Feature Rock

variety, Beryl Group
(Beryllium aluminum silicate)

Aquamarine is the light blue to green colored member of the beryl family. The others include emerald (green), heliodor (yellow / golden / brown), morganite (pink), bixbite (strawberry-red), and goshenite (colorless). The name comes from the Latin word aqua for "water" and mare for the "sea" because the light blue or greenish color of the stone resembles sea water. It was known as a talisman of sailors for safe passages.

Aquamarine most commonly occurs in hexagonal, prismatic crystals (often without terminations), sometimes several feet long and weighing many pounds. It is very hard (7.5–8), brittle, and light with a conchoidal fracture. It is transparent to translucent with a vitreous luster and often contains a great many inclusions making it opaque. Helidor and morganite can be weakly fluorescent.

Aquamarine most often occurs in pegmatite material and granitic rocks where it has been formed from beryllium-bearing ore / gases or very hot solutions. Brazil (Minas Gerais region) is the chief source of aquamarine. It is also found in Russia, India, Africa, Afghanistan, and the United States. Aquamarine is used mostly by the jewelry industry to create beautiful cut and polished gemstones, some weighing thousands of carats, which are now real "museum pieces."


So, how is this mineral used for healing and spiritual growth?

Traditionally, aquamarine is known as a personal power stone. It augments one’s personal power and helps one project an aura of real strength. Enables one to take command especially in situations where one must act powerfully. Helps one adjust to being authoritative and in control without feeling wishy-washy about it.

Aquamarine reduces fear, a sense of disorientation or disarray, and an inability to express oneself. The spleen and throat (5th) chakras are opened, especially regarding expression of the self. And the etheric and mental bodies are aligned to manifest these psychospiritual forces. It also stimulates a desire to have greater knowledge of the self as an integrated being in mind, body and spirit. This translates into inspiration. This mineral strengthens the liver, spleen, thyroid and kidneys and therefore boosts the immune system. Aquamarine also reduces fluid retention, eases coughs, calms the nerves and can be used for problems with the eyes, jaw, neck, stomach, teeth and throat.


- David D. Chittenden III


This information is not meant to replace any medical treatment.
Please use this information at your own risk. No guarantee is made towards validity.


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