Wesak Safeguarding
The Most Sacred of Days

The importance of Safeguarding the Wesak energies is an outward manifestation of the fact that the Wesak is a present time cosmological event, and not one simply commemorating a past spiritual happening that was historical, as are most observed holy days.

The extraordinary power of the Shamballa force, the energy of the Will-to-Good, was unleashed in three major impacts during the last century, supplying our planet with an energy source enabling humanity to express the will-to-good in our affairs in a new and wholly constructive way. The most recent of these recognized Shamballa impacts occurred in 2000. (The previous impacts came during World War II and in 1975.)

Now at this year's spring festival interlude and its climax at the Wesak Festival full moon, the Will-to-Good that has been stimulated within humanity will determine the quality of impression registered in human minds. The supreme opportunity for impression occurs in the spring festival cycle and climaxes at the Wesak.

All people of spiritual aspiration who meditate and make their minds available to the inpouring energies can contribute to the building of a channel for impression on the mental plane, through which the energies directed by the Hierarchy towards humanity can pour. To form part of this channel requires minds that are disciplined and available, free of the diversions of the lower mind, the emotions and the material concerns of outer life.

To assist us in creating this channel we suggest for the entire week prior to the Wesak full moon:

Link up with all disciples, aspirants and people of Goodwill throughout the world. Eliminate from our consciousness all negativity, clearly aligning ourselves with the Forces of Light.

In meditation invoke the Forces of Light. Endeavor to forget all of our own personal difficulties or issues. We must learn to carry forward our work for humanity in spite of our personality stresses, strains, fixations and limitations.

Be aware The Wesak Festival covers a period of of five days ... the two days preceding, the day of the full moon, and the two following days. Remember, at this time more than any other through meditation and the direction of energy, those of goodwill can cooperate more effectively with the Spiritual Hierarchy in the evolution of consciousness on our planet.

For two days prior to the full moon, we prepare ourselves by holding an attitude of dedication and service and upward spiritual striving. We seek to become receptive to that which our soul will impart ... that which will make us of use to the Spiritual Hierarchy.

The day of the Wesak full moon is known as the Day of Safeguarding. We simply regard ourselves as recipients of, or custodians of, as much of that spiritual force as we can possibly hold. We attempt to hold ourselves steadily in the light. We will not formulate what will happen, nor will we look for results or tangible effects. We will maintain an inner peace. Two thoughts only will hold our constant attention: the need of humanity, and the necessity of providing a group channel whereby the spiritual forces can be poured through body of humanity under the expert guidance of the Hierarchy.

The two days following the Wesak full moon are called the Days of Distribution. On these two succeeding days, the focus of our attention will be steadily turned away from ourselves and from the inner subjective planes to the outer world. Our efforts will be to pass on, or to pass through, that measure of spiritual energy that may have been contacted.

As a group we recognize and work with the Divine Purpose. The individual initate works with the Plan ~ the Plan has Purpose, and we as individuals play our parts.

The group is responsive to the "Bright Center Shamballa" where initates alone, in their own essential identity, cannot so respond. The individual must be protected by the group from the terrific potencies emanating from Shamballa. These energies are stepped down for the individual initate by the process of distribution as the Christ accepts the Buddha's Blessing on behalf of Humanity. This stepped down process of distribution is one of the major functions of group work.

We absorb, circulate and then distribute energy.

Knowing this time represents a doorway, a great cycle of opportunity ...

We strengthen the channel of Light, now.

We awaken an interest in the Spirit of Love and Goodwill.

We organize and mobilize the Good in our world.


In 2021 the Festival of the Wesak full moon in Taurus occurs
on Monday, April 26 at 8:31 pm PDT ~ 03:31 UT Tuesday, April 27.


Culled from Alice A. Bailey's teachings, specific reference to booklet
"The Wesak Festival - A Technique of Spiritual Contact" (Lucis Trust)
Downloadable copy


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