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As an example of the Power of One vigil, here is a response detailing one person's experience.


I want to write to thank the group for the healing ceremony that was performed on behalf of my mother. Mother was scheduled for back surgery at 2 pm on June 19, 2002. The intent the healing mantram delivered was felt to the far reaches of her soul and the soul of all of us.

"May the Love of the One Soul focused in this group radiate ... revealing the Soul's Plan and purpose in and through Miriam Flanagan, and may all connected soul's cooperate with this plan and purpose."

Mother has suffered with back and leg pain for years prior to the surgery for which I am writing. Ten years prior she had a surgery to scrape calcium deposits off three discs in her back. It took almost 8 months to recover. She did not walk for days after the surgery.

The surgery to take place in June was more pervasive. The doctors recommended scraping calcium from 4 of her discs, straightening out her back by shaving bone of her pelvis and fusing it to her spine with screws. My brother and sister were very hesitant to support mother in the surgery. They said that this may kill her. My brother said that this surgery will be the end of her independence.

As requested, the healing ceremony began. The healing mantram was said and the surgery took place. The doctors stated that the surgery went well and mother was walking 6 hours after her surgery!! It is two months since the surgery and healing ceremony, and she is doing very very well. She thought that she would be an "invalid" for several months. That is not so. After 3 to 4 weeks of someone in the home assisting her, she is on her own. The past surgery required that she be waited on for months. This more extensive surgery went very well and I am absolutely convinced that it was due to the healing sent to the heaven's on her behalf.

I spoke to mother today. Her mood is good. She is walking through her home without a cane or her walker. She is looking forward to driving her car again and being more independent. As for the pain, it is under control and it is apparent in her good mood. Thank you again for the healing work. I KNOW in all that I am that this request for her healing has made the difference for all of us.

    My love, Karen Joy



A note of appreciation sent by a 68-year old woman for Power of One support for her recent compacted disk surgery -


Sincerely, please thank your circle of friends who did the prayer vigil ( I hope I am saying the right thing). Since I have no pain in my left leg now the surgery was a success. How could I have done it without your prayers and support.

- Soni



A healing was done for Michelle and she was given some impressions along with a meditation to do. Here is a transcript of a phone message she left -


I want to thank everybody so much for the group healing and for the meditation. I got it right away. It’s so beautiful and powerful. I keep doing it. It reminds me of the really elaborate rituals we used to do at my women’s group when it was a lot bigger. It’s just extraordinary ~ a truly beautiful meditation.

I know the meditation you did really helped and I want to continue it because there are still many more places and spaces and paths and steps that need to come next. I know it will help me on my quest when I go to the mountains to know what do next with regards to schooling.

Thank you so much for your love, life and power that you all have been sending me. I really have noticed it and it really, really helped.

- Michelle


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