toward our Galactic Center (GC). The Archer and his three planetary companions, are bound for the expansive, bulging Heart of our Milky Way Galaxy. This celestial cavalry is leading humanity beyond its mortal limits of duality toward its spiritual inheritance of the Divine ONE.

BTW: With Uranus Stationary Direct December 5/6, we are bound to experience less explosive willful dogma and more regular flowing intuitive and inventive impulses during this lunar cycle.


In Summary

This New Moon brings us into a healing contact with the initiatory forces of Death and Life. As a spiritual being in a human body, each of us is born to be the master of the changes in our life, to create well-being. Over time the death and life (change and rebirth) of our earthly manifestation becomes our responsibility.

During Sagittarius the healing emanations of Ophiuchus the Medicine Man, a master of these initiatory forces, reach us on the warm rays of sunlight. Take some time each day to feel these rays guiding you through change, establishing well-being in your life and even illuminating your cellular patterns.

Call upon Sagittarius the Archer and his three planetary companions when change is at hand. This celestial cavalry reveals the divine vision and the way to achieve it.

Lunar Theme: Mastering Death and Life, Change and Well-Being

Sagittarius Global Meditation
This meditation, which culminates at the
Full Moon during Sagittarius, begins with this New Moon.

(The Full Moon precedes the December solstice about 3 1/2 hours.)
Sagittarius Mantram: Penetrating
The Light of Life
Itself We Know The One.

Ophiuchus Our Thirteenth Constellation


December 6-7, Monday-Tuesday evening, young slim Luna transits the constellation Sagitarrius. This 12/6 4:30pm Map shows "invisible to the naked eye" Mars 15 minutes before its lunar occultation in the Eastern Standard Time Zone. 12/7 Map/Text Approximate Moonsets: 5:50pm, 6:50pm For exact times in your area click Rise/Times ~ Major Bodies

Review the New Moon's Sagittarius reflections above.

Mercury and Mars ~ Planetary Treats During Sagittarius


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Look Up! ~ There's Lots to See! - 9:00pm
The Great Winter Hexagon and the Winter Triangle Rise in the East
The Northern Cross Stands Upright in the Northwest

Jupiter Is Brilliant ~ Luna Is Growing ~ Find Celestial Santa!
First Quarter Moon Exact: Monday, Dec. 13, 5:59am PST (13:59 UT)
Solstice Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse: Tues., Dec. 21, 12:13am (8:13 UT)
How Many Seasons of Stars Can You See?
Shooting Stars Fly from the Gemini Twins!

Image: Heavens-Above / Adobe Photoshop

* Printable Image *

Note: The blue dot at the feet of Gemini, just east of the 12/20 nearly Full Moon, marks the intersection of the horizontal ecliptic and the vertical Milky Way. It is called the Gate of Man, the place where souls enter into incarnation.

Use this map during December to locate the evening stars around 9:00pm local time. The position of the Moon (large dated spheres) varies from night to night; it is further east the same time every night, increasing in illumination before its Full phase and decreasing after. The sky view moves 15 degrees west each hour. (180 in 12 hours=horizon to horizon, 180/12=15)

West ... Vega the brightest and western star of the Summer Triangle is setting in the northwest. Deneb the dimmest and eastern star of the Summer Triangle marks the top of the Northern Cross, which stands upright in the northwest, 9:00pm to 10:00pm during the Christmas season. Autumn's Flying Horse, Pegasus, is overhead, high in the west headed for the sunset horizon. Jupiter, the brightest point of light in the southwest, lines up diagonally with much dimmer Fomalhaut, the Southern Royal Star and brightest star in the southwest. Jupiter ~ Planetary Treat During Sagittarius

East ... The Winter Triangle nestles within the Great Winter Hexagon. Can you locate the 7 brightest stars that make up these geometric gems? Look Up! What can you see? Navigate with Orion!

See Celestial Santa? Look to the east and above the 12/20 nearly Full Solstice Moon in the map above to see Santa. The constellation Auriga and Santa are closely related. At midnight, when Christmas Eve turns into Christmas Day Santa can be seen high overhead between the North and South Poles! By sunrise Santa's work is done and he disappears in the west!

