Living with Death~An Invitation


Death is a process to which we as humans, and all living things, are subject. From the Soul’s perspective, death is a natural ongoing process which leads to the next step in the "Life more Abundant." Death is not the fearful dreaded end, nor should it be viewed as an unconscious and unwilling passage into the unknown. Many people who have been declared dead from a clinical standpoint, who then regained consciousness later, described the experience as one of inexpressible bliss.

The Soul's life continues and evolves in other subtle realms (astral, mental, intuitive and spiritual). In this way death inaugurates a period of time in which we enter into a fuller life, freed from the demands of a physical body. If we focus our consciousness on it as a ordered and ongoing process, then death signals that the Soul is just no longer responsible to the physical plane. With this understanding we are transforming a huge negative thought form, full of fear, dread, and despair, which is inhibiting humanity's path towards enlightenment and evolution.’s Living with Death pages come from a dedicated group of ministers who have experienced the death process in life and in study. The work was begun over 10 years ago, relying on our study and the wisdom of the ages. We were then confronted with the loss of many loved ones as death touched each of us. It was as if the universe responded in a most amazing way to our questions, and a path to expanding our understanding of death was open before us. In fact the fellow minister and healer who began the work himself crossed over suddenly. These real and challenging experiences inspired our study and mediations on the process of death.

We thank the many who have come before us, and invite you to join us in this transformation of the death process from one of fear, loss and despair to one that honors death as a triumphant transition, a liberating consummation and a sacred occasion.

Life is eternal, and love is immortal. Death is only a horizon and a horizon is nothing save the limit of our sight.
         - Rossiter Worthington Raymond

We are called to see and live in new ways, that will ever expand our sight and provide the vision for our sacred path.


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