Key Wesak Quotes
From the books by Alice A. Bailey


"The Festival of Wesak is the festival of Buddha, the spiritual intermediary between Shamballa and Hierarchy."
      - The Externalisation of the Hierarchy, 420 - 421


"At Wesak, the Manu, the Christ, and the Mahachohan invoke the Buddha."
      - The Externalisation of the Hierarchy, 160


"Hierarchy meets at Wesak for three purposes:
- to contact force flowing through the Buddha
      - to hold the main quarterly meeting
      - to admit those ready for initiation."
      - Initiation, Human and Solar, 106 - 107


"At Wesak the Buddha communicates via Christ and Hierarchy with Humanity."
      - The Reappearance of the Christ, 96


"Wesak links east and west, Buddha and Christ, Shamballa and Hierarchy, purpose and love."
       - The Externalisation of the Hierarchy, 227


"The Buddha flashes forth into physical manifestation for the fulfillment of Plan at Wesak."
Esoteric Psychology II, 33


"The Wesak Ceremony is held by Hierarchy for 4 objectives:
      - to substantiate the existence of the Christ
      - to demonstrate solidarity of east and west
      - to form a meeting place for the faithful
      - to demonstrate the nature of the Christ's work as head of Hierarchy".
            - The Reappearance of the Christ, 45

"The Hierarchical objective at Wesak is to familiarize the West with the Buddha and his work."
The Externalisation of the Hierarchy, 542


"The Buddha brings spiritual entities from beyond our planet into contact with earth Humanity at Wesak."
Esoteric Psychology II, 685


"The Buddha carries the impressing forces of the Buddhas of Activity to Hierarchy at Wesak."
Telepathy and the Etheric Vehicle, 44 - 45


"Once a year at Wesak, the Buddha transmits a dual stream of force — one stream from the Silent Watcher, or higher counterpart of Sanat Kumara, and one stream from Sanat Kumara himself."
Initiation, Human and Solar, 104 - 105


"The Buddha, the Christ, and Shamballa are linked to Humanity at Wesak."
The Externalisation of the Hierarchy, 162 - 163


"At the Wesak Festival, the Masters draw down special forces through "... the use of chanted mantrams and the sacred ceremonial pacing and interweaving of the assembled crowd in the formation of geometrical figures...."
Initiation, Human and Solar, 145


"The channel provided by Hierarchy at the time of Wesak is formed 'by the use of sound and rhythm simultaneously employed. By the chanting of a certain mantram, by means of the slow measured movements that accompany that chanting, the funnels is formed that reaches upward to the desired locality. The geometrical figures formed in the matter of the plane higher than the physical ... are the result of the geometrical movement of the concourse gathered' at the Wesak ceremony in the Himalayas."
Letters on Occult Meditation, 198


"Emphasis upon the Wesak Festival has been undertaken by Hierarchy in order to:
       - bring to public attention the existence of the two avatars, the Buddha and the Christ
       - to inaugurate the theme of the New World Religion."
The Externalisation of the Hierarchy, 347 - 348

"The final act of service of the Buddha will be to assist in the externalisation of the Hierarchy."
The Externalisation of the Hierarchy, 546

"Eventually the emphasis upon the Buddha at Wesak will dissipate."
The Externalisation of the Hierarchy, 348


"Hierarchy aims at four goals each Wesak:
       - stimulation of the spirit of love, community, and good will on Earth
       - telepathic fusion of all persons of good will
       - invocation of certain great and high Beings

       - linkage of Hierarchy, NGWS, and Humanity, which alignment can set up conditions for great spiritual improvements on Earth."
             - Esoteric Psychology II, 688 - 691


"If [the New Group of World Servers] can aspire, pray, meditate and serve, focussing in unison with all other servers at the time of the May full moon, the salvaging of humanity can go forward with much greater speed than heretofore, and the results will be appreciably apparent."
Esoteric Psychology II, 700


Specifics of Wesak Discipline


Disciples are asked to undertake "... five days of a most intensive effort in service, leading to the renunciation of all which would hinder our usefulness as channels of spiritual force."
            - Esoteric Psychology II, 687


Specific visualization to be done:
Triangle with Shamballa at top point, Buddha lower left, Christ lower right, line extending to Hierarchy below the triangle, then a line to Humanity.

             - Discipleship in the New Age I, 743


"At Wesak, disciples should meet and imaginatively participate in the ceremonies held in the Himalayas."
      - The Externalisation of the Hierarchy, 556


"As channels, we must be prepared to forget ourselves in the service of touching, containing, and holding force for the rest of Humanity."
      - Esoteric Psychology II, 687


"The Wesak hour is of momentous import."
      - Esoteric Psychology II, 686


"No cost is too great to pay in order to be of use to the Hierarchy at the time of…the Wesak Festival; no price is too high in order to gain the spiritual illumination which can be possible ... at that time."
      - Discipleship in the New Age I, 629


"Students should do as does Hierarchy at Wesak and concentrate upon the nature of the coming Avatar, who is to be the Teacher of Love and Unity."
      - A Treatise on Cosmic Fire, 754 - 755


A four step Wesak discipline:
       - link with Hierarchy
       - eliminate negativity
       - forget personal issues
       - adopt a strict temporary discipline.
The Externalisation of the Hierarchy, 226

Ivory door meditation to be done year round or for a few months in preparation for Wesak.
Discipleship in the New Age II, 26 - 27


"The May full moon will inaugurate the first real united effort to synthesise subjectively the present existing groups. This synthesis and corporate effort will become an annual endeavour as time goes on, and will take place regularly each Wesak Festival."
      - Discipleship in the New Age II, 27 - 28


"I shall, once a year, give to each of you a measure of individual help, personal instruction and individual meditation. The clue to your next step towards the door of initiation and towards the Presence will also be indicated by me. This I will do at the time of the Full Moon of May (Taurus) each year."
      - Discipleship in the New Age II, 21


"A contact with one's Master may come at the Full Moon during the sign of Taurus."
      - A Treatise on White Magic, 172


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