Regulus and Leo the Lion
Spring Up!

Regulus, the Heart of the Lion in the constellation Leo, is climbing high in the east in March. A backward question mark of stars curves up from Regulus to represent the Lion's chest, majestic mane and head, this pattern is also called the Sickle. Regulus being very close to the ecliptic can commonly be seen pairing with the Moon or a bright planet. Will Regulus be dancing with anyone tonite?

The Lawgiver Rises

In ancient cultures Regulus, the brightest star in Leo the Lion, has been associated with the concept of royalty or kingly power. It is also known as the Ruler, the Lawgiver. It has been said that Regulus focuses the energy of Sirius toward the Earth. Regulus acts as a regulator for the evolutionary energies of Sirius and the consciousness of Christ. The Sickle has the ability to cut through confusion, and the Royal Lion-Hearted Lawgiver can stimulate a response in humanity that expresses the Christ consciousness, the quality we call Love. Each year, soul-infused humanity aligns with the spiritual light of Sirius and Initiation during the Sirius/Leo Festival, which occurs at the Full Moon in the Sun sign of Leo, July 21 – August 20.

In Like a Lion ~ Out Like a Lamb

Did you know that this folkloric phrase, which actually describes the weather in March, is referring to the constellations Leo the Lion and Aries the Ram? In the night sky ferocious Leo the Lion rises on the eastern horizon in the beginning of March, when the weather is still fierce in the northern hemisphere. By the end of March, Aries the Ram sets on the western horizon as the weather becomes more moderate and pleasant. In Like a Lion ~ Out like a Lamb is Star Gazer's fun explanation of this folkloric forecast of March's weather!

First Day of Spring
Mid-Northern Latitiude Stars
March 20 - 8:00pm

Note: During March Leo the Lion rises up in the
east and Aries the Ram sinks low in the west.
By the beginning of April the spring Lion
is high flyin' and winter Orion is low lyin'!

The High Flyin' Lion ~ Low Lyin' Orion

Look Up in the early evening at the end of March and the beginning of April and you'll see two sure celestial signs of spring. Leo the Lion is almost overhead and Orion the Hunter is exiting the night sky in the southwest. Star Gazer has fun with Low Lyin' Orion and The High Flyin' Lion.

When Regulus and Leo the Lion "spring up" in the early evening sky they herald a change of seasons that brings new life to the physical plane and they stimulate humanity in evolutionary ways.

Look Up at the Lion ...
Begin to make all things new!


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