Shooting Stars ... The plentiful Geminids peak the night of December 13/14. The shower lasts for days, so you can view them before and after peak performance. Look east toward the Gemini Twins 9:00pm, when night becomes morning the Twins move overhead, high in the south. 12/14 1am Map The Geminids produces fireballs and colorful shooting stars (perhaps 120/hr, 1/30 seconds). These shooting stars have a mysterious origin.

12/16 9pm Sky Chart
View the sky horizon to horizon.
Vary the sky chart's time and date.
Generate Sky Charts for your area.

Generate Star Maps
Just enter your zip code!

Rise and Set Times


Reflections ~ First Quarter Moon, Jupiter,
Uranus, Pisces, Pegasus

The First Quarter Moon, exact December 13, Monday, at 5:59am PST (13:59 UT) squares the Sun at a 90-degree angle and brings up a tension between desires and emotions, as we struggle for fulfillment. Ideally any obstacles impeding the awareness conceived at the New Moon, Mastering Death and Life, Change and Well-Being, are overcome at this time.

First Quarter Luna can be seen in the day sky Sunday and Monday, December 12 and 13. When will you first see Luna? She rises in the east at noon, is overhead at 6:00pm and sets in the west at sunrise.

Note: December 13 "Use binoculars or a wide-field scope to search for these two planets 20 or 30 minutes after sunset. Their visibility in bright twilight is exaggerated here." Sky & Telescope

BTW: December 13 Mars, Pluto, and Mercury retrograde are within 1 of an exact conjunction 8:10pm PST (04:10 UT 12/14).

First Quarter Luna, Jupiter and binocular Uranus are all in conjunction with each other at the circlet of Pisces, the constellation of the World Savior. It is interesting to note that Pisces, lies beneath the Great Square of Pegasus, which the ancient Babylonians called "The Doorway to Paradise." Review map above. Today astronomers travel through this doorway or "window" to the edge of our Milky Way Galaxy and go beyond to other galaxies! Likewise, the Doorway to Paradise opens, and new dimensions of reality are experienced, when the Light of the World, the World Savior, frees humanity from subservience to the form, ending forever the darkness of matter.

The location of the Quarter Moon, Jupiter and Uranus brings to mind the Christ, a master of death and life, change and well-being. Jupiter is brilliant and illuminating in this celestial position, for it is the brightest light in the night sky until it sets. The giant planet is ultimately bound to be light for our world, expanding our hearts and minds. The call to humanitarian service is strong with Jupiter at the circlet of Pisces. In this location Uranus also sheds its light upon our world by surprisingly shifting humanity into a new reality with new visions of the greater whole, freeing us from the outdated, limited form-life. This cycle's lunar theme aligns with the mastery of the Christ.

Jupiter expands and exaggerates Uranus' expression. Together they jump-start vision, rapid change and a leap in consciousness. Jacqueline Lasahn / AstroFlash 9/17/10

Juno [*], asteroid of colleagues, partnerships and mutual cooperation, opposes Jupiter and Uranus, which are about to make their final conjunction on the following New Moon. Juno will also conjoin Makemake [*], one of our newly discovered planets, bringing attention to the administration of resources in partnerships. Nick Fiorenza: New Moon 12/5/10

The First Quarter Moon marks the movement from inspiration into action. Action during this lunar cycle involves intuitive vision, transformative events, partnerships, cooperation and service. We are all at the doorway of life and death. What must change (die) within us to create well-being (new life) in our world?

December 14-15, Tuesday-Wednesday, growing Luna continues and completes her journey through the constellation Pisces, east of Jupiter. Enjoy the eye-catching view; allow your heart and mind to expand.

December 16-17, Thursday-Friday, Luna transits the constellation of Aries, the birthplace of new ideas. Review the map above for 12/16 and then check out the 12/17 Map. Open to the creative energies that initiate action.

Note: December 16 Jupiter is at eastern quadrature, at a 90 angle to the Sun. The Sun is within 3 of our Galactic Center. Open to mind expanding galactic intelligence.

