Winter Solstice

Everything about her was white,

glistening and shining, so shining

that the human eye could hardly

bear the radiance. Her long white

hair hung about her, a circle of

glow-worms surrounded her forehead ...

On either side marched one of

the great bears like two guardians.


The ancient peoples used this time of "longest night" to focus on the power of darkness. Not the negative image of darkness, but the richness of that unknown, dark, fertile, deep part in each of us wherein our intuitive, creative forces abide. In modern terms, it is a time for owning one’s shadow, so as to transform any negative energy associated with it into the energy of creation and psychic ability. We must accept and know our Darkness before we can fully know our Light.

The Christ energy enters the Earth at this time in the yearly cycle, infusing our world with the ideal of perfection and the desire for a re-merging with the One. As the Essenes prepared for this infusion at the beginning of the Piscean Age, so do we prepare for this entry of Christ energy at this season. On the morning following the Solstice, the Yule log is lighted, signifying the return of the Sun (Son) after our long night of inner preparation.

We have arrived at the longest night, when the power of the Sun is at its lowest point. From this point of Solstice onward, the Sun will experience a "rebirth" ... Each day will see more and more sunlight from this Solstice until Summer Solstice, when solar influence will be at its peak.


From The Essene Book of Days by Danaan Parry
© Earthstewards Network Publications, Bainbridge Island WA


In 2022, the Sun moves into Capricorn and begins moving northward
on Wednesday, December 21 ~ 1:48 pm PST / 21:48 UT.
All are welcome to participate in's Planetary Solstice Meditation.

For astronomical highlights and Equinox Global Meditations see Winter Solstice ~ Night Sky.

View the Earth's orbit around the Sun and this day's position on the Earth Clock at,
a fascinating site that takes you into the realm of our Earth's planetary rhythms. Enjoy!


The Ice Maiden, watercolor and bodycolor, 1915, by Edward Dulac
Quote from The Dreamer of Dreams by Queen Marie of Romania, published London, 1915
Thanks to Pomegranate Publications


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