Pluto's Transit through Scorpio, Sagittarius & Capricorn


Scorpio's Burning Ground
Pluto ~ Neptune Shift
Pluto Conjoined the Galactic Center, in Sagittarius
Pluto Opposes Sirius During 2015


Note: Pluto, named by many astrologers as ruling planet of the sign Scorpio (1), entered the sign Scorpio in November, 1983. Pluto later entered the constellation Scorpio, at 23 degrees of the sign Scorpio, in November, 1992 and remained in the constellation Scorpio until the end of 2006, at 26 degrees of the sign Sagittarius. Pluto moved fully into the sign of Capricorn in late November, 2008 while continuing to traverse the constellation Sagittarius as it transits the sign Capricorn until 2024.


Scorpio's Burning Ground

Of all the signs in the zodiac, Scorpio is the one known as the Burning Ground. In the ancient wisdom teachings Scorpio is depicted as the "Flaming Sword" which guards the inner temple where rest the Secrets of Creation. (2)

Although veiled in mystery, Scorpio concerns sex, death and rebirth, all vehicles of change ~ change of major proportion, where choices must be made between high and low, between selfish power and the use of that power to bring healing and joy to others.

Scorpio signifies tests and trails where we see, by our conflicts, what illusions we hold. As these illusions are burned away, our consciousness expands and we are able to transcend personal ego and merge with the Universal Spirit. The snake sheds its skin so that something new may emerge, likewise we leave behind our old selfish, self-centered ways of being and go forward, transformed to a more inclusive manner of loving.

Scorpio is the energy of the atom smashing, of energy released. Its nature depends upon the direction in which it is focused. Just as with nuclear energy, it can be a tremendous healing tool or a destructive bomb. Scorpio is the sign most susceptible to these forces of Dark or Light. It portends a time when choice must be made, and that choice will then direct the transformation to take place.

Pluto moves through the sign Scorpio in 12 years, more rapidly than any other sign in the zodiac. It has been noted that if Pluto remained in Scorpio any longer, humanity would not survive. A quote from the Bible referring to this same assertion states, "And if those days had not been shortened, no human being would be saved." (Matthew 22:24).

The transit of Pluto into Scorpio occurs once every 247.8 years. (In the 1990s another cycle coincided with the moving of Pluto into the sign Scorpio: the 49.7 year close approach of the star Sirius B to Sirius A, which causes a "welling up of magnetic force" in this system. This occurred between 1993 and 1995 [see related article: Our Spiritual Sun Sirius]). These events are of great significance to all of us, for we chose to incarnate during this long-predicted time of transformation. It is, in essence, an open doorway through which we are receiving powerful spiritual energy, imparting us with the opportunity to evolve.

Pluto in Scorpio can be very intense, here the drive for power is strong. Pluto is a dynamic force of creation and destruction. It assists in the destruction of the lower desires so that more highly evolved qualities can be expressed in us, as human beings.

In the destruction of old forms ~ be they physical, astral or mental ~ Pluto literally changes the atomic structure. Pluto causes major changes and forces the transcendence of personal desires into a more universal orientation. Pluto is the planet of death and rebirth. It actualizes the destruction of things whose time has come to an end, and the generation of what is new. This is like decaying autumn leaves becoming nutrients for the spring, or the caterpillar changing into a butterfly. Pluto is the transformer that stimulates and catalyzes the Will.

Pluto's status as a planet: It is interesting to note that during 2006, just as Pluto was concluding its transit through the constellation Scorpio (and the sign Sagittarius), the International Astronomical Union voted on the definition of "planet" and determinied that Pluto would heretofore be considered a "dwarf planet" (read more here).


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Pluto ~ Neptune Shift

Neptune is the second most distant known planet in our solar system, yet due to Pluto’s orbit, which is highly eccentric with a steep inclination, it comes within Neptune’s orbit every 247 years for a 20-year stretch of time. In 1979, for the first time ever, humanity scientifically witnessed the Pluto / Neptune shift through a telescope.

For most of its course Pluto is well beyond Neptune but as it moves through the signs Libra, Scorpio and Sagittarius, it moves closer to the Sun. This has the effect of making Pluto move faster than Neptune through these three particular signs. Pluto reached perihelion (closest position to the Sun) back in 1989, since then it has been moving further away and will in 2003 begin to cross back over Neptune’s orbit. This process lasts until 2015 when Pluto once more becomes the furthest known planet from the Sun. During this period the two planets move at the same speed through the zodiac and therefore the angle between them in the zodiac does not change. This twelve-year period, 2003-2015, contains the stationary angle between Neptune and Pluto.
           - Simon France, The Neptune / Pluto Stationary Angle 2003-2015

Looking back through history, it is apparent that the Pluto / Neptune shift ~ occurring every 247 years ~ coincides with major periods of transformation on planet earth.

Recently we saw tremendous energies of change taking place during the cycle of Pluto’s close approach to the earth: the AIDS epidemic, major earthquakes, hurricanes, volcanic eruptions, drought, famine, Chernobal (the release of Plutonium), wars, and the economic and political change of many nations.

