Throughout history the server was identified as the servant. The call to service typifies the need for all humanity to become the servant to our world and all the kingdoms in nature: the mineral, the plant, the animal, the human and the Divine Kingdom of God.

Historically the rulers, on most occasions, could not survive without the servants. The servants were not paid well; they were used, belittled and yet adorned. The servants, knowing full well that their job was to serve in any capacity that their masters required, tarried on. Their place in society exists today. Their titles have changed to clerk, secretary, manager, vice president, etc., and their duties appear to be more fulfilling. The good of an entire company, business or establishment exists because the servants choose to use their talents in the workplace. Can you relate?

As conscious creators with the Plan, who share ourselves, our time and our energy with the outside workplace, we must learn techniques to keep our focus towards the heavens and out of the mundane task that was just placed in our IN basket. We cannot tell you that this will be easy, nor can we say our focus has always been continual in the light. We can however, as a group, share some techniques that have worked for us to ensure that the strength and power of the soul permeates our daily lives.

Be creative! Altar your reality!

Take a moment and look around your workplace. Look at the energies of your space. Observe the light, the sounds, the colors, the smells, and the physical layout. Is it comfortable, harmonious, conducive to your best and highest thoughts?

Try rearranging the furniture. Place it in a way that lets the energy flow smoothly through your area. The aim is a harmonious blend of form and function. If you share an office, observe the angle you are to the others. Are you to the right, left or directly facing another? The polarity or angle in which people position themselves can determine their ability to interact and create successfully or successfully together.

"Angel Falls" © Gilbert Williams Iasos Visionary Artists Gallery
Now what about the walls? Do you have paintings or posters that draw attention to higher thoughts? Experiment! Try hanging a magical, inspiring picture of a deity whose qualities you wish to invoke. Watch how it changes the energy in your space. Observe your co-workers' reactions. If you can’t hang pictures or don’t have walls, there’s always your desk or bookcase. On our corner bookcase there is a statue of the Buddha serving as a constant reminder of compassion and intuitive wisdom.

Next check the atmosphere. If you can, open the windows and enjoy some fresh air! Burning incense and sacred herbs helps purify the air, both physically and psychologically. A long time ago, the Native American Indians learned that nature has its own language; they listened and discovered five purifying herbs Mother Earth has blessed us with

Grandmother Sage or Sagebrush
She is known as the Spirit Caller and she empowers the Spirit in you and those you invite to counsel.

Sister Sweetgrass
The Nestmaker makes for a good home, a safe space for you and spirit to reside.

Sister Sage, or Broadleaf Sage
Used in the cleansing and purification in your immediate environment and your aura.

Grandmother Cedar
For a deep spiritual cleansing of the Soul. This old wise woman can also be used to banish negative energies.

Grandfather Tobacco
Carries your prayers to the Hand of God.

Choose one, observe, listen. Does one speak to you?

Watch those smoke alarms! Cover them well or turn them off just for the saging ritual.

These herbs also come in oils which can be left in a bowl overnight or during the day.

Plants are very good for grounding and having healing properties as well. Plants are green in color, give oxygen and are known to purify the air, especially recirculated air. The health of a plant can indicate the stress level of your environment. Look at a plant, how does it make you feel?

Another way to help keep the space grounded is music. First try your rock ’n roll to break up old thought patterns and stuck energy in your pace. Now try some environmental sounds like birds, the wind, flowing water, or your favorite inspiring instrumental piece. Music that calms and balances physical, emotional and mental states creates an environment that clarifies focus and reduces stress.

Have a bowl of candy on your desk or perhaps a basket of Angel Cards, individual "tarot" cards which invoke an inspirational quality with one word.

These are just a few ideas with which you can very simply change!

You become the Spiritual Worker... All you need is

Willful Intent
An Open Heart, and
Your Higher Creative Mind.


- A Joyful Worker


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