Walking by the sea I saw from a distance
a crowd of people lined up the other way
down the beach for a great distance.

As I came closer I could see the crowd
focused on this one man. As I came
even closer I could see why,
he was healing people.

So I stopped and watched with intrigue from a distance, curious
I went up to the edge of the sand dune and sat and watched.
I sat and watched while the sun set and rose four times.

From the time I sat down this man never once took a break from
healing these people, he healed them from all manner of infirmities.
He healed all who came to him young and old, woman and man,
he healed them all, every last one of them.

Shortly after the sun rose on the fourth day he was down to
healing the last person. I got up from my seat and moved toward him,
I had seen this man only from behind, as I approached him
the last he was healing was going away. Then he turned and faced me,
when I saw his eyes they were light as the morning sunshine.
At first I was tempted to look away but I could not.
I knew there was nothing to fear.

He spoke, "What is it that I can do for you?"

I was so awe struck that I could not stand up
my legs collapsed out from under me
I fell to the ground.

As I sat up, he asked, "Are you okay?"

I said, "Yes Sir, I am okay, I am just taken back after what you
have been doing for these last four days and the first words
from your mouth were, 'What can I do for you?' Excuse me Sir,
after what I have just seen you do, I do not feel there is any way
I could be justified to ask you to do something for me.
I feel you have done more than enough already."



There was a moment of silence and I spoke, "Sir, maybe there is
something you could do for me. First, let me say that was really
impressive, what you did there healing all of those people. I am curious.
Can someone else besides you do that? If so, how would
they go about accomplishing that ability?"

Again there was a bit of silence. He spoke, "Trust, Trust our creator,
Trust we have a Loving, Forgiving Creator. Know that our
Universe has provided for us in abundance. It was not me who healed
that crowd of people, but their own Faith, their own Trust healed them."

Again he spoke, "You ask if someone else besides me can do these
things that you've watched for the last four days. I am but the son
of a housekeeper and a carpenter, if I can do these things anyone can
and even greater things than these others will do."

Then I asked him, "Sir, if I were to need healing like these people here
that you just healed. Being as how you have healed so
many already, how could I possibly do it for myself?"

Again there was some more silence, then he spoke, "Many struggle
with cares of this world, they believe that you can put things in
your mouth that harm you. It is not what you eat, or what you drink,
or what you breathe that harms the person. What it is that harms
the person are those things which proceed from out of their heart.
Their fear, their anger, their irritability, all the things they are offended
by and every thing they hold unforgivable, these are the things that
harm the person. What one can best do for themselves is to
unlearn these beliefs I just mentioned"

Again he said, "Love more than the others, Love those who harm you
and fear you and use you. Do your very best to let only the Love inside
see your pain. When the pain paralyzes you, put on a happy face and
give to the world around you. If you do this, the Love within will see
your trust and reward you openly. If you are angered forgive quickly,
it is those who forgive quickly who shall inherit the earth."

"Always include the element of Love in everything you do,
to your very best ability. Many build things and leave out
the element of Love, thus all they do returns to dust.
Without Love what one builds has no foundation."

"Be tolerant and patient with those you are offended by and with
those who make you irritable. Taking offense to this and that and
being irritated is one's own damnation of one's own self."

"If you teach, set people free, tell them they have absolutely
nothing to fear. It is better to take the binders off people
for you set yourself free. If you say to people, fear this and fear that,
you bind those people, thus you bind yourself."

"Then after all of these things, we come to
the final healer of one's own heart, forgiveness.
Be similar in forgiveness to the forgiveness of our Creator Universe.
Forgiveness is an essential ingredient for one to heal what really
harms the person. If we hold anything unforgivable, then we
condemn ourselves to our own unforgiving nature … the very
essence of let the dead bury their dead. The deep truth in death,
the living death, is to hold something unforgivable."

"This may seem like a lot, but trust me when I say that learning
to trust our Creator Universe and taking from the abundance that it
has provided, and giving to others, and forgiving the things
that cause one's pain is easier than fearing and being unforgiving."

Again there was a silence and for the first time since our eyes met
he looked away, he looked into the setting sun and then
he looked back at me, and said, "Do you realize you have not
eaten or drunk in five days and are you hungry, do you thirst?"

I answered, "No."

Then he said, "In your choosing to be here,
you have had a taste of what it means to be Free."



- Recorded from a dream, dreamed on January 14, 2001 by Kim Whitaker,


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