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For thousands of years different people from many countries around the world have used gemstones and minerals as tools for healing and balancing the emotional and physical body. They have been placed here on the planet for use by all sentient beings, and with their aid, to help to make our lives work in a more integrated and balanced fashion as we experience and learn life's lessons on the physical plane, and to facilitate higher-centered experiences and consciousness.

Each gemstone has a purpose or vibrational conditioning, but its effects will be different from person to person. This is why two people can have very different experiences or physical sensations; when holding the exact same stone, they are experiencing the effect and not the purpose. Let's take green adventurine for an example. This form of quartz works well on the internal organs. So, if I were holding it, it may be working on my liver; if it were you, it may be working on your kidneys; or if it were someone else, it may be working on their stomach or lungs, etc. The healing energy of the gemstone will go to whatever organ is the weakest and needs help, so in each case the healing would be different.

Almost no one is unaffected by stones whether they realize it or not. You see a pretty rock ~ you pick it up. You put it in your pocket and take it home. You don’t even know why you like it. When you have the conscious knowledge of what is behind the usefulness of a particular stone, what happens is that its effect will be much more powerful, especially if you keep the stone close to you. This is why people wear gemstone jewelry.


Feature Rock


(Hydrous Copper Silicate)


Chrysocolla is a sky-blue to greenish blue and green color, often streaked with black. It is found in the oxidization zone of copper deposits and associated with azurite, malachite, cuprite, turquoise, and quartz (chalcedony mostly). Chrysocolla is considered an ore of copper when associated with other secondary copper minerals. It is rarely found in its pure form, being free of quartz, and is likely to crack as it loses water in a dry home environment.

Chrysocolla is microcrystalline in structure and usually found in solid vein-filling or botryoidal masses or crusts, often opal-like in appearance. It has a light translucent look with a vitreous to glassy luster. It is fragile and brittle with a hardness of 2–4 and exhibits a conchoidal fracture.

Chrysocolla is found in Chile, Mexico, Russia, Africa, England, Italy, and in the U.S. in Colorado, Arizona, Nevada and New Mexico. Its only value is as a semi-precious gemstone in jewelry. The high quality material is highly prized and sought after by jewelers and rough specimen collectors alike.

So, how is this mineral used for healing and spiritual growth?

Traditionally chrysocolla is said to alleviate fear, guilt, and nervous tension. Stress eases and the emotions are balanced. Chrysocolla strengthens the lungs, thyroid, coccyx and medulla oblongata. Hemoglobin is stimulated on the cellular level. It can help alleviate symptoms of tuberculosis. The throat chakra and medulla oblongata are amplified. In activating the properties of the medulla oblongata, there is a cleansing of forces in the subconscious mind that may block the development of either the personality or the emotional maturity of the person. It is also said to help with ulcers, digestive imbalances and calcification such as arthritic conditions.

Chrysocolla crystallizes feelings of spiritually centered unconditional love, acceptance and tolerance toward others. It makes it possible to forgive others for their wrong doings and be more loving and understanding, thus fostering goodwill. It balances the higher emotional centers of the head chakras creating the feeling or experience of total agape. It also aids in the activation of the feminine qualities that we all possess. Chrysocolla is known to be favored by musicians and singers all over the world.


- David D. Chittenden III


This information is not meant to replace any medical treatment.
Please use this information at your own risk. No guarantee is made towards validity.


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