Thoughts on Forgiveness
December 24, 2004


There is no other antidote for what ails One! Forgiveness when purified, when perfected, when One brings their ability to Forgive to certain proficiency, Forgiving will heal all that ails One!

Forgiving is a tangible transformational process One can create and re-create in themselves with the Will of their own Mind and Heart!

When One Forgives and really does it, One transforms emotions of anger, hatred and fear to emotions of peace, compassion, patience, mercy and so forth!

Anger, hatred, fear are the deep roots of all sickness and disease and wars and crime!

Only with Forgiveness can One free themselves from these maladies and only with Forgiveness can One have patience with those who are still learning to Forgive!

Forgiveness can not be purchased at a pharmacy or a health food store!There is no Herb or ointment or any thing that can be ingested or applied topically that will help you Forgive!

One has to find Forgiveness within in them and develop strength of Will to choose and apply Forgiveness to the realm of their Mind and Heart!

One through certain Breathing practices can strengthen and discipline their Mind so that they have more strength of Mind to choose and implement Forgiveness within their own Heart!

Forgiveness is the Center the Heart of all that is Divine! Forgiveness transcends the very Sub-Atomic core of Our Universe!

What makes Jesus of the New Testament Unique and different from most other Human Beings is His ability to Forgive! What anyone can do to make themselves Christ like is to bring their ability to Forgive to perfection!

When anyone Forgives they can be sure they have acted an act of Divinity! When anyone brings their ability to Forgive to Perfection they have become the Divine, they have become ‘Heaven at Hand!’

What is the One thing children can do so much better then adults and children loose this ability as they grow into adults and that is the ability to Forgive!

Forgiveness is a certain transformational, metamorphic, alchemy process when One enacts Forgiveness within themselves they have indeed accomplished the most important of all transformational processes! As One becomes more and more proficient at the Art of Forgiving One will open the door to other abilities of transformation!

When One Forgives One can be absolutely certain your Soul is at work! For only One’s Soul has the power and strength of Will to Forgive! When One brings themselves to their perfection in Forgiveness One looses all fear of loosing the body!

There is a certain vitality like no other that comes in One bringing One’s ability to Forgive to perfection it cannot be described by Words sufficiently it must experienced!

For the ultimate peace, for nerva kalpa samadi, for the final and lasting liberation of your Soul seek diligent to improve and bring your ability to Forgive to its Purity to its Perfection!

You can do it, you must do it, we all must do it and all will do it!

Their will be Peace on Earth and Goodwill between all and sooner then anyone may realize!

- Kim Subhan Whitaker


With Forgiveness we regain our innocence!
With Forgiveness we retain our innocence!
With Forgiveness we rise above the distinctions and differences of common place humanity!
With Forgiveness death becomes a doorway to life!
With Forgiveness we separate the Divine from that which is not!
With Forgiveness we find peace in a world of war and strive!
With Forgiveness we relieve ourselves of the need to fight!
Forgiveness is the deep root of our divine healing!
If we desire to be Forgiven we must Forgive!
Forgiveness is the easiest of all miracles to perform!
Everyone has the power the ability to Forgive!
Forgiveness can be nurtured perfected strengthened an endeavor well worth the effort!
When One brings their Forgiveness to certain perfection all things become possible to them!
Death fear and hate have no power over them!
There is no expanse they cannot transverse!
There is no Abyss to deep!
There is no malady they cannot heal!
Endeavor to perfect your ability to Forgive!

The Universe is but a drop in the Ocean of my Love for you!



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