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Introduction: This is the fourth of seven esoteric stanzas transmitted by Alice A. Bailey concerning the respective seven paths leading to the way of higher evolution, which is chosen by the master who undergoes high spiritual initiation into more advanced stages of evolution.

(From Archive 49)

PATH IV. The Path to Sirius.


The mysterious Lhas of the sacred hidden fire withdraw Their thought, emerge from meditation, and all that is — between the first and third — is lost to sight. Naught is. Sound dies away. The Words are lost, for there is none to hear. The colors fade, and every point grows dim.

The ocean passes into quietude. The Mother slumbers and forgets her Son. The Father too retreats within the unknown place where fire lies hidden.

The serpent stretches forth inert. Its coils smother the lower fire and choke the sparks ... Silence reigns. The absent Lhas forget the worlds and play at other games ... All passes into nothingness. Yet still the Lhas themselves remain.

* * * * * * *

The mysterious Lhas of the fivefold force unite Their thought, sink into meditation deep and link the first and third. The worlds emerge, and — rushing into forms prepared — pursue their cycles.

* * * * * * *

The twelve-pointed play Their part and are the result of the communion of the One above the Sun with one of the seven wives.

* * * * * * *

The Master of the Sacred Heart is He who builds a Path between the sphere whereon His lot is cast and the great manasic orb. He builds it knowingly, calling in the aid of points of blue. These emerge from the heart of one of the seven. (The PLEIADES.)

These He bloweth upon and they find their place as stones in the one Way He constructeth for the treading of the many as they wend their way through mind to mind and thence to understanding. (Manas to mahat and thence to buddhi.)


Path IV to Sirius
From A Treatise on Cosmic Fire

4. The Path to Sirius
From The Rays and the Initiations via


Excerpt is from Alice A. Bailey's A Treatise on Cosmic Fire (p. 1274–1275)
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