Blue Pearl Experiences


After visiting the Blue Pearl pages at, others have been inspired to share their experiences of and questions about the Blue Pearl.


Introducing Blue

Jack Shimmelman has explored Blue Pearl experiences in depth for many years.

On the morning of January 1, 1987 I started to see cobalt blue oval circles of light. Everywhere. When this experience first started I went to a few close friends to tell them about it. I was confused. One told me about a spiritual tradition of the blue pearl. That helped. My world changed. Out of nowhere. I wasn’t particularly spiritual, although I have always had a curiosity about the nature of reality. I grew up a junk food aficionado; pizza being my Ph.D.; burned the candle from all ends and thought sensuality was the be all and end all. I wasn’t living the life of a monk tucked away in the Himalayas searching for the secret of life.  I was surviving in Brighton Beach, Brooklyn.      Read more



The Dream

In a dream, this writer was told to look for the Blue Dot.

I had a strange dream a few days ago. I was at work in a retail store. I saw 2 cashiers ringing up items for customers and also noticed a group of people standing around waiting to be helped. So I went behind the cash desk to help ring on a cash register. The people followed me behind the cash desk and I told them to go back to the front of the desk so that I could help them. I was trying to decide which cash register to ring on when I saw and heard my ex-boss telling me earnestly, to look at the "blue dot." I looked behind me on the walls but I did not see anything.....then I awoke.

At first, I thought maybe the angels want me to go back and work in retail. After a few days, I realize it was a spiritual dream, so today I searched the Internet for info on blue dot and I found you.

~ Project 35

Dream symbols are open to interpretation — for some, the Blue Pearl may represent the soul, an inner process or a magical moment.



Seeing Blue!

Whether the Blue Pearl ushers in a time of spirituality, a new beginning or an affirmation of life, some report that the Blue Pearl has appeared to them since childhood.

I have been seeing blue dots since 8 years old. I am now 30 and I still have no idea of their significance — expect the beauty of their being and the gratitude that I feel for seeing them. Whether they are a soul, slice of luck, universal energy, whatever... I am so glad to hear about other people that are blessed with these sights.

My sightings of the blue dot appear randomly (as it seems to me). I do not meditate. I have dreamt of reaching through a blue dot, only getting my arm through to another world.

Once during a healing experience / miracle, I saw 3 large blue spheres filling the room. In another healing experience, my entire field of vision turned blue. It was like a having a blue filter placed over my eyes.

Blue! What a wonderful color!




Take Me to the Blue Pearl

I have been meditating for 2 yrs. now. I have also received shaktipat from my Guru. Please let me know what should I do to witness the Blue Pearl? Is there any specific practice that needs to be followed?

~ TIris

Seeking the Blue Pearl is an aspiration of many. Our experience is that one cannot summon the Blue Pearl, it comes when it comes. We unfold as the lotus flower, in our own time. If you want to open to exploring the beautiful light of the Soul, open your heart, still the mind and sincerely ask for a vision to come in the right time. Let your Soul know you would like to explore the Blue Pearl and see what happens.



Blue Pearl in Burma

I first saw the blue pearl about 25 years ago when meditating as a Buddhist monk in Burma. It seems to be an indicator of absorption or depth of meditation. It begins rather small, like a pea and then grows as meditation deepens. It is not a distinct shape, but somewhat blurred around the edges. I believe it's a portal or doorway to another dimension. Maybe this will only happen when I leave the body. Nevertheless it's a beautiful mystery.

~ Teacher in LA

We encourage the use of color in meditation, and recommend’s What Is Meditation? page for more background on working with color. Are meditators more likely to see the Blue Pearl than others? We're not sure. Feel free to email us if you have any insight on this.



Blue Lights

There is a lot more to this universe than our minds can know. As we expand our awareness, we can experience certain frequencies of divine more often — like the blue lights.

I see these lights. I see them at some stage every day and have for 6 years. I first started seeing them when I was living on a farm in Tasmania and was doing a lot of spiritual work. The blue lights would appear everywhere, so beautiful.

During this time, I started getting very confused due to the fact that I didn't know the significance of the lights. So, I really willed them and tried to communicate but it seemed the more I asked for them the less I saw of them. And, this is how things are today. I am a massage therapist and in my last year of acupuncture study. I often see them when I am doing a healing. I would love to work with them, please could you help.

~ Blue Healer

"At the center of the sun is a point of dark blue, or a small indigo disk." For more on this we suggest you read about the pathway of light that leads to the heart of the dark blue disk, from Alice Bailey’s Discipleship in the New Age, Vol. II (pages 51-53).



Beautiful, Vibrant, Purplish Blue

Swami Muktananda is a guru who has written of the Blue Pearl, and who founded the Siddha Yoga tradition. Here is another example of meditation bringing the Blue Pearl into view.

Note: Gurumayi, Swami Chidvilasananda, is the spiritual leader of the Siddha Yoga lineage and sole guru of Siddha Yoga students.

In August 1991, I drove from California to the Catskill Mountains in New York. My friend had recently moved to the Ashram there. It just so happened that Gurumayi was staying at the Ashram then. I was not into meditating. I was very unfamiliar with yoga or any eastern religious traditions, and my attitude at the time was that I was not interested in them either!

As a gift, my friend bought me a 1.5 hour meditation in front of the bronze statue of Nitiyananda, an experience, which at the time, sounded like utter torture. However, being a gracious person, I went along with it.

During the meditation, in which I basically had my eyes closed and did whatever I could to pass the time, at one point this blue dot appeared in front of my field of vision. It was a beautiful vibrant purplish blue color. As soon one blue dot had almost disappeared, another would appear in my field of vision taking the other blue dot's place. I had no idea what the significance of that was, but was very much appreciative that it showed up to help me pass the time.

