The Christ ~ The Risen One

In speaking of the Christ we refer "... to His official name as head of the spiritual hierarchy. The Christ works for all of humanity, irrespective of faith; He does not belong to the Christian world any more than to the Buddhist, the Mohammedan or any other faith. In this sense, there is no need for joining the Christian church in order to be affiliated with Christ. Rather, the requirements are to love all of humanity, lead a disciplined life, recognize the divinity in all faiths and all beings, and rule your daily life with Love." (1)

Christ is ... the one complete idea of perfect humanness existing eternally in Divine Mind. He is the embodiment of all divine ideas, such as intelligence, life, love, substance, and strength, and is the true, spiritual, higher self of every individual. Each of us has within ourself the Christ, just as Jesus had, and we must look within to recognize and realize ... our divine origin and birth, even as He did. By continually unifying ourselves with the Highest by our thoughts and words, we too shall become sons and daughters of God, manifest. (2)

Those who dedicate many lives to this path and follow it to mastery become

"...  the Custodians on Earth for Godís Plan for our planet and for humanity. By what name we call these Beings does not greatly matter. The Christian believer may prefer to speak of Christ and His church, and regard Them as constituting that great Cloud of Witnesses Who guarantee to humanity ultimate salvation. The esotericists of the world may call Them the Masters of the Wisdom, the planetary Hierarchy, Who in Their varied grades are ruled and taught by the Christ, the Master of all Masters, and the Teacher alike of angels and of men. Or we can call Them the Rishis of the Hindu Scriptures, or the Society of Illumined Minds, as in the Tibetan teaching. They are ... the aggregate of perfected humanity who have followed in Christís steps and have entered for us within the veil, leaving us an example that we should do as They have done. They, with Their wisdom, love and knowledge, stand as a protective wall around our race, and seek to lead us on, step by step (as They Themselves were led in Their time) from darkness to light, from the unreal to the real, and from death to immortality." (3)

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