Introduction: This excerpt is from discussion of the first of seven esoteric stanzas passed on by Alice A. Bailey concerning the respective seven paths leading to the way of higher evolution, which take the master who undergoes high spiritual initiation into more advanced stages of evolution.


PATH I. The Path of Earth Service.

The energy which is manipulated in the process of these identifications is largely that pouring through the sixth Hierarchy, which has an esoteric relation to the sixth Path on to which the initiates of Path I have eventually to fight their way. The form through which the adept must work in order to demonstrate his control of the energy concerned may not here be given. It may only be stated that luminosity is gained upon the battle ground through a fight with a dragon. The following summation may be found suggestive:

  • Attributes - Wise-compassion
  • Source - Constellation of the Dragon, via Libra.
  • Method - Twelve cosmic Identifications.
  • Hierarchy - The sixth.
  • Symbol - A green dragon issuing from the center of a blazing sun. Behind the sun and over-topping it can be seen two pillars on either side of a closed door.
  • Quality gained - Luminosity.


Path I Esoteric Stanza
From A Treatise on Cosmic Fire

1. The Path of Earth Service
From The Rays and the Initiations via


Excerpt is from Alice A. Bailey's A Treatise on Cosmic Fire (p. 1247)
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