December 18-20, Saturday-Monday, the waxing Gibbous Moon passes from the shoulder of Taurus the Bull to the horn tips. Constellation Image ~ 12/18-20 5:45pm Map ~ Review map above. Can you spot the mini dipper-shaped Pleiades (Bull's shoulder) in the moonlight? Binoculars come in handy. Look for red Aldebaran, the eye of the Bull near the Moon.

Enlightening Taurus evolves the heart by transforming "desire without goodwill" into divine aspiration, the will-to-good. Open to illumination and spiritual growth.

Note: December 18 the Sun, within 1 of our Galactic Center (GC), squares Uranus. New and broader visions of freedom are being stimulated. December 20 the Sun and Mercury retrograde are in conjunction within the center of the Galactic Heart (GC). Open to a reorientation of the heart that encompasses the greater Whole.

Reflections ~ The Full Moon
A Solstice Total Lunar Eclipse!

Any Full Moon experience can offer us greater illumination of our essential divinity. Issues worked on since the New Moon come to a climax. If the restrictions of the past have been released during the waxing Moon, then the Full Moon can bring fulfillment. If not, the Full Moon might bring serious mental conflicts, possibly affecting the physical body.

The Full Moon is exact Tuesday, 12/21, at 12:13am PST (08:13 UT)
North Americans can witness a total lunar eclipse.
(Eclipse information is below next graphic.)

Full Moon Global Meditation
This meditation observes the December Solstice invites you to join us in meditation
Monday, 12/20 at 9:00 pm PST (05:00 UT 12/21) ... Or
Choose a time within 12 hours before or after the Full Moon.
Planetary Solstice Meditation

What was conceived at the New Moon, Mastering Death and Life, Change and Well-Being, review above now comes to fruition and is birthed into the full light of our conscious minds.


Solstice Full Moon ~ Total Lunar Eclipse
Mid-Eclipse: Tuesday, December 21 – 12:17am PST (08:17 UT)
Looking West ~ 2:17am CST

Image: Shadow and

* Printable Image *

This graphic is centered on mid-eclipse at 2:17am CST, Monday morning, on December 21st. The picture shows where the moon will be among the constellations of Taurus and Gemini at that time. (The moon is exaggerated in size.)

Next total eclipse of the Moon will be on December 10, 2011 for the western half of USA (for the total phase), and the one following can be seen anywhere in the USA on April 15, 2014! Shadow and

For those living in San Francisco mid-eclipse takes place directly overhead at 12:17am PST. The eclipse is located among the same stars for other parts of the world, however in differing time zones these stars lie in a different location above or below the horizon.

Note: As the moonlit sky darkens from the eclipse, the winter stars surrounding the Moon will brighten, dazzling observers. Compare the color of the eclipsed Moon to the nearby reddish stars, Aldebaran in Taurus and Betelgeuse in Orion. "... the shadowed Moon paints newly fallen snow with unfamiliar colors--not much luster, but lots of beauty. Enjoy the show." NASA Science News

BTW: The Earth's solstice total lunar eclipse is seen as a total solar eclipse from the Moon. Simulation See the total eclipse synched from the lunar surface and Earth. Simulation Thanks Stephen Saber.


Who Can See the Total Eclipse? ~ Eclipse Information

Weather permitting, the first total lunar eclipse in nearly 3 years can be observed in its entirety by those in North America, Greenland, Iceland, Central America, the Caribbean, and the Pacific. For those in western North America, Hawaii and the Pacific the eclipse begins the evening of December 20.

Totality lasts 72 minutes: 11:41pm PST 12/20 - 12:53am PST 12/21 (2:41am - 3:53am EST Dec. 21). A partial eclipse begins 68 minutes before totality and can be viewed 68 minutes after totality.

Western Europeans see the beginning stages of the eclipse before moonset; observers in western Asia see the later stages after moonrise.

Note: It is perfectly safe to watch a lunar eclipse including the 72 minutes of totality, with your unaided eyes, binoculars or a telescope.

Eclipse World Map ~ Eclipse Information ~ Animated Eclipse

Shadow Zones
Mechanics of Lunar Eclipses

Total lunar eclipses come in clusters. There can be two or three during a period of a year or a year and a half, followed by a lull of two or three years before another round begins. The previous total eclipse occurred February 20, 2008. The current total eclipse is the first of 3 occurring in the next 12 months. Lunar Eclipses: 2008 - 2015. Also see Eclipse Frequency.

