Suggestions for a Wesak Full Moon Ritual


During the Wesak Festival there is an unusual and most dynamic inflow of Life and spiritual stimulation, serving to vitalize the aspiration of all humanity. Occurring at the full moon in the sign of Taurus, this Festival is the annual high-water mark of spiritual Blessing for the world. At this time the Forces of Enlightenment are available as a channel which is opened for communication between Humanity and Deity. (See Significance of the Wesak to learn more.)

If at all possible, we suggest being in meditation at the exact time of the full moon. If you are unable to do this, choose a time within 12 hours before or after to align with these energies and be part of this global meditation. You may want to arrange for a physical group ritual that will be enhanced and empowered by those spiritual beings around the world participating in the Wesak Festival.

A variety of elements may be useful in celebrating the Wesak:

Invite participants to cleanse and purify prior to the ritual through a Ritual Herbal Bath, Purification Meditation, and / or a walk in nature.

Sanctify the ritual space: saging, using incense, and playing reflective or uplifting recorded / live music.

Set the stage for connecting with the Group Soul with a dedicated altar and water ceremony:

You may want to create an altar that depicts the Wesak Legend. It could include figures representing the Buddha and the Christ, and a ceremonial bowl that is surrounded with Rose Quartz. This mineral is used to amplify the quality of Love-Wisdom; it is a symbol combining the Love of Christ and the Wisdom of the Buddha. You may also want to use a large quartz crystal to assist in attuning to the ceremony taking place in the Wesak Valley.

As part of the Wesak water ceremony, ritually pour spring water into the bowl. Gardenias may be added to the water for a special blessing, fragrance and taste. The water remains on the altar throughout the ritual and meditation. When the meditation is complete, the participants partake of the water in a communion ritual. Water that remains is now a Wesak charged tincture that can be bottled and taken home for future use by the participants.

Hallow the space and time with a group prayer, invocation, sacred sounds and / or singing a song.

Listen to the audio programs of the Wesak Legend, in preparation for and leading up to the Wesak meditation ... drinking the Wesak water after the meditation, as a holy communion (see group water ceremony above). One may simply listen with a glass or vessel of water nearby, meditate and then drink of the infused Holy Water as a communion.

Review's Wesak Global Meditation Focus and Alignment to create your own unique ceremony.

Participate via's Wesak Global Meditation Audio Player providing a guided meditation for use at the time of the full moon festival, and throughout the Taurus lunar cycle.

These elements may all be used or not, arranged and adapted to suit the needs and temperament of those participating in the ritual.


In 2022 the Festival of the Wesak full moon in Taurus occurs
on Sunday, May 15 at 9:14 pm PDT ~ 04:14 UT Monday, May 16.


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