Introduction: This excerpt is from discussion of the fourth of seven paths leading to the way of higher evolution, which take the master who unergoes high spiritual initiation into more advanced stages of evolution. In the context of's Sirian~Leo Festival Global Meditation, we encourage all to tune into Path Four, the Path to Sirius, in contemplation of this particular full moon focus.


Path IV. The Path to Sirius

Cosmic rapture and rhythmic bliss are the attributes of the fourth path. It is a form of identification which is divorced from consciousness altogether. The reason also why the majority of the sons of men follow this Path lies in the fact of its numerical position. These units of the fourth kingdom, the bulk of the fourth Creative Hierarchy on this fourth globe of the fourth scheme in a solar system of the fourth order are innately compelled to seek this fourth WAY in order to perfect themselves. They are called the "blissful dancing points of fanatical devotion." This is as near as we can get to the true description. They have also been described as the "revolving wheels which turn upon themselves, and find the open door to perfect bliss."

The energy of Path IV reaches us from Sirius via the Sun. This must be understood as a blind behind which one of the signs of the zodiac veils itself.

The hierarchies concerned with this specific type of cosmic force hide themselves under the numbers fourteen and seventeen. This will serve as a complete blind to the average reader, but will carry to the pledged chela the hint needed to produce illumination.

The method whereby the adept fits himself to pass upon this path is termed that of duplex rotary motion and "rhythmic dancing upon the square."

The symbol, which is first given to the pledged disciple to study but which may, however, be described, is a duality of interlocked wheels revolving at a great pace in opposite directions, and producing a unified whole. These wheels are portrayed as manifesting electric blue flame, rotating and revolving with great rapidity around an equal-armed Cross. The Cross is pictured in orange fire with a deep emerald green circle, flaming at the point in the center where the four arms of the Cross meet. The symbolism of these colors links this fourth path to the solar system preceding this one. In that system the Sirian influence was more potent than in the present one.

It is not possible to add more to this beyond pointing out that the quality gained by the adept who treads this path may not be revealed. He comes under the concentrated influence of the energy which is identified with the planetary antahkarana. It is not permitted, therefore, to state what its specific quality may be, as it would convey too much information to the intelligent reader as to the nature and the objective of our particular planetary Logos.

  • Attributes - cosmic rapture and rhythmic bliss.
  • Source - Sirius via the Sun which veils a zodiacal sign.
  • Hierarchy - veiled by the numbers 14 and 17.
  • Method - duplex rotary motion and rhythmic dancing upon the square.
  • Symbol - two wheels of electric fire, revolving around an orange Cross, with an emerald at the center.
  • Quality - unrevealed.


Path IV Esoteric Stanza
From A Treatise on Cosmic Fire

4. The Path to Sirius
From The Rays and the Initiations via


Excerpt is from Alice A. Bailey's A Treatise on Cosmic Fire (p. 1259–1261)
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