Total lunar eclipses in northern winter are fairly common. There have been three of them in the past ten years alone. A lunar eclipse smack-dab on the date of the solstice, however, is unusual. Geoff Chester of the US Naval Observatory inspected a list of eclipses going back 2000 years. "Since Year 1, I can only find one previous instance of an eclipse matching the same calendar date as the solstice, and that is 1638 DEC 21," says Chester. "Fortunately we won't have to wait 372 years for the next one...that will be on 2094 DEC 21." NASA Science News


Eclipse Color

The Moon reflects the light of the Sun and even an eclipsed Moon is colored by some sunlight. It always turns an unpredictable shade of red. The color of the Moon is determined by how much atmosphere and pollution the sunlight must travel through. High local pollution levels make for a redder Moon! It's the same reason that sunsets are orangey-reddish. The blue part of the spectrum is filtered out by the Earth's atmosphere. Informative Image

Hmmm ... You just might see blue or turquoise, the source of which is ozone. This color has been seen when sunlight passes through the upper stratosphere at the very beginning or end of a lunar eclipse. Photo, More


Eclipse Reflections

A lunar eclipse is a time of endings, culmination points and major changes. It is a Full Moon with tremendous impact and this one has the additional impact of the solstice energies. Don't be surprised if your anxiety level increases the week before and after this eclipse. Note: Mid-eclipse and the exact Full Moon occur about 15 1/2 hours before the exact moment of the December solstice.

Pay attention to your emotions and any guidance or messages received in regards to your life and personal evolution. Do not act hastily nor just run away, heal. Make the extra effort and responsibly work through any issues / changes that confront you at this time. What happens to you is not as important as what you do about it. Bring forth the greatest good in all situations. How To Deal With Eclipses: 9 Points

The blocking of the Moon's reflection of the Sun's light by the Earth suggests that our material viewpoint stands in the way of our "seeing the light". It serves as a reminder that we need to realize how we are held in the dark by virtue of our perspective. Zodiac Arts Dec. 20/21, 2010


Reflections ~ Full Moon's Position

The eclipsed solstice Full Moon occurs at the feet of the Gemini Twins, where the horizontal ecliptic and the vertical Milky Way (galactic equator) meet. This intersection, called the Gate of Man, is said to be the place where souls enter into incarnation (5 sidereal Gemini / 0 tropical Cancer). This gateway is marked on the sky chart above, by the blue dot in the east. The Gate of Man also lies between the reddish star Betelgeuse (shoulder of Orion) and the dimmer white star Menkalinan (shoulder of Auriga). Carefully review the sky chart above for these stars and the blue dot intersection, then review the mid-eclipse map above to see the location of the eclipsed solstice Moon. Note: When the Full Moon is on the Gate of Man the opposing Sun is on the Gate of God (5 sidereal Sagittarius / 0 tropical Capricorn). Helpful Image

The Full Moon, occurring on the December 21, 2010 Solstice, produces a Total Lunar Eclipse in early sidereal Gemini, on the "Gate of Man" of Earth's Precessional Cross; [*] conjoining Betelgeuse of Orion and Menkalinan of Auriga. ... Our Solstice Full Moon Eclipse also creates a dynamic Grand Square with Juno [*] opposite Jupiter-Uranus. The entire Solstice Grand Square Total Eclipse Full Moon creates a primary activation of Earth's Precessional Cross--our sacred geometry of evolutionary change. This produces a dynamic and potent passageway--a challenge for radical action to change and shift into a new octave of experience--especially regarding relationships and partnerships of all types. Nick Fiorenza 12/5/10 New Moon

Menkalinan and Betelgeuse conjoining the Gate of Man articulates the essence of sidereal Gemini, the role of responding to aid to our colleagues and fellow humans' needs--serving their greater evolutionary fulfillment. Nick Fiorenza 10/21-22/06

The emanations of these two stars, in assisting humanity to reach its full potential also challenge humanity to seek the Whole Truth, to unite the dualities into one divine vision.