Many years passed since that experience and I have matured and explored spirituality. I see the blue dots all the time now. It is clear to me that they are conscious and very playful.

~ Jen



Blue Dots Are Blue

The color of the Blue Pearl has been described as vibrant, electric blue, brilliant indigo, azure, cobalt and cerulean.

Can these blue dots be of other colors than blue?

~ T-Day

Well, blue is blue ...

Most times the Blue Dot comes in a flash, without any provocation or even any thought.

Other lights do appear. One person even wrote to us saying they see orange lights. When colors appear around people, the etheric body or aura is being seen. We are rainbow people! We are all dots on the earth, no matter what color or shape!



Buddhist Scriptures Mention a Blue Disc

Peaceful Rob brings us insight from his research on the Blue Pearl.

The Theravadin (South East Asian) Buddhist scriptures do mention a blue disc of light in the head that appears during meditation. It is called a "Kasina" and it is recommended that the practitioner hold it and concentrate upon it.

I offer you the following from my studies:

A Kasina is actually an external object that one focuses on. These are many and varied, sometimes colored discs are used, sometimes a body of water. When absorption takes place, a "nimitta" or sign occurs. This is within the head and can sometimes be a blue sphere of light. My feeling is that it is definitely a portal to higher consciousness.

~ Peaceful Rob

This Color-Kasina Meditation may be useful as a visualization.



Surrounded in Blue

Jen wrote back about her "cosmic chiropractic adjustments."

I'm still in the process of learning about the significance of my experiences, and how to best utilize them. I believe Muktananda talked about being able to get the blue dot to stay stable is a good thing. I've been doing that, and then I find myself surrounded in the blue. Also, the blue dots and sparkles appear on a daily basis around people I'm talking to sometimes, and they will pop in and out when I'm reading a book or working on the computer.

About a month ago I was at dinner with a friend who is a healer, and all of a sudden the most beautiful blue jewel appeared where his third eye is located. It sparkled like a blue diamond and stayed for about 2 or 3 seconds, much longer than they usually do. That was such a gift to see.

Another curious thing that has been happening is that during my meditations I've been getting what can only be termed a "cosmic chiropractic adjustment". I get pressure around my head, especially in my temples, and my head moves all over the place in a very deliberate manner, and when it's over I feel so great! Much lighter and more energized. Sometimes this pressure feeling comes over me when I'm driving, and I have to pull over and let my head move around. The feeling of pressure doesn't hurt, it just feels like a build up of energy that I feel a deep urge to get rid of, or to move through me. Also, I belong to a meditation group, and some of the other women have experienced these "adjustments" as well, but only during the meditations when I'm present. I have no idea why that would be. Also, they don't see the blue dots or the other visual phenomena that I see for some reason. We are all connected and so I'm sure that has something to do with it in some way.

When these head movements first started happening I was also getting a lot of head tremors, and having some very strange experiences, such as very big dreams and visions, and information about how to utilize energy being downloaded into me — for lack of a better analogy. I could also see auras occasionally.

I don't know why all these experiences are happening. There doesn't seem to be any purpose to them, but I have the feeling this is all leading to something, and that the timing is important. I'd like to find out how I can best utilize these experiences to help others and heal the planet. That is very important to me. Oh! One final thing. Physical reality has taken on a very dreamlike quality for me now. I feel like I'm awakening into this dream we call 3-D reality.

~ Jen

As the veils thin, many of us are becoming aware of several dimensions simultaneously. Things that seemed so real and concrete are more dreamlike and fluid. The experience of time is changing as we begin to witness the past, present and future all occurring now. The surprising interest in the Blue Pearl is just another sign that many are seeing more and differently.



Blue Sphere Reported at Death

Much of what has been written on the Blue Pearl speaks to its connection to death. Whether this death is subjective or announces the death of the physical, we know that it is of a higher realm.

In the past two years I lost my nephew and my father from cancer. My nephew passed around 12:00 noon. That evening when sleeping, I woke up and felt and saw this blue light pass by me, it was a indigo colored blue sphere. I remember the next day going to my canvas and painting what I saw. A year later my father passed away, again I was home. I woke up and saw this same colored sphere pass by me. I remember telling my partner that my father had died and within a few minutes the phone rang it was my family telling me he passed.

~ Vision Fran



Light Making Thoughts Visible

The power of meditation took this writer to a place where the divine spoke and he most beautifully and eloquently wrote down his experience.

I inadvertently happened upon the Siddha Yoga ashram in Oakland, California. I know very little of the practice of Siddha Yoga. I was free and there was a chanting ceremony occurring, commemorating the anniversary of the departure of their swami, Guru Muktananda.

I found a seat and joined into the chant. After a short while I stopped chanting and fell into a meditation. There was the usual internal darkness and the usual abundance of arbitrary, scattering thoughts.

Then I was guided to the knowledge that if I could see these thoughts, there was "light" making the thoughts "visible". Clearly, if there was darkness in meditation there had to be shadow, and the shadow was only possible if light was obscured. The thoughts were simply objects shielding this light. This light began to accrue and gather into a point. The darkness lifted ... it was as though a dawn were occurring through a deep haze. An orb of gentle blue appeared at the center.

The point of blue was not different than me: I was both aware of it and I was it. It was not small or large. Rather, it was beyond any size. This "blue pearl" is not solid, it is not vaporous. The closer I merge towards it the less able am I to describe it.

I know now that Guru Mai [Gurumayi] knows this and Guru Muktunanda knows this and that you know it and that I know it ... and that it is that which knows. We all have the capacity to stop being that which we are not.

I wish us all recognition of our true nature.

With love and humility,

~ DL



May Your Journeys Bring You to the Jewel in the Center of the Lotus!



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