Queen Mayadevi


We invite you to share in the experience of the Buddhist teachings of the Mayadevi, represented on other cultures by the Virgin Mary, Isis, or Eve.

Take yourself on a journey through space and time to where the reincarnating essence of the one now to become the Buddha is dwelling between incarnations. From this lofty height, look down on Earth and enter Queen Mayadevi’s dream. See, descending from the heavens of the highest Gods, the form of a glorious white elephant, radiant, with four brilliant tusks, who on reaching the earth, walks three times around her bed in the auspicious sunwise direction, strikes her right side with its trunk, and enters her womb.

A star from heaven ~ splendid, six-rayed, in color rosy pearl, the token was an elephant six-tusked and white as milk of Kamadhuk (the cow of plenty) ~ shot through the void and shining into her, entered her womb upon the right.

After having carried the world savior in her womb for exactly 10 lunar months, she was transported in a golden palanquin by her company of attendants along a road beautified for the journey with banners, streamers, and flowering trees. They came to a glorious pleasure garden of Sal-trees that was at that moment in full bloom. Among its fragrant boughs swarms of bees of the five colors were humming, fluttering and singing. The young queen, wishing to pause in that delightful spot, descended and entered the pleasure garden, surrounded by her company.

At the foot of a giant Sal-tree, the pains of her time overtook her and when she reached upward with her right hand, a flowery bough of that tree bent down. Grasping it, the young queen stood and gave birth to her child, who came forth from her right side.

Four pure-minded Mahabrahmas descended, received the infant on a golden net, and placed him before his mother. "Rejoice Queen, there has been born to you a mighty son." From the sky fell two pure streams of water, refreshing the child and its mother. The infant rose and faced the east, strode forward seven steps, pointed upward with his right hand, downward with his left, and he shouted with a noble voice the Victory Sound of all the Buddhas:


Worlds above,
Worlds below,
Chief in all the worlds,
Am I.


And so begins the Story of the Buddha.


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