Menkalinan's purpose is to cut through the crap, to make things plain and clear ... by bringing experience of the opposite side of an issue ... to reveal one's hesitancy to respond to life in the moment. Betelgeuse ... holding the upraised sword just under the gate of Man, indicates the ability to act upon and carry through the immediate steps at hand; of getting to the truth of a matter by challenging existing systems or authorities, to challenge or cut through whatever is in the way. Nick Fiorenza 10/21-22/06

Difference Between Signs and Constellations
(tropical=sign ... sidereal=constelation)


Reflections ~ Full Moon's Illumination

The Full Moon during the final hours of the sign of Sagittarius is illuminated by the Sun in the constellation Sagittarius. Sagittarius the cosmic Archer takes aim, intuitively zeroes in on the Light and Truth and knows the way to go. He unifies the dualities into a divine re-union.

The illuminating Sun is positioned at the Gate of God (5 sidereal Sagittarius / 0 tropical Capricorn), where once again the ecliptic intersects with the Milky Way (galactic equator). It is said the soul leaves the human form through this gateway to enter the life of the universal soul. Retrograde Mercury within 3 degrees of the Sun is also within 1 degree of the Galactic Center (2 sidereal Sagittarius / 27 tropical Sagittarius). Mercury the messenger of the gods is tuning us to galactic guidance and soul life beyond the human form


In Summary

During this solstice Full Moon total eclipse the Moon lies at the Gate of Man, while the Sun lies at the Gate of God. It is written in the heavens. The forces of our solar system and our Milky Way Galaxy are in a rare energetic alignment with each other and the Earth. Also with retrograde Mercury near the Sun and the Gate of God, while residing in the Heart of our Galaxy, our Earth is bound to be uploading potent, expansive, initiatory energies. Juno opposite Jupiter-Uranus, forming a Grand Square with the Sun and Moon, insure rapid change, leaps in consciousness and a reorientation of the heart that encompasses the Truth of the greater Whole.

The Earth's shadow, blocking the Moon's reflection of sunlight, along with the energies of Menkalinan and Betelgeuse remind us that this new upload of energies will be challenging to our outdated limited perspectives. However, once these are released with an open heart and mind, we will be able to intuitively zero in on the new visions and enter soulic partnerships that create a world for the good of all.

The great wheel has turned, we approach the Solstice and hear the call to meditation by the Guardians of the planet. Rising as one, we respond to answer this call and meet the Light. ... light pours into us.

Holy Spirit, be in us,
think through us.
Let Divine ideas
become our ideas!

Sagittarius~Solstice Meditation
(The above quote came from this meditaion.)

Planetary Solstice Meditation

Winter Solstice

It's a Heavenly Christmas and Everyone's Invited


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3 Morning Planets ~ A Waning Crescent Moon
The Virgin, The Balance, The Scorpion

Tuesday-Friday, Dec. 28– Dec. 31
Looking Southeast - 6:00am

Image: Newark Museum SkyWatch / Adobe Photoshop

* Printable Image *

Saturn rises around 1:00am
Venus rises around 3:45am
Mercury rises around 6:00am
Rise and Set Times
Generate precise times for your area.

Yellowish Saturn our Lord of the Rings, is positioned west of (above) bluish Spica the brightest star in the constellation Virgo the Virgin; the much brighter golden Arcturus in Bootes lies north (left) of Saturn. BTW: Blue-white Regulus, the heart star and brightest star of Leo the Lion, lies west of (above) Saturn (not shown in map).

Blazing luminous Venus, the goddess of love, positioned in the constellation of Libra the Balance, lies east of (below) Spica. Venus is so bright now it can be seen after sunrise! You won't want to miss this breathtaking wonder in the morning sky. Venus is at greatest elongation (47) January 8.

Mercury the elusive messenger of the gods brightens and rises higher as the weeks unfold. Mercury shines noticeably brighter than nearby, reddish Antares. The whisker thin Crescent Moon joins Mercury at dawn January 2. 1/2 Dawn Map Mercury is at greatest elongation (23) January 9. Find a flat clear view for unobstructed observations of this planet, star and slim Moon. Binoculars come in handy when first spotting these celestial bodies. Binoculars also make vivid the colors of the stars and planets.