489 B.C. Buddha, Confucius, Socrates, Zoroaster, Pythagoras
241 B.C. Aristarchus, Eristothanes, Euclid, Archimedes
30 A.D. Jesus Christ Ascends
254 1000th Anniversary of the Roman Empire
500 King Arthur (Britain), Attila (Huns), Clovis (Franks)
750 The Moorish Renaissance
1066 The First Millennium; the British Invasion
1245 The Scholastic Renaissance
1491 The Great Florentine Renaissance
1741 The Age of Enlightenment
2000 The New Millenium

Every 250 years the human species goes through transforming experiences which forever change our level of consciousness. It is death and rebirth ~ a time of new ideas which can inspire us and future generations.

We are presently emerging from such a time, now. And as with all death and rebirth, there can be difficulty and pain. Keeping our minds and hearts focused on the transcendent possibilities of this Scorpio energy, we see it is a step in our evolution on this planet. The more we refrain from achieving our individual goals and begin to cooperate as a whole, we will surely experience this transformative opportunity to evolve into that new era, that shining moment, the great Aquarian Renaissance, just barely peeking its revolutionary consciousness upon us now.


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Pluto Conjoined the Galactic Center, in Sagittarius

At the end of Pluto's transit through the constellation Scorpio, Pluto moved into a lengthy conjunction with the Galactic Center at 27 degrees Sagittarius. Pluto conjoined the Sun's exact conjunction of the Galactic Center on Dec. 19, 2006. Soon afterwards on Dec. 30, 2006, Pluto was in exact conjunction with the Galactic Center and again on Jul. 15, 2007, Oct. 28, 2007 and on Dec. 20, 2007 (this final conjunction of the series also included the Sun, Jupiter, the Earth, and Mercury).

Pluto is in Sagittarius and this conjunction with the galactic centre provides the possibility for a clearing away of obstacles to the synthesis of human thought as represented in global ideologies, religions and philosophical traditions. We know that catharsis and war are one way that Pluto can work in order to purify the field and clear obstacles however in the life of the disciple Pluto's arrow can be used for upliftment and healing.
           - Bruce Lyon, 2006-2007: The Activation of the Energy of Planetary Will

The significance of this event seems implicit, yet since Pluto was discovered only in 1930, humanity has never before been conscious of Pluto conjunct the Galactic Center during its transit there.

Not long before Pluto's exact alignment with the Heart of our Galaxy, a new Earth ~ Pluto Synodic Cycle began with Pluto’s opposition June 16, 2006. Previous recent Earth ~ Pluto cycles viewed from the Sun aligned with the constellation Scorpio. On this day the Earth and Pluto, when viewed from the Sun, aligned with the first degree of the constellation Sagittarius. Pluto’s trials in Scorpio’s burning ground have shifted ~ and its new cycle of transformation ensures that humanity will see the vision and the greater truth represented by Sagittarius.

This year [2006], centering around June 16, marks the time where Pluto demands we step forth from the trials (sting) of past events in our lives, claim the wisdom from our past experiences, and shift octaves into living a greater truth and awareness about who we truly are, and to undauntedly pursue our greater dreams and passions individually held and collectively destined as a species.
               - Nick Fiorenza, Revelation of the Gate of God

The planet Pluto is named after the Greek god of wealth. While Pluto and the Galactic Center were in conjunction, symbolically, wealth has been joining the Heart of our Galaxy. Recent focus on abundance consciousness could be said to relate to Pluto’s Galactic Center alignment. Potential effects of this recent Pluto transit from Scorpio to Sagittarius may bring correct sharing of the world’s resources along with the liberation of money for visionary services on Earth.


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Pluto Opposes Sirius During 2015

As the New Year 2015 begins, the Sun in Capricorn opposes the fixed star Sirius in Cancer. At the same time Sirius Our Spiritual Sun is overhead in the night sky, while the Sun, having set, is conjunct the star Vega (always opposite Sirius) beneath our feet.

The year 2015 is portentous because throughout the annual cycle, the slow-moving planet Pluto will continue to oppose Sirius, located at close to 14° Cancer. During 2015, Pluto moves between 13° Capricorn on January 1 and 15° Capricorn on December 31.

Sirius represents a Cosmic Great White Lodge which is the inspiration for the Great White Lodge on our planet, Earth; Pluto ~ despite its transformational powers ~ when in Capricorn, is associated with the "underworld" and with the Forces of Materialism and Obstruction.
               - Tuija Robbins for the Blue Rose Sisterhood and
                     Michael Robbins for the Morya Federation (3)

The star Sirius is connected to our galactic origins and Humanity's Divine Destiny. The slow dance of the opposing bodies Pluto and Sirius during 2015 indicates a cycle of growth and of transformation, indeed.


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Some of the information in this piece was culled from
an article by astrologer Robert Cole, published c. 1991


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(1) Alice Bailey's writings attribute rulership of Scorpio to Mars,
both esoteric and exoteric, and Mercury as Scorpio's hierarchical ruler.
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(2) Genesis, Secrets of Creation,
Rudolf Steiner
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(3) Invitation to the Global Triangles Inaugural Meditation Broadcast,
Tuija Robbins for the Blue Rose Sisterhood and
Michael Robbins for the Morya Federation
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