The Christ in Us ~
The Hope of Glory!


Service to the
Spirit in All Life


Have you ever felt that somehow life had dealt you a series of blows ... hardships you knew you didn’t deserve?

We’ve all tried to make sense out of painful experiences that just didn’t make any reasonable sense at all.

Did it ever occur to that maybe those blows, those hardships, were an expression of Divine Love? That this painful process makes us whole instead of shattered and fragmented.

You ask, "how could this be?" Well, the intention is not necessarily for us to suffer. Rather it is our pride, arrogance, desire and attachment to form that causes us pain. If our lives are broken and full of troubles, it is because we have put our own personal will before the Will of God, which includes All. Our personalities are offered these difficult experiences to strip away that which is unnecessary that which gets in the way and hinders the divine purpose in us.

What is Deity's purpose in us? Service. To what? Service to the spirit in all life. Service is the embodiment of love and goodwill. Goodwill is Love in Action!

Though you can’t see it, touch it, smell it or hold it, you will feel the result when you allow yourself to fill with love and goodwill. You realize that the unseen and intangible are the real, eternal things in life, and those things that are seen are unreal illusions.

When we are broken and downhearted we know that the Wholly One (God / Deity) is attempting to purify us, so that we may serve in an even greater capacity. God tests, tries and proves all those He / She loves. This process is an expression of the one life in all of us, trying to make us whole — one with all creation. The spirit in us is never truly broken, as that is not the purpose. It is our thralldom to the senses and the separative aspect of our will that need to be broken, so that the Glory of the One shines in us for all to see. When we serve the greater good we demonstrate Love in Action, we become the Spirit of Goodwill. Service is its own reward!

The Soul will lead us to victory when we cease to rebel against God’s will. Pain can last a very, very long time if we are stubborn. Only when we stop these self-defeating attitudes and actions can we subjugate our personal will to the Will of the One, and truly feel and express divine purpose in our lives. The purpose is to serve all our brothers, sisters and every living thing that is attempting to express spirit through the physical form. With that great release of our little selves, we become the Risen One. We are transformed and transfigured in Love, Hope, and Joy. The Christ in us is the Hope of Glory!




Oh hidden life, vibrant in every Atom
Oh hidden light shining in every Creature
Oh hidden love, embracing all in Oneness
May we who feel ourselves as One with Spirit
Know we are therefore One with All Beings.



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