12/27-30 3am Map
Another sky view

12/31 6:00am Sky Chart
View the sky horizon to horizon.
Vary the sky chart's time and date.
Generate Sky Charts for your area.

12/31-Jan. 1 Dawn Map
Another sky view, 1 hour before sunrise


Reflections ~ Waning Crescent Moon,
Virgo, Venus/Libra, Mercury/Scorpius

The waning Crescent Moon phase brings enlightenment at a deep level, a time of conscious growth, clarification of values and the surrender to a new future. Rebirth can occur and playfulness can come forth.

December 28-30, Tuesday-Thursday morning, waning Crescent Luna transits Virgo the Virgin. Tuesday morning, December 28, slender Luna guides us to Saturn. Look for the planet to the left of the Moon and the triangle formed by Saturn, the Moon and Spica. Review map above. Wednesday morning, December 29, Spica the brightest star in Virgo lies very near Luna; the two form a triangle with Saturn above and Venus below. For orientation review map above.

Morning Luna, Virgo the Virgin and Saturn Lord of the Rings arouse the HU-man* from its slumber. The emanations of Virgo, our Heavenly Holy Grail, nurture our innate divinity, spiritual awareness and Christ consciousness until it can be made manifest, ultimately giving rise to the God-man, the Christed ONE, Homo Luminous. Spica symbolizing the sacred womb of the Virgin, accepts and nourishes the seed of divine will from Arcturus, the savior avatar. Helpful Star Map

The Moon when located in the Virgin's constellation affirms and fosters a deep growing awareness of the importance of world service on Earth. Saturn in the Holy Grail conceives the structures that exteriorize the unfolding Christ consciousness and cultivate synthesis. This transit of morning Luna is arousing the Higher Power within each and every one of us. We are the sacred Chalice for the Divine Host on Earth.

December 31, Friday, New Year's Eve morning, the incredibly bright celestial body next to slim Luna is not a UFO! It's Venus shining at "knock your socks off" brilliance in the constellation of Libra the Balance. Slender Luna and blazing Venus will "WOW" you. Dimmer Spica and Saturn lie above this elegant pair. Review map above. Yellowish Saturn shines slightly brighter than bluish Spica. Binoculars bring out their subtle hues.

The primary function of Venus in this position [in the constellation Libra] is to awaken in the consciousness of the Soul centred individual a point of balance by which material, personal desire is able to fuse with intelligent spiritual love. Esoteric Venus

Wish Upon the New Year’s Star ~ Sirius
Highest at midnight, its emanations stimulate our crown chakra.
Also includes Global Meditations

January 1-2, Saturday-Sunday morning, an aging, diminishing Crescent Luna first lies above Antares, then below Mercury in the constellation of Scorpius. See this dawn map for Jan.1 and this dawn map for Jan. 2. Review map above.

Scorpius the cosmic Scorpion leads us through a burning ground of death so that we may be reborn to new life like the Phoenix. When Mercury messenger of the gods and the Crescent Moon add their energies to the burning ground, the personality is truly tested, undergoing an initiation that reorients one to the life of the soul and the Divine Plan.

This lunar cycle is ending and we are reminded that self mastery and well being are forged in the burning ground of death and life changes, the ongoing spiral dance of evolution. Play your part well! Celebrate HU-manity's birthing process.

Vega New Year ~ The Seed

Earth at Perihelion
The Earth and Sun are at their closest Jan. 3.


January 4, Tuesday, a New Moon partial solar eclipse occurs at 1:03am PST (09:03 UT). Animated Eclipse ~ Mechanics of Solar Eclipses

Jupiter and Uranus, make their third and final conjunction a few hours after the New Moon, at 4:52am PST (12:52 UT). Early January Finder Chart Exact Conjunctions: 6/8/10, 9/18/10, 1/4/11


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May your Night Sky traveling always be filled
with Celestial Delights and Treats!
Susan Sun


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Includes a downloadable Moon map and bimonthly star charts.

At download a current monthly guide, evening sky map & calendar.

Link to Sky and Telescope's This Week's Sky at a Glance. keeps you looking up!

Online Schools
A space and science study guide for kids


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