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Near Death Experience

It was the middle of the night. It started in a dream. There were three of us, all of different ethnic and racial backgrounds, holding on tightly to a large steel bar as the massive jolts shook us. At this point, I was aware it was a dream and I felt relieved that these jolts weren't real and that I really wasn't going to die.

Then, the jolts became louder and stronger throwing us to our knees, until there was one final bang and we began to fall into the darkness. Am I dying? Is this a dream? In dreams you never hit the ground. This time I did. I was dead.

I felt comforted at first that I was dying with my family whom I love.

At first, we fell together; we died together. Then, we separated and I was dying all alone. I was now in a dark tunnel. I could see the light high above me; large and luminous. As quickly as it appeared, it disappeared.

Then, I was in this dark tunnel alone, panicked and afraid. I did not want to let go of my attachments to those I loved. Yet, I knew that the only way to the light was to let go of the very love that would allow me to exist in this light beyond.

It is from the love we have on earth that we learn about the love beyond. The great paradox is that we must let go of these loves in order to be one with the greater love that is beyond this world.

Then, the questions came to me. What happens when I enter the light? Am I ready? Waking up told me I wasn't ready and in just two days I have learned important truths.

I learned, that when we enter the vast open spaciousness between this world and the other we must do two things.

First, we must let go of our attachments, as we let go of our bodies. As we proceed through the tunnel of darkness, in the transition stages after death, we naturally shed our eyes, our ears, all our senses, and then our bodies. The energy and light that is our soul emerges like a cannonball; bright and fiercely strong immersing itself in the endless sky of particles that all exist together in perfect harmony. Our souls are love and when we die our souls become one love.

Second, we must totally and completely trust in the light; trust that there is a love beyond. I say love because that is all that really exists after one dies. If one is able to move through the tunnel and the transition of letting go and trusting, then what exists beyond this world is a love so different than what we have experienced here on earth, it is impossible to put into words.

When I awoke, my body was trembling and weak. For two days I wandered around feeling like I was not really in my body at all.

This experience happened two nights before the wesak full moon. I had no idea what this word even meant, until I went to the monthly full moon meditation, the following evening. When I learned of the significance of the time two days before, and two days after this sacred full moon of Taurus, I was speechless, realizing that I had been touched by the forces of love that radiated from both thousands of miles afar............

My life changed forever after the night I died. There is new life to live; new love to give.

- Denise Orpustan-Love




When I got in my Dad's car to go to the store on the morning of his funeral, turned on his car radio, fooled briefly with the nobs and suddenly heard Tony Bennett singing "Because of You", the first song my Dad taught me when I was a little boy, I was reminded that miracles are kind creatures with great souls, quite willing to come on the scene when needed. Tears washed away grief with wonder and love for my Dad---and for the interesting intelligence of a God who can engineer such moments as these. I had never heard the song on the radio before and will probably never hear it again.

- Michael Bridge



may I here with share a story.

way back in about 74 or 5, we were camping and one day, had two chaps sit at our table and begin talk about the elusive Luna Moth. . . what, as seen on the screen of Dr DoLittle, my daughter Marianne. . .who seemed be all ears, hanging over the table as she did. . (like some things just stand out in your mind for some reason) they had been looking for 20 years without success.

The day her widow moved in another house a year after her passing, a Luna Moth sat on the kitchen window sill for the whole afternoon.

Ten years to the day of Marianne's passing, the guitar player who I had really liked. . . from when she was a teen, played with 5 star band at my friend's playce to a full house. It was magic. and I asked myself, how could life possibly have timed that.

Now, this Gent is playing every Friday night at our local Royal Botanical Gardens. . . pray tell, as to how much it will take to realize the flowers begin release megadose of the very essence of their medicinal properties.

2.11.05 Update:

Remember our sharing, our story about how the lunar moth sat on the window sill a year after my daughter's passing? Today would have been her birthday Feb 11th. Now 11 years since her passing, her brother and his wife have been blessed with Izak. he was expected for the 2nd of Feb. . . so awesome he hung in there till today. . . think I'll head out to see him now. . . may blessing shower all round the earth . . .

- CATechISm

wingaway wingaway
the luna moth came by again
in its own way by presenting us with
the blessed event of Izak born at home
on Feb the 11, and as such 11 year since
life, slipped from her lips



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