The Blue Angel


One evening in the Spring of 1995, three dear friends were at my home in Ashland, Oregon for dinner. We were in a shared meditation group and had come together to dine and celebrate the blessings that had brought us to this tiny town. One of the women, Suzanna, had been facilitating meditations on Sunday for us and we sought this evening to enjoy even more time together.

I recall the dinner was fabulous, good food, great conversation, and loving friends. I was sitting at the head of the dining room table and at one point in the conversation, I said something and there was a flash of blue across the room on the wall. I paused, making a conscious note of the flash of blue ~ the most amazing dark, electric, indigo blue I have ever seen. I paused and spoke again, another flash of blue. At that point, Suzanna said that she saw an orb flash of blue on the same wall. Throughout the rest of the evening, the flash of blue appeared a number of times. Many of the times it appeared, Suzanna and I saw it at the same time. The other two individuals at dinner did not see the flash, but sensed that there was something remarkable happening in the room.

As time went by, I began to pay more attention to the times that the flash of blue came appeared. And, at times, there was a form to the flash. The flash contained the head, torso, wings and aura of a blue angel.

Suzanna and I called her the "Blue Angel."

The Blue Angel would flash when I was meditating, sitting and thinking, talking to Suzanna and when I had decisions to make at work. One time when Suzanna was very sick, the Blue Angel came to her and helped in the healing process. If I was on the right track, I saw the flash of blue. I had the opportunity to see the Blue Angel in action when I realized that she was telling me "yes." When I see the Blue Angel now, I know I am making a good decision.

She has flashed when I have been interviewing candidates for jobs and she has not been present in other interviews. I have paid attention and hired those individuals when she appeared. She is the YES in my life. She is the acknowledgment of the Divine. The Divinity of our Soul. The Divinity of the presence of a world of spirit. She flashes me when I am on the right track. She is a confidant and a trusted friend.

I know that some people call her the Blue Dot. I have certainly seen her as a blue dot, but this personality sees a being in the blue.

Should the Blue Angel visit you, know that you have been given a gift of truth. A holy gift. A gift of truth, protection and your own divinity.

- A Joyful Worker



We received an email from a friend who had been very ill, and were amazed by his reference to the Blue Ball of Light. He wrote the following to his children when he felt he was at death's door:

I am experiencing something I experienced when I had a drowning incident surfing. I was drowned and my body was loose of the spirit and the "Spirit" was a "Blue Ball" of "Light." An "Angel" stopped me and said it was not my time and "She" put my spirit back in my body and I had the energy to save myself from drowning. Having been swept far out to sea I had a long swim to save myself. I have this same feeling now of sitting in death's door ready to be free ..."

Months later this same man sent another email wondering if there had been a healing service for him, which there had been. Apparently about the same time as the healing was taking place, he woke up and reported he was "surrounded by a multitude of little tiny beautiful blue, flickering lights. This happened several times! It felt as if I were surrounded by a multitude of little angels!"



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