Great Path of the Clear Plane, Sea of Fire ...
Bliss ... Just Be!


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A Simple Meditation to achieve a heart filled with love and compassion ...
Create with the Nectar of our Divine Essence ~


Align Top of the Head, Sea of Fire,
Supreme Bliss, Nirvana
Breathe in

Lungs Fill with the Breath of Life Itself,
Heart Expands
Embodying Joy

Outbreath ... Embrace Happiness
Expressing All!
Just Be It!

Happy Buddha!
Maitreya Buddha ... The Coming One Is Here!

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Great Path of the Clear Plane, Sea of Fire ... Bliss ... Just Be!

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Preparing to Die

Practicing the good heart, or bodhichitta, is the essence of a good life and the best possible habit. Bodhichitta, which is a heart filled with love and compassion, is also the essence of a Buddha. It purifies negative karma and accumulates positive karma. Lama Zopa Rinpoche says, "The main thing is to practice bodhichitta. Dying with bodhichitta is the best way to die."

Try to get to the point where your emotional default is into bodhichitta. In other words, what is your automatic reflex to life situations, especially difficult ones? Do you think about yourself, and how you might profit or escape from a situation? Or do you think about others, and how you can help? Progress on the path, and a sign that you’re well prepared for death, is when the former changes into the latter, when you default not into selfishness but into selflessness. If you’re uncertain about what to do in a situation, just open your heart and love. This is training in bodhichitta.

- Preparing to Die: Practical Advice and Spiritual Wisdom from the Tibetan Buddhist Tradition, Andrew Holecek, p. 16


Dispels the Glamour & Illusion of Death, Living & Dying are as One ...



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